Sunday, November 21, 2010

Things that make the KittyCat Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    I love music.  
    I really L O V E music!
    I love all types of music.
    It is a big part of who I am.

    So I though I should share with you the music that really gets me going.
     I listen to these bands every single day.  All day.
    They are my all time fav's.  I have seen at least half of them in concert and would love to see them again.
    I love this band. It was the first band I ever saw in concert. Even though it’s supposed to be a “guys” band, (which I don’t get)I love them anyways . Geddy, Alex and Neil enough said.  Awesome!There is just something about Geddy Lees voice. And then there is Neil Peart, what an amazing drummer. In my opinion there is no other as great as him.Did I say I love this band? Did you know that Geddy and Alex have been good friends since grade school?
    They are my all time fav. I really like a lot of their older music. I saw them in concert this summer, 2nd time since I originally saw them back in the 80’s.
    There is just something about Sully’s voice that turns me on.
     Plus he is so very sexy, even if he isn’t very tall. I love ALL of their music. I went to see them this summer in concert, but they were the last band of the day and I was pretty wiped out( I mean drunk and tired) by then, so I would love to see them again.

    Five Finger Death Punch-
    Now even though this band is a heavy metal band, they do have some softer songs. The lead singer “Ivan” is sooo amazing.  He is a great guy. I love to watch him on stage, plus he is sexy as hell. I have seen them in concert twice this year.
    Led Zeppelin-
    Older band but classic. They have rocked it for years and are still amazing. If they ever toured again, I would totally go see them. Even though Bonham is no longer with us.  I would still love to see them in concert.

    AC DC-
    I have been listening to these guys since I was 15 years old. LOVE their music. Saw them in concert last year, still rockin it even at their age.

     I mean come on who doesn’t love to watch Angus Young play? He is freakin awesome. Look at Brian Johnson, even though he has only been around since the 80’s he is still a kickass singer.

    That’s it for now.
    That is my top list of shit
    I listen to every day.
    So what is on your list?
    That you listen to religiously ?
    I wanna know.
    why are they so special.
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