Monday, February 28, 2011

dEfINiTiON M o n d a y


    What is jealousy?

    envy, covetousness, resentment, resentfulness, desirousness

    Synonyms: protectiveness, suspicion, suspiciousness, wariness, watchfulness, mistrustfulness, distrust, possessiveness

    Jealousy can be a very bad thing.
    It can be a very EVIL thing.

    I won't sit here and tell you that I have never been a jealous person at some point in my life.

    I'm just not currently jealous of anything or anyone right now.

    I know jealousy.
    I know what it can do to a person.
    It takes over who you are.
    You do very unchristain like things.
    Its not a good quality to have. No matter what justifications you have for your behavior.
    Its kinda like being an alcoholic. You never admit to what you've become. You never come out and say your actually jealous. You just become more and more obsessed with what your jealous of. In fact when friends try and point it out you only become more angry.

    You go to great lengths to do/say mean things. Cause you think it will make you feel better. That some how it will change the situation for the better if everyone saw this person or situation for what they were.

    You justify you behavior with excuses. That is only realistic to YOU.
    It grows and grows until it gets totally out of control. Your anger takes over you.
    (I know this one all too well)

    Its all you talk about. Until people start to not want to be around you. What with all the negative behavior and all.

    Jealousy can make you do things that you wouldn't normally do.
     Scary things. Mean things. Bad things.

    One never realizes this until they take a step back and look at how bad its gotten.
    and to think all that energy was just wasted.
     for nothing.
    No matter how much you try to convience yourself.
    Jealous behavior and actions are NEVER worth it.

    forgive and forget.
     it totally works.

    Do you know of somone
    who has allowed
     jealousy to take over their life?
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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Have a nice week!


    Is there such a thing?  As being connected to someone? Someone who just gets you.
     Just cause you’re attracted to someone or have some or ok a lot of unusual things in common doesn't mean anything. Right. ? or does it?
    Does that mean you’re destined to be together?
    If you have a connection with someone, does that mean you should drop everything(end a marriage? travel a long distance? disappoint family?

    and pursue this person/relationship?

    What if its your only chance? Is there such a thing as having more than one connection with someone?

    Is it destiny.............................................
    the predetermined, usually inevitable or irresistible, course of events?
    Is it fate;  a prophetic declaration of what must be?
    Is it Karma; the good or bad emanations felt to be generated by someone or something?
    What would you do in this situation?
    DO you believe there is such a thing out there? have you experienced it before?
    A soulmate?
    A person with whom one has a strong affinity.
    I am very troubled with this right now.

    What to do, what to do.
    I do believe there is someone out there for everyone.
    That perfect someone.
      Not in the sense of being perfect but a perfect fit .
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Saturday, February 26, 2011

One is the loneliest NO


    One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do
    Two can be just as bad as one
    It's the loneliest number since the number one

    No is the saddest experience you'll ever know
    Yes, it's the saddest experience you'll ever know
    `Cause one is the loneliest number that you'll ever do
    One is the loneliest number, worse than two

    It's just no good anymore since she went away
    Now I spend my time just making rhymes of yesterday

    One is the loneliest, number one is the loneliest
    Number one is the loneliest number that you'll ever do
    One is the loneliest, one is the loneliest
    One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do
    It's just no good anymore since she went away
    (Number) One is the loneliest
    (Number) One is the loneliest
    (Number) One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do
    (Number) One is the loneliest
    (Number) One is the loneliest
    (Number) One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do
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Friday, February 25, 2011

On the RUN

    Springtime is supposed to be getting closer .
    (so that little rodent freakin said, I’m just not a believer  yet with all this freakin snow we keep having)
    AS much as I want it to get here the thought of spring approaching is kinda freaking me out.
    Since, I promised the soccerboy last fall that I would run in a 5k with him.
    In the spring.
    Now, I have been running for about 8 months.
    Heres the big but...........
    Its only been On/off . I've had to take a few breaks due to my injury in my hip and my Gastritis.
    Sooooooo, I don’t really feel like I am where I should be to run a 5k. 
    Some days I can run 30 minutes solid no problems.

    While, Other times I feel like I can just barely make it a freakin mile and ½.
    A 5k is more than a mile and ½ people. Alot more.
    Some of my runner friends have given me a pep talk, saying that I can always walk some if I needed to.
    or that the adrenaline rush of just being in the race will be enough to get me through the whole race.
    I just don’t know. I am one of “those” people who if I am running in a race,
    1)    I won't walk and  2) I enter a race to place.
    I don’t want to come in dead last.
    I’m not saying there is anything wrong with either of those.
     I’m just saying that I am the type of person if I don’t go balls to the wall and do really well then I won't enter to run.
    At least not until I feel like I am 100% ready.
    Does that sound stupid? 
    and now recently I have bumped up my work outs to, two a days.  In hopes that I will be ready come spring.
    Any runners out there have any tips to give me?
    I sooooooo want to be ready
     to run with the soccerboy.
    I don’t want to back out
    of the promise I made to him.
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From the big apple...The Strokes

    For us one of the best band from New York.
    Julian Casablancas & Co. play awesome music. Sometimes speed n' strong, sometimes romantic, always fantastic american rock n' roll!Source URL:
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lollapalooza Kittycat Style

    Soooooooo you know how I was supposed to take this trip to New York this summer.
    Things have changed. SO change in plans
    Now I think I am going to go to the Lollapalooza in Chicago instead.
    I love music.  Alot.
    It just seems like a perfect vacation for me.
    Plus when I went to Chicago before with the tattoo girl, to tour the art school we didn’t have much time to see all that there is to see.
    Plus Lollapallooza is before school starts.  I wouldn’t feel right being gone during school.
    Besides soccer season is in the fall and I can’t miss any of the soccerboys games.
    So Ive been on line checking out hotels and stuff.
    Im excited, August isnt that far off.
    Anyone have any hotel suggestions? Anyone been there or live there?
    I promise to post photos of my trip. For sure

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Black & White


    I know someone who loves to get packages.
    Now I'm sure you are thinking, well hell who doesn’t like to get packages in the mail. R i g h t?
    There is a difference  between getting a package that’s for you and just the enjoyment of opening anyones package. 
    It’s a good thing I never order anything I might be embarrased by. 
    Since the majority of time all packages have been opened before I even get freakin home.
    Did I say, someone in my household has a “thing” about opening packages.
    Now, I never really thought anything about it when this person was “younger”, because all little kids love to get things in the mail.
    It is very exciting. No?
    That’s one of the reasons I send my 5 year old nephew cards and stickers in the mail on a regular basis. It makes him happy.
    I'm all about happiness people.
    Sooooo, this person at my house loves to open packages.  So, in order to get packages you have to order shit. Which we do all the freakin time.
    For the most part, it's items that we need. 
    then theres the shit we don’t really need.
    I honestly hate to order shit on-line.
    But I do it for this “special” person. 
    Also did I mention that half of this crap, this person really doesn’t even need but
    we order it anyways.
    All I got to say is this person better get themselves a really good freakin job. Otherwise they will never be able to afford to live out on their own.
    Unless they expect me to continue to purchase shit even after they move out.
    Seriously that’s not a possibility is it? Are you freakin kidding me?
    So do you think this is a strange habit?
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Falcon Motorcycles - day in the desert

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Moto Guzzi V7 Bar Design


    I've been having this one particular dream lately.  Alot.
    Sometimes that AC DC song is playing, "Hell ain't a bad place to be". 
    Maybe that is a sign that I shouldn't be thinking of such things.
    and then sometimes that song by Shinedown is playing,
     " If you only knew".

    But no matter what the music, it's always the same dream.
    I don't even know if I can write/share it  h e r e.
    These things that are in my dreams, well they are kinda embarrassing to say out loud.

    Even if I write it all down, it won't ever be the same as actually being there in the dream.
    It feels so real. Or is it , I want it sooooo bad it seems real.
    It starts out the same every time.

    I'm laying naked face down, resting my eyes. I'm on a bed, the sun is coming through the window warming my naked body.
    I can smell him before I see him.
    He has a distinctive smell, one that is hard to explain.
    The smell alone makes my nipples hard even though I am laying under the warm sun.
    I want him badly.

    but yet,I just lay there waiting for him to come to ME.
    cause I know he will.
    His hand gently touches my foot. He then runs his finger down my calf, and up my thigh.
    Then his fingers stop between my thighs. He is just toying with me. He knows how bad I want him.
    At this point I have goosebumps all over.
    I'm not cold just seriously fucking turned on, but yet kinda nervous.
    My crotch is really moist at this point.
    I wish he would just fuck me. and fuck me hard.
    he doesn't.
    He takes his time. He likes to tease me.
    His fingers continue explore my wetness. and I can't help but let out a small moan.
    I want him so freakin b a d.
    At this point my breathing has become a little faster with anticipation of what he will do next.
    As he leans in to kiss down my back, I can feel his rock hard cock graze my ass.
    To feel him sooooo close, is almost more than I can take.
    He enters me, I feel his hard full cock slid past my lips.
    Ohhhhhh, it feels sooooo fucking good.This alone, almost makes me cum.

    The waiting for him has turned me on so much I could explode at any moment.
    I breath in deep and my nose is filled with his smell.
    It's a cross between his cologne, sweat, and his cum. and it freakin turns me on.
    I then feel his body pull away. I almost panic for a moment, thinking that its over. Only to have him come back harder as he shoves his cock deeper and deeper inside my dripping wet vagina.
    I think to myself.
    I'm  a l m o s t  there baby,
    I'm so close to cumming.
    please don't stop.
    and then
    I wake to find my hands between my legs, I'm wet and my nipples are hard.
    I'm naked and alone.
    I realize its just a fantasy. Its not real.
    The dream leaves me sad and sexually frustrated wanting more.
    More of what? Something that is not real.
    Something that I can only get in my dreams.
    What does this mean?
    Does he really want me? or is it only my imagination?
    I hate to wake up from this dream. If I could just get to the part where I actually cum, well then I would be ohhhhh so happy.
    Pathetic I know. One would think that I would want the "real" thing.

    I do, I do want the real thing.
    If only he would just give it to me.
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Monday, February 21, 2011

Vinila Von Bismark

Chasing DICKS

    This is a re-post. I posted this not too long ago. and then took it down.

    My reason for taking it down the first time was a good friend of mine wasn't too happy with the way I worded things the first time around.

    So I decided to re-write this just a little, to better express what I ment when I say "Chasing Dicks". 

     I originally wrote this because I have a couple of good girl friends who are in a relationship sorta, if you don't count the fact that the guys are not committed. and appear to play games.

    WTF. SO it pissed me off enough I thought I should write about it. HERE!

    I'm not saying that all guys are like this.

    SOOOOO today I'm gonna talk about some shit with you that might piss someone off.
    Now don’t get your panties in a wad, that is totally not my intention here.
    This is mostly a fact finding mission.

    And it allows me to bitch about some shit. I hate to see a good friend be shit on. Ya know.
    SO Are we cool?

    Ok, So I’m a fucking realist. You all know this.
    I know that most, if not ALL men think with their dicks.
    That’s cool. I'm good with that.
    I have also heard that they just can’t help it.       R I G H T.
    Wink Wink
    It may even be a proven fact. (Possible?)
    That men think with their dicks (all fuckin day long).
    (I’ll check into that, maybe do a survey or some shit and get back to you)
    So, again I’m cool with that.
    I love cocks. 
     I’m a very sexual person myself.
    They make me happy. The cocks that is.
    Men, sometimes not so much.
    I’m just sayin
    My big question is, Should you trust a guy that is overly sexual?  (or are there excuses for men like that? To be able to have many lovers, cause they need it sooooo much). 
    I mean I know I need a lot of sex to keep me happy.  
     J u s t  s a y i n. (should I not be trusted?)
    Surely you should be able to trust anyone whether overly sexual or not.
    I mean how can you go thru life if you can’t trust? Right?
    I suppose if you are getting what you really need from the person your with, then there would be no need to look elsewhere. RIGHT!
    This is the big question.
    I mean it’s all good when you’re getting “some” sweet hot ass sex.
    I would like to think that I if you're that good that you would not be forgotten.
    But then again thats the realist in me coming out.

    Sometimes even I get a little worried that someone else has the better put together package.
    What the fuck! I am only human. I’m not perfect all the time.
    Seriously, I’ve been told there are signs. (from a good friend of mine)
    When a guy is into you and then not sooooo much cause he's pre-occupied somewhere else. or when he just isn't going to commit EVER.
    This is a two part question.

    Part I is:
    What are the reasons, the real reasons for when a guy is into a girl one moment and then the next day not so much.
    I wanna know, the things a guy feels he just can't come out and say to a girl that he is done with.
    These are some that I came up with.  That a guy would like to say but never does. 

    That’s why the "string along" happens.
    You know so they can keep that back door open,  for just in case later they might want "it" again.
    -Sorry babe I’m out cause you just weren’t that good;
    -It's not you, it’s me;
    -I need it more than once a day and you weren’t available;
    -The chase is over, sorry not interested anymore;
    What cha think? Sound realistic? I may be totally off base here.   AM I?

    The Part II is:
    What the hells up with the guy who won't commit?

    You know the one who dates the girl for over a year or more but yet :
    - won't move in with her;
    -won't tell his friends or work buddies hes dating her;
    -won't be seen out, but occasionally in public with her;
    -goes dutch when he takes her out to eat;
    -is more into himself than her.
    But yet he still expects the s e x.
    Can you please help me/us women understand?  Cause fuck, sometimes us women just wanna know what the hell is up without any bullshit or games.
    Just the plain hard facts.
    So can you help me/us ? Understand?
     I'm seriously
    not bashing men here
    For real.
    Its just sometimes
     you gotta
     throw it out there
    see what ya get

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wrenchmonkees on Forever2Wheels

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Band of the week- Supertramp

    I have been listening to this band since, I don’t know probably 1988.  Love them. I know all the words to the "Breakfast in American" album.
    Hee hee, I said album.
    Not sure what it is that I love so much about them.  It just makes me feel so many things when I listen to them.
    So I thought that I should share some music now and then that is older and a little out of the norm.
    Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
    A British band whose music has spanned the genres of rock, progressive rock, and art rock. The band's work is marked by the use of spiritual and philosophical lyrics and the distinctive voice of co-founder Roger Hodgson.
    They were also well known for their prominent use of the Wurlitzer electric piano. While the band garnered little respect from music critics, they enjoyed considerable commercial success, releasing a series of top-selling albums in the 1970s and early 1980s; 1979's Breakfast in America, their most popular album, had sold more than 18 million copies by 1990.
    The band attained superstardom in the United States, Canada, most of Europe, South Africa, Australia and Brazil, while enjoying moderate commercial success in their native UK.
    They were one of the first groups to be signed to the UK branch of A&M Records and their first album, Supertramp, was released on 14 July 1970 in the UK and Canada only (it was first issued in the US in 1977.

    Current members

    • Rick Davies – vocals, keyboards, harmonica, composition (1970–1988, 1996–2002, since 2010)
    • John Helliwell – vocals, woodwinds, keyboards, synthesisers (1973–1988, 1996–2002, since 2010)
    • Bob Siebenberg – drums, percussion (1973–1988, 1996–2002, since 2010)
    • Carl Verheyen – guitars, percussion, backing vocals (1985–1986, 1996–2002, since 2010)
    • Cliff Hugo – bass (1996–2002, since 2010)
    • Lee Thornburg – trombone, trumpet, keyboards, backing vocals (1996–2002, since 2010)
    • Jesse Siebenberg – percussion, vocals, guitar, keyboards (1997–2002, since 2010)
    • Gabe Dixon – keyboards, tambourine, vocals (since 2010)
    • Cassie Miller – background vocals (since 2010)

    Past members

    • Roger Hodgson – vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass, cello, flute, composition (1970–1983)
    • Dougie Thomson – bass, backing vocals (1972–1988)
    • Mark Hart – vocals, keyboards, guitar (1985–1988, 1996–2002)
    • Tom Walsh – percussion (1996–1997)
    • Kevin Currie – percussion (1971–1973)
    • Richard Palmer-James – vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, balalaika (1969–1971)
    • Robert Millar – percussion, harmonica (1970–1971)
    • Dave Winthrop – woodwinds, vocals (1970–1973)
    • Frank Farrell – bass, keyboards, backing vocals (1971–1972)


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Chevrolet Meister-Meister!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentines Blunder- Damn those delivery drivers

    Heres a little story about how my Valentines day went down.
    Bright and early Monday morning the sportsman sends me an email. To which is says, do you have something to say to me? Hmmmmm
    Well fuck I don’t know.  I'm sitting at my desk sweating bullets. I'm thinking what the fuck? What is he talking about????
    (You know text and email are really hard to tell what tone of voice is being used)
    So I reply "Um, thank you”.  Since he left me a really cute card and mini snow globe on the counter before he left.
    That was that. Not another word.
    So now I’m thinking that I've been busted for past Indiscretions. I'm shitting my pants. Then the receptionist at my work calls me down saying I have a flower delivery. Hmmmmmmmm
    Ok, so as I am heading down to the lobby and I’m thinking ok, theres a possibility that these  flowers are from 1 of 3 people.
    (yes, I know that sounds bad)
    So I get down to the lobby and the receptionist is on the phone, I see only one set of flowers on the counter. Let me just say they aren’t ugly,
    not the type of flowers I would want. They are all red with carnations and some roses.
    I hate roses.
    I am a tulip/gerber daisy kinda gal. I'm thinking to myself, the sportsman knows I hate roses. Surely he didn’t send me these flowers.
    So I’m waiting and I decide to read the card and see who they are from.
    As I skim read to the bottom I see the part where it says love DOUG.
    WHO the fuck is DOUG????
    Oh my . DO I have a stalker? I don’t know anyone named Doug.
    What the hell.
    At this point, I am totally freaking out. Finally the receptionist is off the phone and I tell her. That I don’t know any “Doug”.
    So we look further on the card, they aren't even for me.
    They were delivered to the wrong company. W h e w!
    Sooooooo freakin glad. I was really worried.
    However, later in the day a  2nd delivery of flowers showed up for me.
    They indeed were from the sportsman.
    They were also an awesome vase full of white tulips with one red rose in it.
    Now that’s what I call a proper flower arrangement. And now I know what the sportsman ment when he ask if "I had anything to say".
    He was talking about the flowers.
    Double Whew, in one day.
    Damn that delivery driver.
     He could of really caused me some problems.
    What if I had confessed.
    The day could of turned out
    alot different.
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