Friday, April 30, 2010

RATIONAL- What the Hell does that really mean?

    Recently when I went to the Doctor (which by the way I saw a new person), she totally called me out on something. I don’t know why I was so surprised.

    Other than no one else evidentially had the balls to do it previously. The only person who ever calls me out on anything is my good friend Robin and thats cause she knows I will listen to her.

    Its not like I didn’t kinda sorta already freakin know how I was acting. I just looked at it as, no one was being hurt in the process. So were all good right??? What the hell.

    According to my “Dr” my quality of life could be better if I would just do this, this, and this.

    WTF? Really?

    I’m pretty sure this wasnt “that” kind of appointment. If I need my head shrunk I will go to that kind of doctor, but since I feel I am “NORMAL” I see no need for it. Damn it!

    So here I am with my legs up in the air being told that I have crossed the line in being rational and I personally did not see that I was being irrational. Again, what kind of Dr are you? Shouldnt we be talking about my virginia? and how it's lookin down there? Hello?

    Maybe I walked into the wrong office cause I thought I came to the Vag Dr to get my va ja ja checked out? No? Then I don’t think you should be down there checking out my crotch.

    Obviously she put me on the defensive. Hello, If I don’t think its broken then you can't tell me its broken. Who the hell did she think she was. I’m pretty sure I didn’t ask for her damn opinion. You know what I think about opinions? They are like assholes, everyone has one.

    So I do have to say when I left the office I was thinking about what she had to say, but then I remembered that I am my own best advocate for my health. Why the hell should I listen to her?

    So I got out to my car and consulted my “other” advisor, MY freakin MOTHER. It has been determined that yes, I indeed need to take a reality check on my insane irrational thoughts about medications (that they are not all out to get me).

    I however will NOT be taking any of the drugs this wack job of a doctor suggested for me to take. Unless I personaly want to have another mini stroke in the near future. (Why, cause she didn’t bother to check my history before suggesting I take a new medication)

    While I may be a tad bit on the irrational side about taking medications, I still stand strong on the fact that YOU are you’re own best advocate for anything to do with your health.

    This makes me a 100% sane.
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blue Mood

    There are times when I am blue. No, shit .
    I am not the SUPER mom 24/7.

    Yes, I do have my moments when I am sad   depressed disappointed scared about my health. I try not to dwell on it, but sometimes I just get sucked into this f u n k.

    Since my family and I do not really talk about my disease, we mostly just “pretend” that everything is fine. I don’t much discuss how I am feeling or what I am going thru daily. I do this for them. My family.

    I pretend, so that my kids can have a normal childhood. I do it so that my Sportsman doesn’t have to worry. I do it so no one else has to carry the heavy burden.

    To be honest no one wants to freakin hear about someones damn health problems. (Insert Akward silence here) It makes ppl feel freakin weird. Unless the person you’re sharing with also has some dumb ass incurable disease.

    So, I don’t share with my family. Isn’t that what all moms do? They protect their families. However even the strongest of moms has to have an outlet.

    I am no different, so sometimes I shop. I buy awesome electric blue toe nail polish, I buy car air fresheners (I know strange), and I buy flowers. All shit of course I do not need, but what the heck. It makes me feel better. I am fully aware that you cannot take any of these things with you when you die, but I don’t care.

    If it makes me feel happy in the here and now then why not? These are things I can control, and that is what ppl do when they have a disease that they can not control. I suppose all this is better than being addicted to porn right?

    Its not as if I make crazy huge purchases or the Sportsman would have a freakin heartattack. Seeing as he is a penny pincher and all. I mostly bargin with him for the larger purchases.

    LOL . AS you all know.

    I also read. A lot. I belong to a book club, so I normally have at least 6 books at a time that I need to read. I also go to the movies. A lot. I go see at least 1-2 a weekend. I also bake. No just freakin kidding, I do not cook at all. Not cause I don’t know how but I just don’t care about it. It basically all goes in and then comes right back out. I don’t get all the prepartion for such a fancy meal just so you can shit it back out. (Maybe that’s just me and my shitty disease talking) It’s not that I don’t appreciate it when other ppl do it. I just don’t feel the need for me to do it.

    I used to paint but havent in awhile. Mainly cause I have like a million paintings I have done and they are all just sitting around the house. I think this drives the Sportsman crazy. I think he would prefer I just give them away. Not sure why I hold on to them. Mostly fear that who the hell would really want them?

    I go to the gym, almost every day of the week. It helps with stress, but the routine is getting boring and I’m stuck in a place where I’m not seeing much in the way of results. So I’m thinking of shit canning this also.

    My Sportsman recently suggested that I take up golf so that we could go together. Now my answer to him was, “Can’t I just drive the cart and drink the beer”? WTF! Cause golf seems a little slow  and a lot boring.

    So now I’m looking for something new to keep me occupied on the days that I get sucked into the doom and gloom mood.

    Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? What do you do when your in a  f u n k  and can’t seem to get out of it?

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ding Ding Man

    So everyone knows that most dogs hate loath want to kill dislike the mailman right? But do your dogs hate the freakin ice cream man too?

    Recently with the up coming nice spring weather, the ice cream man has been out in full force in our neighborhood with his damn musical freakin truck.

    Now I don’t think it’s just my dogs that hate this guy (maybe me a little too), I am pretty sure that most peoples freakin dogs hate this guy.

    It’s that damn music, it’s so loud and he drives so freakin slow down our street. I understand that is a good thing, so that no small children are hurt or run over.

    It’s just the music drives me crazy.

    The other day our neighbor kids stopped him out in front of our house. You would think that if you are stopped that you could turn off the damn music. Hell NO , not this dumbass. He keeps it going. Meanwhile my damn dogs are going ape shit, running from the front door to back door barking the whole damn time. Want to know what it sounds like to have THREE little yippy skippy dogs all freakin barking at the same time. It’s pure HELL.

    I have decided that next time he parks right in front of my house and doesn’t turn of the freakin music, I’m going to let all my dogs out. See what he thinkgs about that. My dogs may be small ankle bitters but let me just say, they have some really sharp ass teeth. You wouldn’t want them to bite you more than once.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think its great that a guy who looks like a child molester comes around the neighborhood offereing little children ice cream . I just hate the damn music he lets play on and on and on!!!! Am I wrong here? Does anyone else feel this way?

    It could be that particular day I was PMS’ing or maybe I’m just getting bitter in my old age. I don’t know.

    I do know if my kids want some ice cream we hop in the freakin car and drive our happy asses down to Dairy Queen.Source URL:
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Monday, April 26, 2010

Mystery Man of the 80's

    I have shared before that I've had many a men in my life (No, that doesn't mean I slept with all of them, what kind of gal do you think I am?)

    Back in the day, I was searching for that one Mr. Right.

    I was fast moving. If you were interested in me and you took too long to approach me, well then you just missed your opportunity.

     Since, apparentely I did not have the time to wait around. (I’m not really sure what the freakin rush was back then, but ok whatever).

    So recently I joined FB and since I have joined I've reconnected with all kinds of old H.S. friends, that I had not seen or heard from in over 20 years.

    Yes, smartasses that puts me in the 40 something range.

    I mostly joined cause my good friend Shann convienced me to do it. He is a really awesome friend (no, we did not date in H.S.).
    Yes, I am getting to the point.
    So, there was this ONE guy, back in High School. He was older, which makes him automatically HOT! So our paths crossed, but for whatever reason he didn’t prusue me. I thought there was some connection there. I guess I was wrong.

    Maybe it was the massive freakin hair I had, that turned him off? You know in my defense it was the "IN" thing back in the 80’s! So anyways, I didn’t hestitate wait around dwell on it and so I moved on, to someone who was interested in me.

    Over the years I have thought about "him" on/off multiple times . Always wondering about things.

    What he had been up to the last 20 years;
    Was he married;
    Did he have kids
    Is he happy;
    Does he still live in the area;
    What does he look like now;
    Does he have a big penis (yes, I think of these things, since we never did date and I have a dirty mind);

    and of course the BIG one;

    Would he still remember that girl he took home once from a party? Maybe/Maybe Not.  All we had was a kiss. Was that enough to remember someone by? So I had all those what if’s just hanging out there for years.

    So would you be freakin surprised to know that while recently on FB, I came across his name on someone else's FB friends list.

    So you know what I did? Of course you know, I sent him a freakin friend request.

    Hell Yes!


    He accepted.

    Now you don’t have to remind me that I am freakin married. I am fully aware. But, sometimes when you feel you had a "possible" connection once all those years ago, and it’s been in the back of your mind for awhile, don’t you think at the very least you should check it out to see if it really was something or just all that teenage nothingness? I just wanted to know.

    So, I sent him a FB message, and wouldn’t you know he remembers me.

    To be Continued…………………………
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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Awesome BAND of the Week

    Cheap Trick

    Cheap Trick is an American rock band from Rockford, Illinois, formed in 1974.

    The band consists of members Robin Zander (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Rick Nielsen (lead guitar, backing vocals), Tom Petersson (electric bass, backing vocals), and Bun E. Carlos (drums, percussion).

    Current Band Members:

    Robin Zander – lead vocals, rhythm guitar, piano (1974–present)
    Rick Nielsen – lead guitar, backing vocals (1974–present)
    Tom Petersson – electric bass, backing vocals (1974–1980, 1987–present)
    Bun E. Carlos – drums, percussion (1974–present)
    Daxx Nielsen - drums, percussion (2010-present, touring only)

    Cheap Trick created a substantial fan base through its own brand of power pop music with a hard-edged yet melodic pop sound that combines the tunefulness of The Beatles with the speed and energy of punk rock.

    Their biggest hits include "Surrender", "I Want You to Want Me", "Dream Police", "If You Want My Love" and, "She's Tight".
    Studio Albums

    Cheap Trick (1977)
    In Color (1977)
    Heaven Tonight (1978)
    Dream Police (1979)
    All Shook Up (1980)
    Found All The Parts EP (2 live tracks, 2 studio tracks) (1980)
    One on One (1982)
    Next Position Please (1983)
    Standing on the Edge (1985)
    The Doctor (1986)
    Lap of Luxury (1988)
    Busted (1990)
    Woke Up With A Monster (1994)
    Cheap Trick (1997)
    Special One (2003)
    Rockford (2006)
    The Latest (2009).
    The band was also ranked #25 in VH1's list of the 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock.Source URL:
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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Star Female of Tattoo Girls

Specially Tattoo Girls

A Norse Viking Symbol of Tattoo Girls

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Girls Back Tattoos

    The small of a girl's back has always been like a sexy pathway. The babyfine hairs tracing a trail to her buns. Now, peeking over the top of her form-fitting jeans or sneaking out from below her shirt you can find the hottestof all tattoos - often referred to as the Bullseye Tattoo.
    While there's nothing trampish about them, bullseye tattoos have become a sexy, erotic part of a female's body art. From the small, feminine floweror butterfly to the bold, tribal lines, girlswith girls back tattoos give the imagination reason to run wild.
    At Tramp Stamp Nation, our members can upload their bullseye tattoos and share their experiences and the meaning of their marks with the entire community.
    If you don't have your own stamp, Tramp Stamp Nation is a great place to network with artists and other members to get ideas, tattoo information or just make friends. And it's not just about Tramp Stamps either, it is everything about tattoos and art. Join for free and share your ideas, pictures and even videos. It's fun, visually enticing and a complete interactive arena to share, submit and communicate!

    Tramp Stamp: Lower Back Tattoo?
    The "Tramp Stamp" a derogatory name for a tattoo which a woman has on her lower back. These tattoos where frequentlypopular among females born in the 1970's and 80's. A female baring this type of tattoo was commonly labeled as tramp, whore, or anything else dealing with being promiscuous behavior.
    Why is the Lower Back Tramp Stamp so Popular
    There are several reasons that make the lower back so popular for tattoos. The lower back offers a large design space that can be worked easily. The llower back also does not stretch like the abdomen does during pregnancy and weight gain thus providing a more stable site. Lastly, lower back tramp stamps can easily be hidden. The Tramp Stamp can easily be covered up by clothing and only revealed by casual clothing or intimate moments.

    Celebrities with Lower Back Tattoos
    Tramp Stamp Tattoos are spreading through Hollywood. Celebrities like Britney Spears,Jessica Alba,Drew Barrymore,Victoria Beckham,Christina Aguilera,Mariah Carey,Eva Longoria Parker,Jamie Pressley,Anna Kournikova and the list goes on of celebrities that have jumped on the Lower Back Tramp Stamp bandwagon.

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The Sexiest Tattoos For Girls

    First of all, so many people rush into getting tattooed and settle on the first design that looks half way decent. Do you know how many of those folks regret the artwork they put on themselves in the long run? Over 95% of them regret it. It's getting out of hand, because people are just following fads and trends, which is the absolute worst thought process to have when looking for good tattoos for girls. So, my first tip is to bypass any galleries that have the same generic stuff over and over again. The first trait a design must have would be originality. It's an absolute must.

    Flower Foot Tattoos
    Of course flowers are always very popular choices with tons of great choices leading to an infinite array of possibilities for a flower foot tattoo. The best thing about flowers is they are bright, colorful and have nice vines that can wrap around the foot making for an incredible looking design that really stands out. If you are thinking about the possibility of getting a flower tattoo foot design then you should consider what flower is important to you and has symbolic significance in your life. The lily, rose, and hibiscus are all popular choices but each one has a very different symbolic meaning.

    Star Foot Tattoos
    Stars are also a very popular choice for a foot tattoo. Again there really are unlimited possibilities here. You can go with something that features a single star like a shooting star design or a cluster of small stars. There is always the nautical star also. The great thing about star designs is they can be sized easily, they are inexpensive, quick and easy to design.

    Tattoo Foot Quotes
    Another possibility is to get your favorite saying or quote or literary tattoo design. This could be a little piece of Italian, Latin or even a Japanese Kanji tattoo design. The great thing about written tattoos is there are a lot of ways to embellish and add dimension and movement to the tattoo through the use of different lettering styles. For example a lose written text with lots of swirls will look very different then a Japanese kanji design. Either way you go it is hard to lose with a great tattoo foot quote.
    These are just a few of the many possibilities out there. There are so many foot tattoo ideas that it does not take much searching or much creativity to come up with a really incredible design. It is always important to not rush great tattoo designs. Take your time and consider the infinite possibilities available. Don't ask someone else to decide what your tattoo should be. Instead think and consider what is important and symbolic in your life and this will help you identify a possible foot tattoo design that is just right for you.
    This should come as very welcomed news to most of you, because if you're like most people, you are sick and tired of clicking through the same generic collections. It's mind boggling that this many terrible galleries are still around in this day and age, but it's true. It makes it downright impossible to find good tattoos for girls, especially if you're still making one of the biggest mistakes possible. The biggest mistake is to use search engine as your sole way to find amazing tattoos for girls. It just doesn't work, because the original, high quality artwork sites never show up in their lists. They are totally left out.
    These are some of the most popular locations and design ideas in tattoos for girls right now.What I like to do when I am browsing for a new tattoo is check out what Chopper Tattoos has to say. It is amazing the amount of designs they have. Every time I check it, they have added even more designs Of course maybe none of them will work for you if you already have a design in mind. However, they are provided here to keep you up to date with what is currently popular and hot. Go Check it out i highly recommend it Chopper Tattoos.
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Tattoos For Girls And Tattoo Designs For Girls

    From past few years, it has been observed that the tattoo industry is growing rapidly and in most of the times people are having much knowledge about tattoo ideas. Most of the people are still not having much knowledge about these tattoos. One thing I need to say is these tattoos will speak sexy language of the body.So, most of the people are interested to design tattoo on their bodies to tell the language of themselves. Especially, the youth are following some fashion rules and regulations with these they are able to motivate them selves.However, the following few lines will provide some tattoo ideas repeatedly.Every one of us would like to design the tattoos, which we saw them at galleries and many places.When it comes to the originality, this one is the absolute must.When it comes to the flowers, most of the people are interested to have flowers on their body parts.You need to consider so many things, like you are interested design a flower tattoo, that one must be bright, colorful and nice vines that will add more grace to the tattoo.Some of the tattoos are showing the lifestyle of the person.And remaining flowers like lily, rose and hibiscus is the remaining popular one that has a very different symbolic meaning.

    When it comes to footing area, most of the people are interested to design star tattoos on their foot. And also there is a wide range of foot array tattoo is available.So many people are interested to design single star, shooting star and some clusters of small starts and many more. And designing a literary or quote tattoo is one of the greatest ideas and it should be an Italian, Spanish language, and also Japanese also suggested to design.You need to have so many formats in these traditional language tattoos by printing some photos and many more to do. However, there are some incredible foot designs are available in internet.Take your own time and select eh best one for your needs and after that you can design tattoo on your body.

    These tattoos are most popular in these days and tattoos for girls right now.Finally, there are some well established and experienced webs sites are offering some find tattoo design for their clients.For more information and details, please visit their web site.
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Girl Tattoos Serve To Compliment Feminine Grace And Beauty

    Female tattoos are a new fashion fad for the hip and chic girls. In the last ten years, the tattooing has become more socially acceptable. With the Hollywood hottest stars be it Angelina Jolie, Amy Winehouse or Megan Fox sporting their tattoos in front of the world media; it doesn’t come as a big surprise that tattoos are becoming more and more common with girls and women. They are inking their body to get the tattoos done on their body.Female tattoos are smaller, delicate and feminine in design. They are varied and unique to match the individuality of all the tattooed girls. There are a different variety of fascinating girl tattoos like demons, vixens, pin-up girl tattoos, sparrows, sacred hearts, angel wings, tiger, butterflies, hearts, roses and cherry blossoms. Girls get their tattoos done on the lower back, left shoulder, ankle, upper breast, stomach, or bikini area. Tattoos on shoulder have more visibility and especially looks great when wearing, sleeveless tops, tank tops or halter tops. Ankle tattoos are cute and are a great accent when wearing slippers, sandals or flip-flops.
    Females find tattoos sexy and attractive. It makes a bold style statement. Here are some hottest tattoo ideas for girls-Butterfly tattoos:
    The growing influence that the women have in the tattoo culture and butterflies seems to be the most popular subject for a girl tattoo.Tribal tattoos:
    The craze for tribal tattoos is same both amongst men as well as women. The most common tribal tattoo covers an astonishing array of tattoo designs like Maori, Haida and Polynesian designs.
    Star tattoos:
    Celebrities and rich and famous love flaunting star tattoos. They are universal and probably the oldest symbol with strong meaning.

    Angel tattoos:
    Angel tattoo is strong way to express one's faith and as a powerful symbol in Memorial tattoos.

    Flower tattoos:
    Flowers surreal and natural beauty epitomizes feminity. Each flower denotes symbolic meaning. Common flower tattoos are roses, daisies, lilies, sunflowers and cherry blossom.
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The Various Styles of Girly Tattoo

    Cute girly tattoos are very popular nowadays and still growing with unbelievable speed. Earlier tattoos were not considered good for girls. Girl with a tattoo was believed rebellious. But not anymore, today due to the glamorous influence almost 40% of people in the age group 26 to 40 year and 6% of people in the age group 18 to 25 year have tattoos.

    When talk about tattoo, it always hocked up with the images of masculinity. However, today more and more women are also getting tattoos too. Since it's quite cheap to get a tattoo, thus there are more and more women want to get a tattoo inked with them too.

    It's less spoiled to discuss with friends and family members, whenever you planning to acquire one. You bequeath have an enjoyable surprise as you found that numerous of them have cute girly tattoos on various parts of their bodies.

    Stress to acquire the reasons out behind these folks got the cute girly tattoos. It bequeath assist you in choosing what, where, and how to get these tattoos. Solution of these questions will direct you to have the best suited tattoo for you.

    What are the cute girly tattoos? These are complex tiny mostly worn by ladies. Generally these tattoos are perfectly elaborated. These are considered as accessories rather than tattoos. Girls prefer to get cute girly tattoos mostly on left shoulders, ankles, upper chest, and lower back.

    The most favored body part comprises lower back for cute girly tattoos as these parts could be effortlessly covered when required such as at schools or at office. As an alternative, you can easily flaunt these body parts and thus, the tattoos by wearing clothes such as bikinis and shorts. Ankle tattoos are in addition to bang-up emphasis art object. Whenever you would like to show off your cute girly tattoos, just wear bikinis coupled with high-heel sandals and walk on the beach.

    Cute girly tattoos are identical expressive. You are able to impart more or less personality to them. You'll determine several designs
    of these tattoos including butterflies, flowers, angels, sun, hearts, dolphins etc. Unconnected from looking beautiful, they bequeath convey your personally as well.

    If you are seeking for a tattoo for the first time, it's advisable to ink with the relative small designs first instead of going for those extreme designs. Cute girly tattoos are suitable for that purpose. These are relatively small but offer detailed and fine designs. In conclusion, it's always advisable to do some research before you choose one.
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Girl Tattoos

    It is no longer just for male but women of all walks of life embrace it more and more, especially the artists and actresses. Pin up girl tattoos, girl back tattoos, sexy girl tattoos, biker girl tattoos are just some of the kind of tattoos available for women. It is a fashion statement that appears on female's shoulders, stomach, neck, back, legs and ankles, also found on more private body parts. The trend is growing at a fast rate.
    Why women do tattoo themselves? It is a need to express their personality and embellish a body part and most women would tell you that it is an art.
    What does tattooing consist of? What is the technique used? What are the health precautions to take?
    Tattooing is a technique ancestral used thousands of years ago. In those days getting tattoos meant being part of a tribe, or religion, like pirates with their skeleton image tattoo.
    Tattoos are made of ink that resides under the skin; tattoos don't get old because of the placement of the pigments between the derma and the epidermis.
    Tattoos are made with a dermograph, a tool that vibrates on needles filled with ink colors, these needles puncture the skin at a dept of 1 to 2 millimeter. The puncture skin can get infected if a lack of hygiene is present. Tattoos parlors must maintain a high standard of hygiene, all tools must be sterilized, the working hands must be also well cleaned with antiseptic substances, and the shop must be disinfected every day. Every shop must possess an autoclave, autoclave sterilizes materials with pressurized steam at an extremely high temperatures. All needles are new and disposed of after use.
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LOOKS- What does it really get you?

    Good looks, what can it do for you?

    In today’s society, your appearance says alot.

    Here are just a few known facts about what your appearance will or won’t do for you.

    There is something to be said about being good looking.

    Is it all positive? Not always.
    These things are not right but are true.

    Here are some of the advantages of being attractive.

    It can open up job opportunities (sometimes even without having any experience);
    It can get you a raise (whether deserved or not);
    It can give you more of a selection in the dating scene;
    It can get you to the front of the line at the grocery store on a busy day;
    It can get you a better deal when buying a new car;
    It can get you a starting postion on the team;
    It can get you a better grade on paper in school;
    People will listen to you, well they pretend to at least;

    Here are the disadvantages of being above average in the looks department.

    Most of the time the same sex hates you, and/or they don’t trust you;
    It’s always assumed that you’re out to steal someones mate, because you must be a freakin slut;
    It is assumed that you did not work hard to get what you have;
    It’s always assumed that you’re dumb;
    Being good-looking draws out all the stalkers, someone always wants a piece of you. In a sicko kind of way;
    The opposite sex knows, NO boundaries;
    Someone is constantly checkin you out;

    I know some would think, "who wouldn’t freakin love to have all those kick ass advantages". However, there is always a price to pay for everything.

    If you had a choice, would you want to be super good looking or just average?

    I personally would rather be a wallflower. I have a voice that I like to be heard but sometimes I just prefer to
    blend in.
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Monday, April 19, 2010

Hot dogs! Get your FOOT long here!

    No "wiener" photos please.
    What is it with men and feeling compelled to send photos of their penis to ME? Do they really think that sending one at a certain angle will make them look BIGGER? WTF!

    What ? You don’t get random photos of mens wieners sent to you via cell phone or worse yet your work email???

    Seriously, WTF. I counted one day that I got 4 different ones. I’m beginning to wonder, did they all get together and decide this was gonna be a contest? Was I supposed to be judging? That would so be like a man.

    Would you be appalled to know that they do this while “they” are at work. I won’t even mention what field of work they are in. You would be shocked.

    Seriously, what are they thinking? That I want to see them? Ok, well maybe. NO! for real, I am married. HELLO! I can see one everynight if I choose.

    I think the fact that I am such an open person, makes men feel as if there are no boundries. I have a knack for being able to talk about anything with anyone. The kind of topics that most ppl cannot. This has to be the reason some of my male friends feel that its ok. I'm not really sure.

    The first few times, I was like WHOA, what is that ? and then my next reaction was, who the hell is this from??? Maybe I should of hooked up with him. LoL, Just teasing.

    No really, it was a little disturbing at first. Now, I just laugh it off, I see it as more of an art form. If I make a big deal about it, they will just do it more. What does this say about the male friends I have? Maybe I should look into getting me some new ones.? Maybe? Maybe Not?

    You know back in the day, when we didn’t have cell phones you never had this kind of thing to worry about.

    I mean seriously if I have adult men sending me photos like this, what do you think teens are doing with their cells???? Anyone? I'm not saying you should go snoop thru your kids cell phones.

    But…………. You should moste definately have that talk about sending photos of ones body parts to people.

    Since, the saying now-a-days is “ well its not sex”. As if that makes it ok.

    I can tell you if my sportsman knew, he would freakin flip. He is not a free spirit like me. Or nearly as open minded.

    So what would you do?
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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekly BAND

    Steve Miller Band is an American rock band formed in 1967 in San Francisco, California.

    The band is managed by Steve Miller, who is  on guitar and lead vocals.

    In 1965, Steve Miller and keyboardist Barry Goldberg founded the Goldberg-Miller Blues Band along with bassist Shawn Yoder, rhythm guitarist Craymore Stevens, and drummer Lance Haas after moving to Chicago to play the blues.  The band was contracted to Epic Records after playing many Chicago clubs. With Miller, the band's only release was the ten-track album Blowing My Mind in 1966.

    Miller left the group to go to San Francisco where the psychedelic scene was flourishing. He then formed the Steve Miller Blues Band which, when they contracted with Capitol Records in 1967.

    In May 1968 while in England, they recorded their debut album Children Of The Future. The album didn't have any successes and didn't score among the Top 100 album chart.

    In 1971, Miller suffered a broken neck after a car accident and Capitol Records released the album Rock Love, The album featured unreleased live performances and studio material and is one of two of Steve Miller Band albums not to be released on CD.

    The Joker (#2, 1973) showed audiences a new style of the band. The title track became a #1 single and was certified platinum for reaching over 1 million sales.

    Three years later, the Steve Miller Band returned with the album Fly Like An Eagle, which charted at #3. Three singles were released from the album: "Take The Money and Run" , "Fly Like an Eagle" and their second Number One success, "Rock 'N Me".

    Miller credits the guitar intro to "Rock 'N Me" as a tribute to the classic song by Free, "All Right Now".

    Released in 1978, The Steve Miller Band's Greatest Hits 1974-1978 has sold over 13 million copies.

    Book Of Dreams (#2, 1977) also included three successes: "Jet Airliner" (#8), "Jungle Love" (#23), and "Swingtown" (#17). 1982's Abracadabra album gave Steve Miller his third

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Pin Up Girl Tattoos - Guide to Choosing a Design

    Pin Up Girl Tattoos

    So you're looking for pin up girl tattoos? They're something else, that's for sure. These tattoos are an expression of the beauty of females. I really like these kind of tattoos, as it's far from generic. Read on to learn more about these tattoos, and where to find the best designs.

    It's much more common to get cartoon like illustrations instead of tattoos that depict real girls. These illustrations are often of a nice looking woman with exaggerated proportions posing in various positions. You can make these more interesting by using a certain theme for your pin up girl. Popular choices are devil girls, angels, or warrior-princesses.

    The other style of pin up girl tattoos are tattoos of real life women. These are often famous models or celebrity sex symbols. The most famous pin up girl would have to be Betty Grable, while the new pin up queen is arguably Dita Von Teese.

    In the more modern style the girl is either half-naked or completely naked. When deciding what type of tattoo you want it's important to think about future jobs, since formal environments don't always take a liking to tattoos that are easily seen, certainly not of naked women.

    Today there are so many designs to choose from, and the internet has made deciding what tattoo you want that much easier. Before getting your tattoo done, it's therefore highly recommended to join a good website where you can explore tattoo galleries to find out what design suites you best.

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Perfect For a Girl - Foot Tattoo Designs

    A girl's foot tattoo can be a great choice. Although there are a few things to consider before presenting your bare foot to a tattoo artist, there are also some great reasons to consider a foot tattoo.

    Ouch! The Problems with Foot Tats

    Before we focus on why foot tattoos are so popular, let's look at a few common concerns. The first, of course, is the "ow factor". If you've heard anything about getting a tattoo on your feet, it probably had something to do with the pain involved. It's true that the foot isn't the meatiest part of the human body and getting inked on your feet can be more than a wee bit uncomfortable for some people. However, the pain is very temporary and most folks handle it without consequence. There's always going to be some pain associated with tattooing and seems somewhat silly to dismiss a design concept on the basis of a short period of bearable pain.

    There is another issue with getting tattoos on your feet. The nature of the skin can cause foot tattoos to blur or fade more quickly than they might on other body parts. One should keep that in mind when choosing a design. They should also understand that the artwork may some day require touch-up work. A wise design choice and a good tattoo artist, however, should make this a relatively minor issue.

    The Upside of Girls' Foot Tattoo Designs

    There are a few very good reasons why this option could be perfect for a girl. Foot tattoo designs, for instance, create an opportunity to keep your tattoo out of public sight when you don't want others to know about it. This can have professional advantages and it can also make your tattoo a little more private and special to you.

    Many men find foot tattoos incredibly sexy. No, we're not just talking about the random fellow with a foot fetish here. There is something very attractive about a decorated foot and finding a beautiful tattoo on the foot of a seemingly "straight laced" or conservative woman can be an enticing and exciting surprise.

    Think about it. You don't have to deal with the social issues that might arise if you had a large tattoo on your forearm. You can keep your important message or symbol something that you can choose to reveal and share when you want to do so. Plus, you gain the added advantage of adding something sensual, surprising and exciting to your person. It's obvious that this option is perfect for a girl. Foot tattoos are an awesome option.
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Locating Quality Tattoos For Girls - Getting the Good Designs Out There

    Finding the quality tattoos for girls that you want is something that you should take a lot of pride in. Too many women end up settle for some generic, cookie-cutter design that they end up not liking very much. There is great art out there, but most females end up seeing nothing but the bottom of the barrel stuff that has clogged the internet. I will tell you how to easily find the superb material out there.

    First, I want to share some critical knowledge with you. It has to do with the tools most women are using to find the tattoos for girls out there. We all know how acclaimed search-engines are at finding exactly what we want, right? Well, it's far different when it comes to locate quality artwork. Notice that I used that specific word "quality". That's the baffling part in all of this. Search-engines are usually very reliable at pointing you to the websites that you need, but it's not the case here.

    All that seems to pop up in search results are the same generic, cookie cutter type websites that people need to stay away from. Most are filled with nothing but generic tattoos for girls that are way over seven years old. Not only that, but it's puzzling why they post some much art that wasn't even drawn to be made into a tattoo to begin with! It's difficult to see with the naked eye, but there is a good chance that if you pick one of those tattoos for girls and get it inked, it won't look even half as great on your skin as it looked on the paper your printed it on. That's pretty scary right there, yet these places still continue to give this stuff to people. This perplexing puzzle needs a breath of fresh air and here it is.
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Girl Tattoos - Sexy Designs Girls Love

    Tattoos use to be a mark of rebellion.. now a fashion accessory. While tattoos are mostly applied to men, many girls have started to show how sexy and feminine tattoos can be.

    Usual places for a man to have a tattoo is on the chest, shoulder or upper arm. Girls fashion can be some what revealing, so having a tattoo on those parts can limit a girls wardrobe if it needs to be hidden. Girls have to consider weather the tattoo will look good when wearing a bikini or wedding dress. Which means they are generally more careful, making sure that a tattoo is easily concealed in professional clothing.

    Before searching for a sexy girl tattoo, deciding where it will be on the body is the first step. Popular places for girls are on the lower back, between the shoulder blades and below the belly button. These positions seem to reflect the latest fashion as they can be easily covered up or put on show. Avoid having a tattoo on the upper chest or breast. Pregnancy or late age can cause the tattoo to stretch and become ruined.

    Sexy girl tattoo designs are often butterflies, flowers, shooting stars, dolphins and cute fairies. Although it's exciting getting a tattoo, time should always be taken to pick a design. Hundreds of people have rushed in and just picked a design from the tattoo parlors books, to then find they don't really like it or their friend got the exact same design the day before.
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Dating Women With Tattoos

    It is really hard to find a woman these days that don't have a tattoo. Everywhere you look girls are branded with various artwork on their bodies that can either make them look sexy or just plain scary. Some guys have reserves about dating women with tattoos because they believe that it suggest something about the women in question.

    There are two different thoughts on the subject. Guys think it makes them look tough while women think it makes them look sexy. This may not be the case in any situation, but it is the thought process all the same. Guys don't want to feel like the women they're with is one big oil painting.

    A small tattoo is fine so as long as it is classy, but the problem comes when the woman has numerous tattoos or her tattoos are sexually suggestive. Women may not believe this but guys judge women in funny little way just like they do to us and too many tattoos suggest certain character traits that will scare some guys off. Here are three of the biggest concerns about girls with tattoos.

    They have a herd mentality:

    Guys want women who can think for themselves. Too often you see a lot of girls who cannot seem to do anything without having the approval of their friends or their family. This leads the guy to think that your exception of him or your rejection of him will always be in the hands of someone else. When a guy sees a girl with a tattoo who otherwise looks like she would never do so on her own accord, it shows that she was probably influenced by friends to acquire the tattoo. This may not always be the case, but all the same some guys will avoid these types of girls like the plague.

    They have excessive Tattoos:

    As mentioned before a girl with too many tattoos is a huge turnoff to a lot of guys. Don't get me wrong it is expressive and all and the girl may think that it's a beautiful work of art. But depending on the guy they might be disgusted by it. Also when it comes to certain social situation they may feel like you are going to stick out like a sore thumb.

    The may be promiscuous:

    Girls with tattoos on certain parts of their bodies give off the image that they're very sexually active. As unfair as this may seem this is just how some guys see it. The tramp stamp label is given to girls who display tattoos on the small of their back or on the side of their necks. Some guys do not want others to think that the women they are with is not respectable. So often they may play around with this type of girl, but they will never settle with her. Again this is some guys, not all guys.
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Cool Tattoos For Girls - Looking For Great Designs

    Finding cool tattoos for girls on the web is not a hard thing to do. The hard part is locating the "quality" designs out there. There are so much generic, cookie-cutter artwork in cyber space and this is all most women will see, which is a real shame. Many of these women will even settle on one of those generic piece, simply because they couldn't find anything better. Well, here is a way to pin point many of the cool tattoos for girls that most people miss out on.

    Before we get to that point, let's talk about the reason why so many women are not finding the quality tattoo artwork on the internet when looking for cool tattoos for girls. It all boils down to what 95% of individuals use to find tattoo art, which are search engines. This is the main reason everybody runs into the same low end tattoo galleries. They all seem to have the exact same generic designs as the next place and it can take forever to find anything that is half of way decent.

    You can almost forget about finding "exactly" what you want when rely on search engines, because the sad truth is that most women will settle for far less, way before they locate the good artwork. That's not the way you should go about choosing cool tattoos for girls.

    There has to be a better way, right? Well, it just so happens that there is a fantastic way to find all of the good tattoo galleries that search engines don't show you when looking for cool tattoos for girls. You can do this by utilizing the amazing amount of information contained inside of internet forums. The bigger forums of the web are a sensational way to find out where people across the globe are locating some of the best artwork the internet has to offer. Big forums are always filled with tons of past topics about tattoo artwork and that is exactly what you need to pull up tons of galleries that have cool tattoos for girls. You can then scan through the hundreds of posts and pick out link after links, to the great galleries people share with others.

    Finding cool tattoos for girls on the web is not a hard thing to do. The hard part is locating the "quality" designs out there. There are so much generic, cookie-cutter artwork in cyber space and this is all most women will see, which is a real shame. Many of these women will even settle on one of those generic piece, simply because they couldn't find anything better. Well, here is a way to pin point many of the cool tattoos for girls that most people miss out on.

    Before we get to that point, let's talk about the reason why so many women are not finding the quality tattoo artwork on the internet when looking for cool tattoos for girls. It all boils down to what 95% of individuals use to find tattoo art, which are search engines. This is the main reason everybody runs into the same low end tattoo galleries. They all seem to have the exact same generic designs as the next place and it can take forever to find anything that is half of way decent.

    You can almost forget about finding "exactly" what you want when rely on search engines, because the sad truth is that most women will settle for far less, way before they locate the good artwork. That's not the way you should go about choosing cool tattoos for girls.

    There has to be a better way, right? Well, it just so happens that there is a fantastic way to find all of the good tattoo galleries that search engines don't show you when looking for cool tattoos for girls. You can do this by utilizing the amazing amount of information contained inside of internet forums. The bigger forums of the web are a sensational way to find out where people across the globe are locating some of the best artwork the internet has to offer. Big forums are always filled with tons of past topics about tattoo artwork and that is exactly what you need to pull up tons of galleries that have cool tattoos for girls. You can then scan through the hundreds of posts and pick out link after links, to the great galleries people share with others.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

When is Enough- ENOUGH

    I wouldn’t be the “SoccerMom” if I didn’t freakin talk about Soccer every once in awhile. Right?

    So here it is.

    Now that my son is a freshman in high school, we are winding down on the whole sports thing. I think we have accepted that my son will not go on to play professional soccer. Which makes me a little sad. Ok, alot sad.

    He will continue on the next three years playing soccer and running . As for college, I do not know.

    It is hard to think about this since my son has played sports since he was four years old. That is a long freakin time.

    He has played/paticipated in baseball, basketball, soccer, cross country, and track. He also golfs, plays tennis, runs in 5ks and plays football just not on a team ,but those were for fun.

    Everyone in my family has played in a sport at some point in time. When I first met my husband, he was still playing basketball, football, and volleyball. Occasionally he runs in 5ks. Our family is very competitive.
    You know balls to the wall kinda thing.

    I personally feel that it is important to keep your child envolved in something, so that they will not have any time for the “BAD” things. So far so good.

    It all starts when they are little, you sign them up for every freakin sport there is. Initially, to see where or if they have any natural talent. At age four your child can not make their own decisions, so you as a parent do it for them. I am pretty sure at age 4 my son didn’t stop and say “hey I think I’m gonna be a professional baseball player when I grow up”. No, he just wanted to play.

    Even back then, he was very serious about sports. So we just ran with it. Early on we realized that he had what it takes to be a really good athlete.

    I know, get to the freakin point already.

    Here is what I am trying to say, How soon is too soon? And How much is too much? I totally get it. I have been there. You want your child to have every opportunity to try all sports. Then the next thing you know they are in Jr. High and they are still playing multiple sports. Which is too much.

    I’ll never forget one time my son was playing on two different soccer teams at the same time. You know to get maximum amount of game time in. So this one time we got to the game and realized that he was wearing the wrong damn uniform.

    That was when I finally told him that he needed to pick one sport, one team. It was getting to be too much. The secondary problem is when you get envolved in a competitive team; you are gauranteed to spend lots of money, lots of time traveling, and many practices.

    Our family has been transporting my son around for years to all these different events. I do not know at what point it became not fun anymore for him. Maybe it was missing out on all the fun times with friends, or missing all the birthday parties or all the sleep overs. I truly do not know, at what point the burn out came. The point is, we are here.

    You push and push your child cause they say “I love soccer”, you think your doing whats in their best interest.

    You know it’s a dog eat dog world out there.
    If you want to be the best, you have to bust your ass.

    So this is me sharing valuable information with you.

    Don't push so hard.

    The reality is, not every kid is going to grow up to be a Major League baseball player, if they are lucky they might get some good college scholarships.

    Don’t ruin it for them.

    High school is the time when you need to worry the most about kids getting into bad things. You don’t want your child to be burnt out and quit, just at the time when they need to be envolved the most.Source URL:
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