Thursday, September 23, 2010

Squirrel Anyone?

    Let me start off with , Isn't that just the cutest photo ever!!!

    So at my house we have alot of squirrels in our back yard. Even though we have 3 dogs.

    One would think that the squirrels would see this and say “damn, lets stay the fuck out of that yard”, but NO.

    I am beginning to think they see it instead as a challenge.

    AS they, skurry right up to my freakin back door, and just stand there. Teasing my poor little doggies.

    Standing there flipping their furry little tales back and forth.

    Look at me, look at me.

    Here I am, come see if you can catch me while I run my ass up that tree.

    Come on seriously. Are they that bored that they need to come knocking on MY back door every day, just taunting my little babies?

    I am for real, not obsessed with the squirrels in my yard.
    I hardly pay any attention to them. I just feel bad for my doggies.

    I truly mean them no harm. I can prove it, when we are out driving around , I always swirve to avoid hitting them. So see, I do care about them.

    Anyways my point with this “squirrel” story is. For some reason I got a wild hair up my ass and decided,
    I wanted a stuffed one.
    I am for freakin real. For inside my house.

    Come on don’t look at me that way. I don’t want to go out and kill one.

    Don’t you know there are enough dead ones laying around all over the place due to someone else running them over.
     I better not find out it was the sportsman.

    So I thought why not call one of those guys who stuffs them. What is it again? Taxi something.

    Anyways, I told the sportsman I wanted a stuffed squirrel for inside the house. Of course he thought I was joking. Cause what, I can never be serious.

    I asked him how much he thought it would cost ? If I called one of those taxi places.

    I mean are they in a high demand? No? Would if be cheaper if I personally picked up one off the side of the road and took it in to be stuffed? Not sure how this works exactly.

    I know the sportsman at this point was not taking me seriously. He honest to god thought I was joking.

    I am not joking. I seriously want a stuffed squirrel.

    I think my dogs would totally think it was totally kickass. Their own stuffed squirrel in their very own home. I wonder if what ever it comes mounted on, if you can have a little plaque on there with a name. Cause I will also be naming this stuffed squirrel.

    So the more I talked about it the more the sportsman got pissed. He was irritated that I was still talking about it. 
    I never claimed to be normal. So why would he think this is such an off the wall request?

    Hello, he has known me for over 11 years. He should be used to unusual request from me by now.

    So in order to get my point across I told the sportsman that’s fine, I will ask for it for christmas then. That’s right I only want two things for christmas jackass and one of them in a freakin stuffed squirrel.

    So you better freakin get on it. Sportsman!

    Worst case scenario, I pick one up off the road myself and attempt to stuff it. I mean seriously how hard can it really be?

    I'll keep you posted.
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Band of the week

    Red Hot Chili Peppers are a American funk rock band formed in Los Angeles in 1983.

    Their musical style has fused traditional funk with elements of other genres including hip hop, punk rock, and psychedelic rock.

     Current Band Memebers
    Anthony Kiedis (vocals)
    Michael "Flea" Balzary (bass)
    Chad Smith (drums)
    Josh Klinghoffer (guitar)
    The group originally featured guitarist Hillel Slovak and drummer Jack Irons. Slovak, however, died of a heroin overdose in 1988, resulting in Irons' departure.

    Former Members
    I was gonna list them, but hell, there are so many of them.
    DO you really freakin care?

    The Red Hot Chili Peppers have won six Grammy Awards. The band has sold over 55 million albums worldwide, has had eight singles in the Top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100 (including three singles in the Top 10), five number one singles on the Mainstream Rock charts, and holds a record of eleven number one singles on the Modern Rock charts.

    Originally Tony Flow and the Miraculously Majestic Masters of Mayhem,the Red Hot Chili Peppers were formed by Anthony Kiedis, Hillel Slovak, Flea, and Jack Irons while they attended Fairfax High School in California.

    The band appeared in the 1986 movie Thrashin' playing the song Blackeyed Blonde from Freaky Styley. During this time the band also appeared in the movie Tough Guys starring Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas, performing the song Set It Straight at a nightclub in Los Angeles.

     The Red Hot Chili Peppers (1984)
     Freaky Styley (1985)
     The Uplift Mofo Party Plan (1987)
     Mother's Milk (1989)
     Blood Sugar Sex Magik (1991)
     One Hot Minute (1995)
     Californication (1999)
     By the Way (2002)
     Stadium Arcadium (2006)

    Tour info
    They currently are not touring . Anywhere!

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mental Health Day

    My original thought was in taking a “Mental” day, I would just post this lovely photo.
    There is just something that intrigues me with how candles look as they melt.

     Anyways, I have been stressed lately about multiple things. SO I thought that maybe I would feel better if I were to write them all down. Put them to paper so to speak.

    So here is all the shit that is really bothering me right now. Not in any particular order, they are all equally stressing me out.

    - The soccerboys attitude, the fact he thinks the rules don’t apply to him that applied to the tattoo girl at the same age. Really? Cause your "special". Um, I don't think so.
    - The severe stomach problems. Thank you so much for not allowing me to be able to eat anything without feeling like I have swallowed acid and need to vomit.
    - The current less than amazing sex life . Don’t you know I require an “o” everyday to function????
    - The severe migrane (I think ) headaches I have had for more than a week. You can go away anytime now, it’s a little hard to function when your head feels like it will explode out the back at any moment.
    - The recent arrival home of the tattoo girl at 3am waking me up. No, that’s ok I always love to be woke up right before my alarm goes off at 4:50am.
    - The non-blood clotting issue. I think it is so kickass to bleed for hours. Not!
    - The recent arguing and not getting alone with my mom. Enough said.
    - My quickly fading awesome tan. WTF! Really cause I worked so hard on it this summer so it could fade in a nano second.
    - The pain in my ankle. This is what I get for trying to stay fit. How does that seem fair?
    - The recent storm that left our house with hail damage. I think it is so awesome that the side of our house looks like Swiss cheese. Are we are trying to set a new trend?
    - The recent disappointed look on the sportsmans face, regarding our relationship. Honestly, I can’t take much more. I am who I am.

    Now that I have written it all down,
    I should feel better right?
    Um, Exactly when does that start to happen?

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Inner Circle

    It’s funny, ha ha how the soccerboy is very particular in who is allowed in our house. And God help you if you want to come to one of our “family” functions.

    That is just not allowed. It is for immediate family only!

    According to the soccerboy.

    I am not sure when this all started. His issue with having outsiders allowed in. It reminds me of that movie “Meet the Faulkers”. The inner circle of trust. The soccerboy fully believes in that.

    I don’t know if its cause most of his life we are always traveling for soccer and hardly ever home. So that when we are home he doesn’t want outsiders allowed in.

    Now it’s not like the tattoo girl has groups of friends over all the time. Mostly she has a friend or two over. And now a days she just has her boyfriend over. No biggie right? He is not new to our family. They have been together for 2 years.

    One would think. That it wasn’t that big of a deal.

    The soccerboy just does not agree with this.
    It’s not like he is anti-social or anything. He has time he spends hanging out with friends, sometimes at our house and sometimes at other people’s house.

    So why is it then such a big deal for people to come to our house? And really it’s not just our house but if we go to my moms house or out to dinner. The soccerboy is very particular about who is allowed to attend.

    And with the tattoo girls personallity of always bringing home the “wounded” so to speak, it definitely causes some what of a problem/friction around our house.

    We have had several discussions with the soccerboy about this.

    Am I missing something here? What the hell is his problem?

    Does anyone know someone like this?
    And what is the fix?
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Friday, September 17, 2010

Seriously, ALL my shit has a point!

    I got to thinking the other day. Actually I was just sitting here staring out the flippin window. When it came to me.

    How do some of these other “bloggers” find the time or the topics to write about everyday?

    I know a lot of people I have found out there are stay at home parents, But that doesn’t mean that they are any less busy, than a working parent.

    I have only been at this for a year, and some days I can’t think of anything I care/want to share.

    Or maybe those are the days that nothing exciting is happening in my life or around me that I see "blog worthy".
    Cause lets face it I am not all that interesting.

    I never read or post anything on the weekends.
    Just don’t have the time.

    All this has just made me wonder, if I had to do this as a job. Would I have anything reader worthy to post every single freakin day. If it became a “have to” kinda thing. You know like if I was actually getting freakin paid.

    Besides, I write a lot about sexual types of things. I'm not sure there is a big demand for sex stories. Maybe I'm wrong and I should just go right into the porn industry.

    No smartassess, not to be in a porn movie, but to write one.
    Do ya think maybe I have a chance? Should I rush right out and submit something?

    Right now I almost enjoy reading other people more so than writing. Is that cause its been a year?
    Is this when burn out starts? At the 1 year mark?
    Is it cause I post almost every day?

    I am not and have never been about numbers. I love that I have made a lot of new friends here and that I can share shit with them and get feed back. I love the conversations, and the playfullness that I find here everyday. It makes me giggle. Alot.

    I have no expectations, other than to try and be happy.

    Anyways, I don’t normally do “this” (pimp someones blog), but I found someone Blue Eyed Bader recently who I find very interesting, I read him Blue Eyed Bader every day that he posts something.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not obsessed or a freakin stalker.
    Get real people. I don’t have the freakin time to stalk anyone.
    Sorry to disappoint. I spend all my extra free time laying out in the sun drinking margaritas. As I should be.

    I think why I enjoy reading him "Blue Eyed Bader " sooooo much is because I can totally relate to some of the shit he writes about.

    And that somehow it makes me feel better about my life, like if someone else can make it in this fucked up world and be alright then so can I.  His shit is very inspiring.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of other very interesting blogs that I read daily, that I enjoy for mulitple reasons.

    Some make me laugh, some make me think, some make me horney, some make me hungry, and some make me thankfull I have kids.

    Its just the Blue Eyed Bader really intrigues me. Enough so that I want to share what inspires me with all of you.
    Maybe it’s cause I have a little bit of pervert in me.
    I do not know.
    I’m just saying, you should go check Blue Eyed Bader out and tell him how freakin awesome he is.

    In case any of you jackasses completely missed it earlier in this blog, I'll show you one last time, where you can go to read some totally awesome shit.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Past is the Past is the Past.................................

    I know I have already shared with you about my summer being filled with me hanging out with a bunch of people from my old high school days.

    As we have discussed before, sometimes that isn’t all that good of a thing. To be reminded of the past. I know they say you should confront your demons, but what the hell.
     I don’t know that I agree with that.

    So anyways, recently a girl contacted me from my past (on FB), This great awesome kickass girl is someone I knew from my junior high past in Wyoming.

    Now when I was beginning Jr. High my parents moved us to Wyoming. Which at the time was very devastating to me (well really any young teen), since we lived in Kansas City.
    Who as a young teen wants to move to the country?
    What the hell kind of fun is that?

    When we first moved , we lived in Cody Wyoming, where I might add they didn’t even have a freakin McDonalds.
    That is just wrong.
    They did however have a local bar and a rodeo. Yippie!

    Then later we moved to Casper Wyoming.
    Population 53,569 people. Kansas City has 451,572 people.
    See a little bit of a difference here?  ha ha

    Now when you have lived in the city most of your life, moving to the “country” is some what of a challenge. To say the least. There is an adjustment period.

    I kept thinking when we moved, WTF? Really!
    Of all the freakin places to move. Why here?
    Oil baby! That’s why.

    I also have to say living in a small town in the country, allows for alot of free time to get into t r o u b l e with a capital T.

    Which you know I did. What the hell, would you expect any less from me?

    I learned a lot about LIFE from my time spent in good ole Wyoming.

    Besides during our time of living in Wyoming was when my parents were heavy drinkers. They had parties all the time or went to parties or were at the bars. (Not placing any blame here)

    Anyways, where I was going with this is?
    Oh yeah, I have forgotten a lot about my past. I have only been able to remember some things. Honestly, I still think a lot of my memory gaps are due to my disease.

    However, now that I have been in contact with several other people from my past time in Wyoming, I am beginning to wonder. The last several nights I haven’t slept very well. My mind keeps trying to remember things that people have mentioned to me.

    This reunion has brought back a lot of mixed feelings. I am very happy that I have been able to reconnect with the people that I have, but…………………………

    There is that but again.

    I am now remembering the very dark and sad times from when I lived there. Whether I want to or not.

    I am remembering all the men I hooked up with in my mission to find love. My constant desire to feel loved by a man. I know now why I did those things (Daddy issues), but back then all I knew was I wanted to feel loved and young boys at that age only want one thing, a piece of ass.

    Those days were my most self-destructive times in my life.

    I was out of control wild. Those were the days when I started cutting myself, drinking, getting arrested for public nudity and oh, lets not leave out my eating disorder.
    If we had not moved back to Kansas City when we did, I probably would not be alive today.

    I would like to think that now I have finally got my shit together and I am leading a somewhat “Normal” respectful kind of life.

    So then why do I keep allowing the things I have done in my past hold my in that “defective” category/zone?

    Will I EVER be able to move past it
     and forgive myself?
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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

When Sports Heros Go B A D- or get busted

    Now that it's football season again, it has reminded me of all the different sports players out there that little kids look up to.
    What the hell is up with them (Prof. sports players)having such a freakin hard ass time staying out of fucking trouble?

    Like charges for , Oh, I don't know, beating a woman, fighting/drunkiness, drugs, or carrying a concealed weapon? And then get away with it, without doing any jail time.
    What do you think happens to those poor little kids when their hero or role model gets busted for something? and then set free.
    What happened to setting a good example?

    I'm not saying the average Joe doesn't do the same shit, but HELLO, the average Joe isn't getting paid a healthy salary to be in the lime light now is he. Hell no!

    So the soccerboy used to love the Falcons, especially Michael Vick. The soccerboy has all kinds of shit signed by Michael Vick. He has a football, helmet, jersey, wall clock and poster all Michael Vick/Falcons shit.

    Then one day in the news it was released that he (Mr. Vick) was involved in dog fighting.

    Which initially did not upset the soccerboy. Know why?
    He was giving the jackass the benefit of the doubt, that he was not involved. Even though prior to this Vick had been in the media on other related issues about his shitty attitude and such.

    Did you know Vick played college ball at Virginia Tech?  I often wonder how these kids that turn prof. palyers as adults end up being so jacked up? Is it the fame that comes too fast? The butt loads of money? When do they loose their way and become someone else or do these things just bring out the real them.

    At what point do they think that they are above the law?

    So when the truth finally came out about Mr. Vick being invloved and ultimately getting busted, the soccerboy was very upset. I mean come on what kid thinks it’s cool to have dogs fight for money?

    I can tell you, None! That is just freakin wrong.

    Even though Michael Vick has signed with the Philadelphia Eagles and was reinstated in Week 3 of the 2009 season, the soccerboy no longer thinks of him as one of the “good guys”.

    Now we have all this signed shit just sitting in a closet. What the hell are we supposed to do with it?

    Has it been long enough that it would be worth something again? Or should we just keep it and chalk it up as a loss?Source URL:
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Monday, September 13, 2010

The WHITE Pants Phobia

    The other day a friend of mine and I were hangin out. When I commented on how cool her white pants were.

    I mentioned to her about how I would never ever wear white pants myself.

    N E V E R

    I do have one pair of white running shorts, but that is it. I don’t hardly ever wear them either.

    She found that very strange  odd, that I did not own any white pants. Or that I had such an issue with them.

    During our conversation she tells me that she thinks I have a white pants phobia. WTF?

    Is there such a thing?
    I know there are millions of phobias out there. but one about white pants? Seriously.
    That is probably google worthy, No?

    I do love how white pants look, so crisp and clean. I just don’t like them on me.

    I have this fear that they will get dirty somehow (like period blood-ewwwwww ). And then people will stare and make fun of me. I would feel compelled to be checking out my pants all day long for dirt or some kinda of shit. Thats the overly anal part of me coming out.
    Now that is just too freakin stressful for me.

    Soooooo I just n e v e r wear them.
    Yes, I realize this sounds completely irrational.

    Now that I have realized I have a “white pants” phobia, it made me think about all the other shit I am kinda sorta weird about. Like:

    The more I thought about this list, the more I sounded like a complete and total FREAK!        Me a F R E A K!
    Are you fucking kidding me? That means I am s p e c i a l.
    Not even the good kind of special but the “Special Ed” kinda special.

    Which made me wonder if anyone else has noticed this strangness about me. And if they have why the hell haven't they said anything about it. hmmmmmmmmmm?

    Please tell me that someone else out there has strangeness about them.
    Don’t leave me hangin people!
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Sunday, September 12, 2010


    How do you know when you have inner peace?
    Is that saying, really ALL a load of crap?

    What does inner peace even really mean?

    The definition says: peace is a state of harmony, the absence of hostility.

    What I mean is, do you know anyone who is happy and at peace all the time?

    Seriously, who the hell is absence of being hostil all the time? Even the best people have some “mean” cranky moments. No?

    I have MY happy moments. Am I at peace? Hmmmmmmmm , I am thinking probably not.

    The word serenity, definitely does not describe me, the “soccermom”.

    If you are seeking “IT” (inner peace), does it make it that much harder to achieve?

    I used to laugh when I watched those ridiculus beauty pagents and see those silly girls, who would say that she wished for world peace. I always thought, How lame.
    Come on really that is what your wish is?

    You cant fool us bitches, we know you really wish for the all that fucking money. But whatever.

    Now that I am older and the world is going to hell and a hand basket, I do often wish for world peace.

    Does that make me lame? I don’t know, I am not in a beauty pagent trying to win anyones votes.

    I just want the violence to stop, is all.

    Iam a big, strike that HUGE believer of n o t watching the news, cause I don’t want to see all the violence that has gone on over night, or what tradgeties have hit different places around the world each day.

    Is that like being an ostrich and sticking ones head in the sand? I do not know. Could be. I just know I personally can’t handle all the stress that comes from this kind of shit. And to be honest what good will it do for me to watch it? So I can sympathize. It’s not like “I” can freakin do anything about it.

    I’m not saying that I don’t help out at local shelters or at my church with feeding the homeless, I am just being realistic in what I am cabable of.

    Now my mother, she is a world traveler of mission trips. She even won an award for all of her efforts of donating her time to different charity work.

    I think it is great that she can do this, 1) at her age, and 2) that she donates all her vacation and 3) she uses all her extra money for these trips.

    If you weren’t aware it is very expense to go on mission trips. Even if you get people to donate money to your trip. There is still the cost of airfair, and then there are all kinds of shots you have to get in order to travel outside of the country. In addition, some places even require a special dress code.

    Then once you make it to your destination, it is hard ass work. A lot of the mission trips my mom has participated in, they are out there to rebuilding things like churchs or homes for these less than fortunate people.

    I know that for some people this kind of work is their life calling. I on the other hand would prefer to donate the money. I just can’t get in there and do the physical work.

    So today I would like to say thank you, to all of those people who can get in there and lend a hand to the less than fortunate.
    If it werent for you
    the world would be
    one big crap hole.
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

B0dy FaT- What does it say about you?

    So recently, I got the bright idea to have my body fat checked. Yeah, probably not the best freakin idea I've had.

     Anyways, one of the mornings when the sportsman and I were at the gym, I asked one of the gym trainers if he could check my body fat . (I sorta felt sorry for this guy, since I had him check it after I was done with my work out and I was all sweaty and gross) ha ha

    Let me just say that I have never had my body fat checked before. It would have been useful to know what I was before I started all this extra exercising and shit. You know something to compare to. but who knew that the exercising would get so out of control?

    I can honestly say that I was really freakin disappointed at what my “fat” number was. I felt like I had truly been bustin my ass and after all I had lost 14lbs. That should count for something. No? Doesnt mean a freakin thing.

    Just so you know, unless you are training for a freakin marathon or you’re a paid athlete you probably won’t be happy with what your FAT results are.

    So after I got my results, which by the way I had to pay the sportsman $5 because of a bet we made before I got my FAT checked.

    Sooooo my fat No. is 25%.
    T W E N T Y  F I V E percent!

    Here is the break down:
    Essential Fat 10-12%
    Athletes 14-20%
    Fitness 21-24%
    Acceptable 25-31%
    Obese 32% plus

    Yes that is ME, listed right there under acceptable. That is just freakin WRONG!
    I'm not even under Fitness.
    Seriously, WTF!
    Has all my hard work been for nothing?

    So if you thought I was freakin obsessed before, I am way over the fucking top now!

    I am on a mission, to lower my body FAT. Yesterday I searched all over the net, to try and find all the ways to lower my body fat. Did you know that there is a lot of shit out there, on the internet.
    So many damn things to aid you in your, I mean MY mission.

    So my advice to you is
    don’t have your body fat checked,
    unless you are prepared to hear
    what your No. is .

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Nipples Tuesday, and NEXT we have Balls to the Wall Wednesday!

    A light went off in my head Friday, on my drive home from work.
    You know it was the start of the kickass holiday weekend.
    I was rockin out to Billy Squire’s song, “The Stroke” (if you have not heard this song before, it’s a freakin must that you check it out right NOW!)

    So this thought came into my head, I have always been a very sexual person. Even way back when.

    I guess I just never really acknowledged it. I will never forget the first time I heard that song. I thought wow, he is awful bold to be talking about his cock in a song like that.
    Everytime from then on when I heard that song I got all tingly inside. Like a super surge of sexual energy.

    So it should be no surprise that even now at 41 I still have a seriously high sex drive. It also explains why I love giving BJ’s so much.

    I just can’t help it.

    Most men would think this is freakin awesome to have a wife that is so into this kinda stuff, however with the sportsman I think it is some what intimidating.
    Which as you know can cause some “issues” in the bedroom.

    So anyways back to why I am so messed up.

    Way back when, I was in junior high and H.S., we were forced as kids to go to church all the time. You know where you dress up in shit clothes you would never be caught dead in and listen to sermons that made you feel damned to hell.

    This was no regular church either, it was a RLDS church. Where I was made to feel d i r t y and BAD, for having these kind of feelings.

    No, I never shared my dirty thoughts with anyone, but just the sermons them self made me feel bad.

    I have went thru most of my life trying to resist my sexual urges because I felt like there was something really wrong with me.
    Like I was not normal.

    Normal freakin people don’t think about this kind of shit all day long. Ok, well guys think about fucking all day long but normal girls do Not!

    So I’ll give you a hint of what life was like in my household as a teen. Not that being forced to go to a church you didn’t even believe in was enough, but to tell someone to shut up was just as bad as the “S” word, or god forbid the “F” word.

    I am damn sure that if my mom read my blog today she would just shit. She would call me a “Potty” mouth.

    So my question to you is, can you help who you are?

    Are you destined to be this person, or should you try and changed to be someone else.

    That someone else that “some” expect you to be.

    and worse yet

    will you go to hell
    if you choose NOT be
    the “someone”
    that your expected to be.

    I know too freakin deep for a Tuesday Morning back to work.
    I promise tomorrow I will be here on a cheerier note.Source URL:
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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Big Ones- Little Ones

    So over the last 2 months I have lost
     s o m e weight. Ok, so alot of freakin weight.

    But in my own defense I was honestly only going for 5 lbs or so. I was only a little bit over weight (for my height).

    However, I have ended up losing 14lbs. Now I have always gone to the gym, but recently I have started to run. Reason being, I’m trying to get ready for a 5k. I have also modified my eating just a tad. Mostly I quit drinking coffee. (which I soooo freakin miss)

    Anyways, the unfortunate part of all this is you never get to choose where your weight comes off . Now I would prefer that my fat fall off my ASS, and my thunder thighs. It is no freakin surprise, that is NOT where the shit fell off.

    I instead lost alot of it from my boobs.

    Seriously WTF?

    It’s not like I had huge ones to begin with. I really had no room to lose what little I had. The biggest freakin problem is that I lost a whole boob size!!!! I am now a freakin A.

    I have NEVER in my life been a size A.

    Now, I’m not putting down anyone who has small titties. There are some awesome things about having itty bitty titties. Give me a mintue and I will come up with some.
    Ok, heres a couple of reasons.

    - You can fit into any shirt
    - When you run there is nothing to bounce up and down
    - Guys wont be staring at your chest

    Ok so those were some pretty lame reasons. But shit people that's all I got. I am new to the itty bitty tittie club. I just don’t know any real benefits behind not having big boobs.

    I just know that I prefer not to have tiny ones.

    Listen to me, I prefer not to. Like I have a freakin choice at this point. Geez!

    So here I am finally with the body that I want, but no boobies. How depressing is that.

    I now look like a 12 year old girl. Now if I just shave all my vag hair off I can offically pass for a teenager. Lucky me!

    Not so sure the sportsman is into that kinda thing.

    The big problem is I could probably put back on some weight and be fine and get some of my boobs back

    But, the B I G b u t………………………………….

    I am so obsessed with working out now that I feel guilty to even take one day off to rest. Yes, it is a mental thing.

    You don’t freakin have to tell me how bad that is.

    I know! The sportsman and others tell me every day.

    So I am open for suggestions. On how to get this under control. Before it becomes out of control.

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