Sunday, September 12, 2010


    How do you know when you have inner peace?
    Is that saying, really ALL a load of crap?

    What does inner peace even really mean?

    The definition says: peace is a state of harmony, the absence of hostility.

    What I mean is, do you know anyone who is happy and at peace all the time?

    Seriously, who the hell is absence of being hostil all the time? Even the best people have some “mean” cranky moments. No?

    I have MY happy moments. Am I at peace? Hmmmmmmmm , I am thinking probably not.

    The word serenity, definitely does not describe me, the “soccermom”.

    If you are seeking “IT” (inner peace), does it make it that much harder to achieve?

    I used to laugh when I watched those ridiculus beauty pagents and see those silly girls, who would say that she wished for world peace. I always thought, How lame.
    Come on really that is what your wish is?

    You cant fool us bitches, we know you really wish for the all that fucking money. But whatever.

    Now that I am older and the world is going to hell and a hand basket, I do often wish for world peace.

    Does that make me lame? I don’t know, I am not in a beauty pagent trying to win anyones votes.

    I just want the violence to stop, is all.

    Iam a big, strike that HUGE believer of n o t watching the news, cause I don’t want to see all the violence that has gone on over night, or what tradgeties have hit different places around the world each day.

    Is that like being an ostrich and sticking ones head in the sand? I do not know. Could be. I just know I personally can’t handle all the stress that comes from this kind of shit. And to be honest what good will it do for me to watch it? So I can sympathize. It’s not like “I” can freakin do anything about it.

    I’m not saying that I don’t help out at local shelters or at my church with feeding the homeless, I am just being realistic in what I am cabable of.

    Now my mother, she is a world traveler of mission trips. She even won an award for all of her efforts of donating her time to different charity work.

    I think it is great that she can do this, 1) at her age, and 2) that she donates all her vacation and 3) she uses all her extra money for these trips.

    If you weren’t aware it is very expense to go on mission trips. Even if you get people to donate money to your trip. There is still the cost of airfair, and then there are all kinds of shots you have to get in order to travel outside of the country. In addition, some places even require a special dress code.

    Then once you make it to your destination, it is hard ass work. A lot of the mission trips my mom has participated in, they are out there to rebuilding things like churchs or homes for these less than fortunate people.

    I know that for some people this kind of work is their life calling. I on the other hand would prefer to donate the money. I just can’t get in there and do the physical work.

    So today I would like to say thank you, to all of those people who can get in there and lend a hand to the less than fortunate.
    If it werent for you
    the world would be
    one big crap hole.
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