Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Girls Back Tattoos

    The small of a girl's back has always been like a sexy pathway. The babyfine hairs tracing a trail to her buns. Now, peeking over the top of her form-fitting jeans or sneaking out from below her shirt you can find the hottestof all tattoos - often referred to as the Bullseye Tattoo.
    While there's nothing trampish about them, bullseye tattoos have become a sexy, erotic part of a female's body art. From the small, feminine floweror butterfly to the bold, tribal lines, girlswith girls back tattoos give the imagination reason to run wild.
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    Tramp Stamp: Lower Back Tattoo?
    The "Tramp Stamp" a derogatory name for a tattoo which a woman has on her lower back. These tattoos where frequentlypopular among females born in the 1970's and 80's. A female baring this type of tattoo was commonly labeled as tramp, whore, or anything else dealing with being promiscuous behavior.
    Why is the Lower Back Tramp Stamp so Popular
    There are several reasons that make the lower back so popular for tattoos. The lower back offers a large design space that can be worked easily. The llower back also does not stretch like the abdomen does during pregnancy and weight gain thus providing a more stable site. Lastly, lower back tramp stamps can easily be hidden. The Tramp Stamp can easily be covered up by clothing and only revealed by casual clothing or intimate moments.

    Celebrities with Lower Back Tattoos
    Tramp Stamp Tattoos are spreading through Hollywood. Celebrities like Britney Spears,Jessica Alba,Drew Barrymore,Victoria Beckham,Christina Aguilera,Mariah Carey,Eva Longoria Parker,Jamie Pressley,Anna Kournikova and the list goes on of celebrities that have jumped on the Lower Back Tramp Stamp bandwagon.

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