Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Sexiest Tattoos For Girls

    First of all, so many people rush into getting tattooed and settle on the first design that looks half way decent. Do you know how many of those folks regret the artwork they put on themselves in the long run? Over 95% of them regret it. It's getting out of hand, because people are just following fads and trends, which is the absolute worst thought process to have when looking for good tattoos for girls. So, my first tip is to bypass any galleries that have the same generic stuff over and over again. The first trait a design must have would be originality. It's an absolute must.

    Flower Foot Tattoos
    Of course flowers are always very popular choices with tons of great choices leading to an infinite array of possibilities for a flower foot tattoo. The best thing about flowers is they are bright, colorful and have nice vines that can wrap around the foot making for an incredible looking design that really stands out. If you are thinking about the possibility of getting a flower tattoo foot design then you should consider what flower is important to you and has symbolic significance in your life. The lily, rose, and hibiscus are all popular choices but each one has a very different symbolic meaning.

    Star Foot Tattoos
    Stars are also a very popular choice for a foot tattoo. Again there really are unlimited possibilities here. You can go with something that features a single star like a shooting star design or a cluster of small stars. There is always the nautical star also. The great thing about star designs is they can be sized easily, they are inexpensive, quick and easy to design.

    Tattoo Foot Quotes
    Another possibility is to get your favorite saying or quote or literary tattoo design. This could be a little piece of Italian, Latin or even a Japanese Kanji tattoo design. The great thing about written tattoos is there are a lot of ways to embellish and add dimension and movement to the tattoo through the use of different lettering styles. For example a lose written text with lots of swirls will look very different then a Japanese kanji design. Either way you go it is hard to lose with a great tattoo foot quote.
    These are just a few of the many possibilities out there. There are so many foot tattoo ideas that it does not take much searching or much creativity to come up with a really incredible design. It is always important to not rush great tattoo designs. Take your time and consider the infinite possibilities available. Don't ask someone else to decide what your tattoo should be. Instead think and consider what is important and symbolic in your life and this will help you identify a possible foot tattoo design that is just right for you.
    This should come as very welcomed news to most of you, because if you're like most people, you are sick and tired of clicking through the same generic collections. It's mind boggling that this many terrible galleries are still around in this day and age, but it's true. It makes it downright impossible to find good tattoos for girls, especially if you're still making one of the biggest mistakes possible. The biggest mistake is to use search engine as your sole way to find amazing tattoos for girls. It just doesn't work, because the original, high quality artwork sites never show up in their lists. They are totally left out.
    These are some of the most popular locations and design ideas in tattoos for girls right now.What I like to do when I am browsing for a new tattoo is check out what Chopper Tattoos has to say. It is amazing the amount of designs they have. Every time I check it, they have added even more designs Of course maybe none of them will work for you if you already have a design in mind. However, they are provided here to keep you up to date with what is currently popular and hot. Go Check it out i highly recommend it Chopper Tattoos.
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