Monday, April 19, 2010

Hot dogs! Get your FOOT long here!

    No "wiener" photos please.
    What is it with men and feeling compelled to send photos of their penis to ME? Do they really think that sending one at a certain angle will make them look BIGGER? WTF!

    What ? You don’t get random photos of mens wieners sent to you via cell phone or worse yet your work email???

    Seriously, WTF. I counted one day that I got 4 different ones. I’m beginning to wonder, did they all get together and decide this was gonna be a contest? Was I supposed to be judging? That would so be like a man.

    Would you be appalled to know that they do this while “they” are at work. I won’t even mention what field of work they are in. You would be shocked.

    Seriously, what are they thinking? That I want to see them? Ok, well maybe. NO! for real, I am married. HELLO! I can see one everynight if I choose.

    I think the fact that I am such an open person, makes men feel as if there are no boundries. I have a knack for being able to talk about anything with anyone. The kind of topics that most ppl cannot. This has to be the reason some of my male friends feel that its ok. I'm not really sure.

    The first few times, I was like WHOA, what is that ? and then my next reaction was, who the hell is this from??? Maybe I should of hooked up with him. LoL, Just teasing.

    No really, it was a little disturbing at first. Now, I just laugh it off, I see it as more of an art form. If I make a big deal about it, they will just do it more. What does this say about the male friends I have? Maybe I should look into getting me some new ones.? Maybe? Maybe Not?

    You know back in the day, when we didn’t have cell phones you never had this kind of thing to worry about.

    I mean seriously if I have adult men sending me photos like this, what do you think teens are doing with their cells???? Anyone? I'm not saying you should go snoop thru your kids cell phones.

    But…………. You should moste definately have that talk about sending photos of ones body parts to people.

    Since, the saying now-a-days is “ well its not sex”. As if that makes it ok.

    I can tell you if my sportsman knew, he would freakin flip. He is not a free spirit like me. Or nearly as open minded.

    So what would you do?
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