Sunday, February 28, 2010


    I know everything happens for a reason. What I really want to know is the reason behind why my kid has been bullied since he was in grade school. WTF!!!

    Sometimes this makes me question God.

    Let me just say that, when schools toot their own horn about being a “Bulley Free” school they are most likely full of shit.

    Is it my childs fault that he has always been just a little bit smaller than the other kids his age? I mean hell that’s genetics, there is nothing he can freakin do about that. Is it cause he’s a “pretty boy”, or cause he dresses too nice or maybe it's his natural athletic ability that makes other boys jealous? I do not know.

    What I do know is the constant bulling since he was young has made him become someone who wants to just blend in. Does that not break your heart.

    As a parent you can only do so much. I have had many dealings with the school and teachers, because if you get too involved then you actually make things worse. It is such a helpless feeling as a parent, to not be able to protect your kid.

    My son is now in High School. It’s his first year. He went out for soccer and made the JV & Varsity team as a freshman. Pretty good right? He also makes really good grades. One would think, what’s not to like.

    The reason I am writing about this is, in the past the bullying has only consisted of verbal abuse. Once in Jr. High he got shoved. Well last week my baby, kid, son got jumped in the parking lot at school. In the area of the buses. Where all the freakin teachers are supposed to be to keep an eye on things.

    Well………… Where the hell were they??

    Once again someone dropped the ball in doing their part. I know, I know High School is a new ball game. I get it.

    My son isn’t so small anymore in size but still smaller than most his age.

    There is no feeling in the world like the one where your child calls you at work to tell you they have been hurt by the hands of another human being.

    As I got this phone call, my mind was reeling. I am 30 minutes away from home. I’m racing there with all the “what if’s” going thru my mind. Knowing how long it will take me to get to him.

    What if there is internal bleeding?
    What is he has a concussion?

    And then the

    How embarrassing for him. To have this happen in front of everyone.

    In the end, I took him to good ole urgent care, who wouldn’t see him since there was going to be a police report involved. The told us to go to the ER. I don’t know about you but I am a frequent flyer of the ER cause of my health. So my family it all to familiar with the length of time it takes to get seen. Then there is the now increasingly expensive co pay of $200.

    So as my son and I sit in the parking lot I look at him and ask him what he thinks. I do my own assessment of how he really is.
    Can we avoid the ER?

    Yes, this is freakin sad. That the world has come to this, where we can’t afford to go to the ER, unless your freakin dying. We are not poor by any means. But when your co pay is $200 dollars you better be dying before I am walking thru those doors and paying them that kind of money to sit and wait to be seen for 5 hours minimum.

    I am not a bad mother. I am actually one of those over protective mothers. I would take my son if he really needed it.

    So he didn’t have a black eye. He only had one cut and it didn’t need stitches. It appeared he didn’t have a concussion or any internal bleeding.

    So we went home.

    Of course I still watched him like a hawk the whole night. That is the freak in me coming out.

    In the end I got with the school, met with the principal. Reminded them of how much their no bulling program sucked and then pressed charges against this other kid. Only after I asked the police officer what will happen if I were to press charges.

    I wanted to make sure that this child would be taught a lesson and get help to deal with his obvious anger issues and called it a day.I do know that the school ultimately is not the only one at fault. The parents of these kids are the ones that are also at fault.

    I know shit happens for a reason.
     it doesn’t make it any easier
     when the shit happens
    to your baby.

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Saturday, February 27, 2010


    I’m here today to Pimp the “Bosu” ball.

    I have seen ppl in my gym using them, and I thought they looked interesting. Of course with the germ factor there is no freakin way I would use one that everyone else in the gym has gotten all there hairy sweaty bodies on. Then a runner friend of mine said her physical therapist had her using one and so she bought one.

    I was definitely intrigued, but I wasn’t really sure what they were used for. Duh, yes I know they are for exercising. I’m not that stupid. I already have a “Yoga” ball at home. I use it on and off. So why would I really need another “ball”, and a half a ball at that.

    So I had mentioned this to my sportsman maybe 2-3 times. Just in a casual convo, but at no point did I go on and on about really needing one. Then my fav holiday came around (Valentine’s Day) and my sportsman bought me one. Let me just say they are not cheap. Anyone who has been somewhat interested in them knows this.

    This present completely surprises me; first off we had already agreed that we were not buying each other anything this year. Just a card, was what we discussed. So to say I was surprised was an understatement.

    I finally get the ball out of the box and get it all blown up, and decide to give it a whirl. Let me also give this very important disclaimer. You should not allow your small dog (Chihuahua) to get on the ball with you. It stats specifically that small nails can pop your ball and for what this sucker costs I don’t think anyone wants their ball popped.

    Did I mention that it came with a workout video also? So I decide I’m gonna give it a go, for a few minutes. Just to see how it works. Next thing I know, I’ve gone thru half the video in my t-shirt, underwear, and bare feet.

    I however don’t recommend for beginners to use the the “Bosu” ball without clothes on. At least until you are better at your balance. Otherwise you’re looking at some nasty rug burns from falling off the thing.

    So my sportsmans walks in and is dumb founded that this is what I chose to work out in. Now honestly I didn’t “choose” that to work out in. I was only going to watch the video for a moment. It’s just the exercises seemed so easy that I just got caught up in the moment.

    Let me just give you this other warning , for first time users, be very careful not to over do it on the first day. It is sneaky like that, where you think it is so easy and then BAM, the next morning you can’t get out of bed and you feel as if a bus has run you down.

    This is all due to the use of muscles that haven’t been used in oh, let’s say a decade (at least for me).

    Don’t worry though; you should fully recover in a day or two. I’ll have to get back to you on how “quick” you will see results.
    AS I haven’t seen any yet for myself.

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    I’m thinking that maybe just maybe I should have plastered on my blog page “WARNING”!

     If you are the least bit sensitive then this blog is NOT FOR YOU!

    Which is why my current dilemma has infuriated me. Ok, so it has done more than provoke me. I wouldn’t say that my blog writings are worse or better than others I have read. To me they are just average. No reason for alarm. Just a mixture of stuff. Some ha ha funny, some a little more serious, some factual informational stuff and some about family crap.

    Maybe it’s because I am relatively new to this whole “Blogging” thing. I do not know. What I do know is, if you don’t like or aren't interested in what I write then don’t freakin read it. Pretty damn simple wouldn’t you think? I welcome comments all day long. What I don't accept is someone pissin and moaning cause they "think" I may or may not have written about them. Leave your comment and move on.

    To those ppl I say, "Youre so vain, you  probably thought this blog was about you.

    So after some commotion and re thinking who my true friends are. I have been compelled to change my old blog to invite only. Now that I have my new blog up and running , I swear this time I will be very cautious in who I give the link to.  That means absolutely NO co-workers!!

    I’m sure in time (maybe 20 years from now) I will stop holding a grudge about what has transpired.

    Its just I am one of those ppl who strongly believes in loyalty.
    Once you break that with me, you may never get back in the “inner circle”. So basically, I will just cut you off.

    they can’t blame me
    for being banned,
     I warned them.
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Monday, February 22, 2010

It's Not Personal

    “It’s not personal”.
    Who really says that? I’ll tell you who, someone who is an ass, cause you know damn well that 99.9% of the time it was personal for someone.  It just wasn’t personal for the person who was saying it.

    I really hate when people say that. How rude!

    Why would someone really say that to another human being? One can only assume lack of respect or they just don’t give two shits about the person they were saying it to.

    Which brings me to the word “Respect”. I will repeat what I tell my kids. You don’t have like someone or even agree with them, but you do have to be respectful towards them.

    How do you respectfully tell someone “It’s not personal”?
    I don’t think it’s possible.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the whole world operated that way, treated one another with respect. However, reality is people are just mean shitty pathetic sometimes.

    I don’t claim to always be a nice person. My biggest fault is being brutally honest when asked for my opinion and even sometimes when I’m not asked for my opinion.

    I am not afraid to speak my mind. I know I could probably use a filter sometimes on the things I say, but I don’t intentionally set out to be mean or make someone feel bad, by any means.

    Soooooooo back to the kind of people who say “It’s not personal”. When I hear someone say those words I want to run right up to them and give them a big dose of reality.

    You thought I was going to say I was going to kick their ass. To be honest I was thinking it. However I would never do that. Seriously, for real. I am 40 you know, getting into a fight at my age could be very damaging. Brittle bones you know.

    So next time you are in a situation where someone says,
    “It’s not personal”
    I recommend that you tell them
    to go fuck themselves and
    then give them a big smile.
    Also tell them that Jesus loves them.
    I bet that will forever change their life.
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Friday, February 19, 2010

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty

    Do you know what a shaved pussy cat looks like? Better yet do you know what it costs to shave a cat?

    Well, everyone you can see it right here on my blog. 

    This is my moms cat sofie. She has ringworm
    Can you see all the nasty shit fungus on her back? Cause that is what ring worm is, a freakin fungus.
    I know your thinking that is completely disgusting right? Well I'm thinking the cats new "shave" job makes her look like one badass cat.

    Look at that tale. I bet she could open up one big can of whoop ass on you with that tale and of course she is related to me, so you should seriously watch yourself.
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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nosey Freakin Nancy

    You know how sometimes there is information out there that hasn’t been shared with you?

    There’s a reason for that.

    What that means, is its private and none of your fucking business.

    So stopping trying to find it out and move on.

    You know I used to have this neighbor that lived next door when I was growing up, mostly during my high school years. My mom called called her “Nosey Nancy”. Yes her real name was Nancy. She was the type of person that was always staring out her windows checking out what everyone else was doing. I heard a rumor once that she knew everything that was going on our street. My thought to that was who freakin cares.

    Now whether that was true or not, We will never know. Since she is no longer with us, she died a couple years back.

    There was this one time at my parents house I had a party. It was while my parents were at the lake. "Nosey Nancy" kept looking out that little window of hers the whole night.

    I thought for sure I was busted. Funny thing is she never said a damn thing to my parents about it. Which really surprised the hell out of me.  However, I’m pretty sure she told about a million other ppl all about it.

    She wasn’t just “Nosey Nancy” but she was also known as a “Chatty Cathy”. Let me break it down for you, that means not only was she into everyone’s business but then she had to share it with the entire neighborhood, laymans terms for that is a “Gossip”.

    There are two kinds of ppl who gossip. There are the types that are out to hurt you by spreading rumors, and then there are the types who have really pathetic lives and they go around sharing information about ppl they hardly know just to make themselves feel important.

    Let me just tell you how I feel about ppl who gossip.

    Stay out of my freakin business.
    You don’t want to mess with me.
    I’m all bull
     you will for sure
    get the freakin horns.
    You have been warned.
    Now can’t we all just get along and love one another?

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GLOW in the Dark

    Ok, so I shower in the dark.

    Oh, come on what’s with the judging people? Who doesn’t shower in the dark? I think there is probably a lot of ppl who do it, you just don’t know about it.

    It’s the most relaxing thing ever. It gives you that little extra time to wake up.

    So while I was in the shower this morning, the lid to my damn conditioner bottle fell off onto the floor. This alone can delay my shower time by 10 minutes. So here I am feeling around with my toes, since I can’t freakin see anything.

    When all of a sudden it comes to me. A flash of genius. Someone should make glow in the dark shampoo and conditioner bottles. It’s bad enough when I shower that I am not 100% sure some ok most mornings if I have put on the shampoo or conditioner first. Lets be serious here for a sec does it really matter which one goes on first?

    For real people, if they can make things like glow in the dark condoms, they can make shampoo/conditioner bottles glow in the dark. I really want to know who needs a glow in the dark condom? What kind of ppl uses those? The ones doin it in a closet? I thought it was all part of the pleasure/fun thing to just feel your way thru it while putting one on? Who actually needs to see while doin it?

    Ok, so back to my idea. I also think while “they” are at it, “they” should also make razors and body wash that glows also.

    Yes I realize it is my choice to shower in the dark.But don't knock it till you have tried it, is all I'm sayin.

    I wonder who I should contact with my great idea? I know there has to be at least one company out there who would jump on my idea. Wasn’t there a show on TV about inventors or something? I don’t really want to make these items myself so to speak, I just want the money$ for coming up with the genius idea is all.

    So what do you think people?
    Would you buy glow in the dark shower products,
    if they were available to you?

    You can be honest here.

    I can take it.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

From the mouth of Twisted Sister, What do you wanna do with your life???

    I recently changed my profile, and also added a photo of myself.

    The reason behind my recent change is, your profile is supposed to be a short blub about yourself. The biggest problem with that is ONE, I am ever changing and TWO there just isn’t enough room for me to say everything needed to get the full effect of who I am.

    I know WTF , does anyone really care about the “personal” stuff about me.

    So whatever, I thought if anyone does really did give two shits the first step should be adding a photo. So that people can put a face with a blog name.
    On the scale of 1-10 of importance, I get it a photo of me is not really all that important.

    So then I thought maybe on a regular basis I could change my profile description, to state my current frame of mind? Yes? No? I’m still undecided on that one.

    Moving right along then I thought what the heck I should just give people a quick list of the freakin key points about who I am.

    Who am I?
    I am the women behind the “blog” so to speak.
    So here is a quick overview of “ME”.

    • I am a soccer mom, but not in the true sense of the word, but I do play ”the game”;
    • To say I have an issue with germs is an over statement in monumental proportions;
    • I go to church, I read the bible, but I am just as much of a sinner as the next person. I’m not afraid to admit that and I am a work in progress;
    • I drive too fast (ask anyone who has seen me on the road, so you should seriously watch out);
    • I have a potty mouth. Not as bad as a sailor but I once was married to one;
    • I spend ungodly amounts of money on soccer shit, and hardly anything on myself;
    • I don’t allow enough quality time with my husband, how we have managed to make it to 8 years I have no flippin idea;
    • I am obsessed insane with working out;
    • I have colored my hair since I was in H.S. to cover up grays;
    • I spend more time/energy being pissed off about things that are out of my control, than I spend being happy;
    • Loyalty is #1 super important to me, you break it and you’re forever banished from my life. Words to live by;
    • I hold grudges for a really long time. Yes, I am fully aware that this is not very Christian like behavior;
    • Which brings me to my perverted side. The recent FB quiz I took said that I was into Whips and Chains. Seriously? That’s a new one to me. Gee, you learn so much about yourself by taking those quizzes.

    So to wrap it up, in a condensed version. I am a strong, kinky, bitchy, potty mouth of a soccer mom, who you will never know my true hair color, but if you’re my friend I will forever have your back. Final, but not least important
    please do not touch my shit if you haven’t washed your hands!

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


    So I’m driving along in my car on my way home, listening to my favorite music. The songs that make me feel happy, sad, and flirty.

    I am letting my mind wander to the day’s events. How many times I was tempted/enticed/seduced during the day
    I don’t mean being tempted by a nice package of powered donuts either.

    the act of tempting; enticement or allurement
    something that tempts, entices, or allures
    the fact or state of being tempted, esp. to evil

    How do you know you have a problem? This might be a hint. You are showering and getting ready for the day and you think maybe you should shave your legs just in case you “might” hook up with someone for a nooner? And that someone is not your significant other. You might have a moral dilemma.

    If there is any question on the guidelines here just pull out the bible. The only problem is it tells you what is right and wrong but not how to fix it. So here is where I struggle. Is everything in life so cut and dry?

    So I’m driving and thinking about the good, the bad, and the sinner in me. Why is it sooooooo hard to be good, all the time? Shouldn’t I want to be good? Which then makes me think about why these things happen. I know I am not the only one out there that has cheated, been a flirt, or been enticed. I also know its all in how you handle these temptations. I’m not an idiot.

    Just knowing these things does not make it any easier. I’m not bragging, its just a fact that I have at least 3 guys on a regular basis who proposition me. Sure it makes me feel good about myself. I am over 40 now after all. I’m just saying it makes things that much harder. Hello, yes I tell them all NO. It’s not like I seek them out.

    I would love to tell you that I have a handle on all of this, but that would be a lie. I have written previously about cheating/cheaters before. I’m not really talking about cheating so to speak; it’s more about being tempted. How many people that are sexually tempted actually act on it? Just because you’re tempted doesn’t mean everyone acts on it. However, would you be shocked/surprised/appalled to know there is a lot of people who do act on their temptations?

    I go to church every Sunday, I read the bible, I know the difference between right and wrong. So what is my freakin problem? I have a loving husband. I have a great life, a wonderful family. So why would I even take a second look/thought in some other mans direction? I do not know. I’m defective obviously.

    Am I secretly trying to destroy the good thing that I have? Cause anyone in there right mind wouldn’t have these thoughts right? I know there is a difference between checking out a guy or seeing a guy in a movie/magazine and saying “Wow he’s HOT”. It’s when you have the lingering thoughts about someone who isn’t your significant other that is the real problem.

    This is a serious and real problem for me. I don’t make up excuses; I’m just trying to get a grip on this reoccurring unfortunate situation.

    A friend/acquaintance of mine once told me that there is a word for people who have problems like these and they are called sexaholics (he shared this with me, cause he has first hand knowledge). Some how I don’t think that is what my real problem/issue is here.

    I’m hoping just the fact that I recognize there is a problem, is a step in the right direction.
    However, I am always open for advice or suggestions.
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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Three D

    What the heck is up with all the damn 3D movies lately?

    It seems like the movie market has been flooded with them.

    I mean seriously, considering the cost of movies now-a-days and then you add a little extra for the 3D part. WTF?

    On top of that you’re required to wear a stiff card board thingy on your face for over an hour. Just so you can get the “3Deffect. Come on, is that really fun? Some how I think not. Considering most movies today are at least an hour and a half long.

    Does it make the movie experience that much better? Really? $13 dollars worth of better? I just don’t get it. What is going on with the movie industry right now where they think that every movie that comes out needs to be made into a freakin 3D movie?

    Honestly, I go see a lot of movies more so than the average person and not just one particular type. I go see all movies action, horror, romance, and some kid movies.

    So I feel like I have a sufficient back ground in this arena to be able comment about this.

    Don't get me wrong, I’m not knocking the movies/story lines themselves, but more the 3D part. Can’t the movie still be good without it having to be made in 3D?

    Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

    I can't be the only one that feels this way? Does anyone else out there find it strange odd abnormal freakin insane that this is occurring? Or is it just me?
    Am I missing something here?
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Friday, February 5, 2010

Rum & No Coke

    Back in the day, when I was under age drinking. My drinks of choice were Jack Daniels and/or Bacardi. Mostly cause someone who knew someone who knew someone, would get it for my friends and me. More often than not, we would drink it minus the “coke” part, since who as a teen can afford alcohol and a bottle of coke to mix it with? Not many.

    I vividly remember one time where I actually threw up florescent vomit.

    Yes, I was wild child in H.S. I don’t deny it.

    So here’s the thing. My kids aren’t little anymore, but they are still in those growing/learning years. As they have gone thru and are currently going thru H.S. themselves, we have had many discussions about the right and wrongs.

    The conversations mostly went down like this.

    Kids: Mom, did you drink when you were in H.S.?
    ME: Absolutely not!
    Kids: Mom, did you smoke pot in H.S.?
    ME: absolutely not!

    See the pattern here. No matter what “you” have done in your life time, you most likely do not want your kids doing the same. So I don’t recommend telling/sharing anything that they can throw back in your face later.

    At this point don’t you wish you had one of those big “gongs” from the “Gong Show”. That way before the next question was asked you could hit the gong and say, “Sorry that’s all we have time for today”!

    I know that lying to your children is not the best Christian way to be, BUT in my defense I just don’t think telling them all I have done will do them any good either. You can't go back and change the past.

    However, my mother seems to think it is perfectly fine to share with my kids all that she thinks/assumes I did in H.S. You know, how I never came home on time, or that I was out running around at all hours. I am pretty sure she has hinted that I might have smoked pot even. (Not that she knows this for sure).


    I don’t understand why she would think it’s funny or beneficial to drag my name thru mud in front of my kids. I certainly don’t think it is a great Ha,Ha moment to share with your grandkids.

    So now I am forever hearing the kids make smart ass joking comments to me, about what “grandma” said I did in my H.S. years.

    I know not too long ago I read someone else’s blog about a similar subject, but for the life of me I can’t remember how she handled the situation.

    So I am open for suggestions on how I am suppose to handle this kind of backlash.

    Anyone got anything good for me to use?
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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Angels Tattoo Girls

Henna Thigh Tattoo Girls

Koi Fish Tattoo Girls Temporary

Dandelion Tattoo Girls

Peaches Tattoo Girls

Anonymous, is that a bad thing?

    What does that really mean?

    Since I am so BIG on definitions, here is what it says:


    1. Unnamed: whose name is not known or not given "the anonymous author"
    2. Name withheld: with the performers, maker's, or creator's identity withheld "an anonymous letter"
    3. Indistinctive: lacking individuality or distinctiveness
    4. Preventing identification: obscuring somebody's identity, or allowing somebody to go unnoticed

    # 4 is so totally me! The anonymous letter writer.

    I have written a few gazillion anonymous letters in my life time. No, I was not stalking someone.
    Shame on your for thinking “ I ” could ever be a stalker.

    I am sure the reason I have chosen to write anonymously in the past is because of the repercussions, if my identity was found out. Not necessarily what would happen to ME, but more of what would happen to my kids. In the extremely political world we live in, I have found that sometimes there is no other way to accomplish what needs to be done without doing it anonymously. Wouldn’t you agree?

    Mostly I have written letters to my kid’s schools, their Elementary School, Junior High, and now High School. I think for me, writing letters is in the best interest for everyone who has been/would be involved. I am one of those parents/people that can be a bit of a hot head when it comes to issues that I feel I/my children have been wronged in some way.

    I would never want someone to get fired over something that I brought to the schools attention; however I would expect that like in any business that issue at hand should be examined and dealt with in an appropriate manner. Not swept under the rug. That way it won’t happen again in the future. That is really all anyone could hope for in a bad/unfair/unethical situation. RIGHT! ?

    As for my blog, I haven’t really decided yet, if my reasons for continuing to be anonymous here are the same as they were when I first started to write. More than half the people that do read my blog already know who I am (well maybe not completely). I also suppose that with the internet now-a-days, if someone really wanted to find out who I am they could.

    Maybe in the future I will reveal the “real” me. Not that I am trying to be “mysterious” or anything. Just not sure yet. Right now I am comfortable with how things are. My whole point in starting this blog was a way for me to vent, chill, destress, make new friends and oh yeah, stay out of trouble.

    So far, the above is working for me and I am a firm believer in don’t try to fix what isn’t broken.
     Hence the fact I am not married to an engineer.

    That and I’m a complete control freak!
    So there you have it in a nutshell.
    Key word, I am a freak!
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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Open up your mouth and say ahhhhhhhh

    My little four year old nephew “S” loves his snacks. I think he gets that from his auntie “M”.
    I think pretty much since he learned to talk, he started asking for “snacks”. Way, too cute. Anytime I am on the phone with my sister I can hear him in the back ground asking for his “snack”.

    My house is the house of snacks. Everytime “Little S” comes to visit he goes right in the kitchen and squats down to eye level to check out what is on the island and says “um, aunt M” can I have one of these. I have sooooo many snacks, you wouldn’t even believe it if I showed you a photo. Of course I tell him to go ask his mom, but I almost always give him a snack.

    One would think I have small children myself, because of the huge snack selection I have. The snacks we have are mostly for me. My kids eat some of them, but mostly just me.

    I am even known at work as the “snack lady”, (I don’t know that I like that, kinda reminds me of a bag lady?) since I have the most snacks. You know for just in case. Yes, there is always a reason for snacks. Snow storm, tornado, and/or power outage. It can happen people. You don’t have to be jealous; I am just more prepared than the rest of you.

    My huge supply of snacks is why, but does not excuse the 20 something kid that sits next to me who is always asking me if I have any “extrasnacks he can have. This is partly my fault cause in the beginning when he first started I felt sorry for him. However 20 something’s are no different than feeding a stray cat. Once you start feeding them, they never go away.

    So here is my daily snack routine. There is the right after breakfast snack, the right before the gym snack, and then the 3:00 snack. Sometimes if I miss the 3:00 snack I will eat one at 5 on the way home.

    Yes, I know that seems silly if I am going straight home to fix dinner. My reasoning behind the madness is the same as if you go to the grocer on an empty stomach. You always buy way too much food, cause your tummy’s hungry. So if you snack 30 min before dinner, you won’t be starving. Then when it’s time to sit down and you tend not to over eat.

    I know that seems like a lot of snacks in one day, but really it’s not. I don’t eat a big breakfast or lunch. All my snacks are mostly healthy ones. On occasion I have purchased a very delicious cookie from the cafeteria.

    They (who? I’m not really sure) say you should eat multi small meals a day anyways. This helps out with your digestive system.

    So if your interested in trying out my “daily snack schedule”. I can give you a list of the healthy snacks I eat everyday.
    Try it, you just might like it.
    Change is good.
    Old routines BAD.
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Monday, February 1, 2010

You know they AREN'T your friend if.........

    You know they are not your BFF if……………….

    1. You’re having a conversation with your friend, and someone else walks up. All of a sudden you are completely forgotten about. WTF

    2. You are having a IM conversation and mid sentence you get blocked with a Do Not Disturb. Seriously!

    3. They wait till you are in the shower, then leave taking your car and only leave you a note. Does this shit really happen? Y E S IT DOES

    4. You pay your half of the rent for months, and come to find out your roommate pocketed all the money and now your being evicted.

    5. They wait till 2am to tell you they have invited the entire band from the bar back to your place to crash for the night.

    6. They convince you to get matching tattoos (one that you would have never gotten on your own) and then back out last minute after your done getting yours.

    Doesn’t this make you feel like, with friends like this who flippin needs them!!!

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