Friday, February 25, 2011

On the RUN

    Springtime is supposed to be getting closer .
    (so that little rodent freakin said, I’m just not a believer  yet with all this freakin snow we keep having)
    AS much as I want it to get here the thought of spring approaching is kinda freaking me out.
    Since, I promised the soccerboy last fall that I would run in a 5k with him.
    In the spring.
    Now, I have been running for about 8 months.
    Heres the big but...........
    Its only been On/off . I've had to take a few breaks due to my injury in my hip and my Gastritis.
    Sooooooo, I don’t really feel like I am where I should be to run a 5k. 
    Some days I can run 30 minutes solid no problems.

    While, Other times I feel like I can just barely make it a freakin mile and ½.
    A 5k is more than a mile and ½ people. Alot more.
    Some of my runner friends have given me a pep talk, saying that I can always walk some if I needed to.
    or that the adrenaline rush of just being in the race will be enough to get me through the whole race.
    I just don’t know. I am one of “those” people who if I am running in a race,
    1)    I won't walk and  2) I enter a race to place.
    I don’t want to come in dead last.
    I’m not saying there is anything wrong with either of those.
     I’m just saying that I am the type of person if I don’t go balls to the wall and do really well then I won't enter to run.
    At least not until I feel like I am 100% ready.
    Does that sound stupid? 
    and now recently I have bumped up my work outs to, two a days.  In hopes that I will be ready come spring.
    Any runners out there have any tips to give me?
    I sooooooo want to be ready
     to run with the soccerboy.
    I don’t want to back out
    of the promise I made to him.
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