Friday, April 30, 2010

RATIONAL- What the Hell does that really mean?

    Recently when I went to the Doctor (which by the way I saw a new person), she totally called me out on something. I don’t know why I was so surprised.

    Other than no one else evidentially had the balls to do it previously. The only person who ever calls me out on anything is my good friend Robin and thats cause she knows I will listen to her.

    Its not like I didn’t kinda sorta already freakin know how I was acting. I just looked at it as, no one was being hurt in the process. So were all good right??? What the hell.

    According to my “Dr” my quality of life could be better if I would just do this, this, and this.

    WTF? Really?

    I’m pretty sure this wasnt “that” kind of appointment. If I need my head shrunk I will go to that kind of doctor, but since I feel I am “NORMAL” I see no need for it. Damn it!

    So here I am with my legs up in the air being told that I have crossed the line in being rational and I personally did not see that I was being irrational. Again, what kind of Dr are you? Shouldnt we be talking about my virginia? and how it's lookin down there? Hello?

    Maybe I walked into the wrong office cause I thought I came to the Vag Dr to get my va ja ja checked out? No? Then I don’t think you should be down there checking out my crotch.

    Obviously she put me on the defensive. Hello, If I don’t think its broken then you can't tell me its broken. Who the hell did she think she was. I’m pretty sure I didn’t ask for her damn opinion. You know what I think about opinions? They are like assholes, everyone has one.

    So I do have to say when I left the office I was thinking about what she had to say, but then I remembered that I am my own best advocate for my health. Why the hell should I listen to her?

    So I got out to my car and consulted my “other” advisor, MY freakin MOTHER. It has been determined that yes, I indeed need to take a reality check on my insane irrational thoughts about medications (that they are not all out to get me).

    I however will NOT be taking any of the drugs this wack job of a doctor suggested for me to take. Unless I personaly want to have another mini stroke in the near future. (Why, cause she didn’t bother to check my history before suggesting I take a new medication)

    While I may be a tad bit on the irrational side about taking medications, I still stand strong on the fact that YOU are you’re own best advocate for anything to do with your health.

    This makes me a 100% sane.
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