Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mental Health Day

    My original thought was in taking a “Mental” day, I would just post this lovely photo.
    There is just something that intrigues me with how candles look as they melt.

     Anyways, I have been stressed lately about multiple things. SO I thought that maybe I would feel better if I were to write them all down. Put them to paper so to speak.

    So here is all the shit that is really bothering me right now. Not in any particular order, they are all equally stressing me out.

    - The soccerboys attitude, the fact he thinks the rules don’t apply to him that applied to the tattoo girl at the same age. Really? Cause your "special". Um, I don't think so.
    - The severe stomach problems. Thank you so much for not allowing me to be able to eat anything without feeling like I have swallowed acid and need to vomit.
    - The current less than amazing sex life . Don’t you know I require an “o” everyday to function????
    - The severe migrane (I think ) headaches I have had for more than a week. You can go away anytime now, it’s a little hard to function when your head feels like it will explode out the back at any moment.
    - The recent arrival home of the tattoo girl at 3am waking me up. No, that’s ok I always love to be woke up right before my alarm goes off at 4:50am.
    - The non-blood clotting issue. I think it is so kickass to bleed for hours. Not!
    - The recent arguing and not getting alone with my mom. Enough said.
    - My quickly fading awesome tan. WTF! Really cause I worked so hard on it this summer so it could fade in a nano second.
    - The pain in my ankle. This is what I get for trying to stay fit. How does that seem fair?
    - The recent storm that left our house with hail damage. I think it is so awesome that the side of our house looks like Swiss cheese. Are we are trying to set a new trend?
    - The recent disappointed look on the sportsmans face, regarding our relationship. Honestly, I can’t take much more. I am who I am.

    Now that I have written it all down,
    I should feel better right?
    Um, Exactly when does that start to happen?

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