Monday, February 21, 2011

Chasing DICKS

    This is a re-post. I posted this not too long ago. and then took it down.

    My reason for taking it down the first time was a good friend of mine wasn't too happy with the way I worded things the first time around.

    So I decided to re-write this just a little, to better express what I ment when I say "Chasing Dicks". 

     I originally wrote this because I have a couple of good girl friends who are in a relationship sorta, if you don't count the fact that the guys are not committed. and appear to play games.

    WTF. SO it pissed me off enough I thought I should write about it. HERE!

    I'm not saying that all guys are like this.

    SOOOOO today I'm gonna talk about some shit with you that might piss someone off.
    Now don’t get your panties in a wad, that is totally not my intention here.
    This is mostly a fact finding mission.

    And it allows me to bitch about some shit. I hate to see a good friend be shit on. Ya know.
    SO Are we cool?

    Ok, So I’m a fucking realist. You all know this.
    I know that most, if not ALL men think with their dicks.
    That’s cool. I'm good with that.
    I have also heard that they just can’t help it.       R I G H T.
    Wink Wink
    It may even be a proven fact. (Possible?)
    That men think with their dicks (all fuckin day long).
    (I’ll check into that, maybe do a survey or some shit and get back to you)
    So, again I’m cool with that.
    I love cocks. 
     I’m a very sexual person myself.
    They make me happy. The cocks that is.
    Men, sometimes not so much.
    I’m just sayin
    My big question is, Should you trust a guy that is overly sexual?  (or are there excuses for men like that? To be able to have many lovers, cause they need it sooooo much). 
    I mean I know I need a lot of sex to keep me happy.  
     J u s t  s a y i n. (should I not be trusted?)
    Surely you should be able to trust anyone whether overly sexual or not.
    I mean how can you go thru life if you can’t trust? Right?
    I suppose if you are getting what you really need from the person your with, then there would be no need to look elsewhere. RIGHT!
    This is the big question.
    I mean it’s all good when you’re getting “some” sweet hot ass sex.
    I would like to think that I if you're that good that you would not be forgotten.
    But then again thats the realist in me coming out.

    Sometimes even I get a little worried that someone else has the better put together package.
    What the fuck! I am only human. I’m not perfect all the time.
    Seriously, I’ve been told there are signs. (from a good friend of mine)
    When a guy is into you and then not sooooo much cause he's pre-occupied somewhere else. or when he just isn't going to commit EVER.
    This is a two part question.

    Part I is:
    What are the reasons, the real reasons for when a guy is into a girl one moment and then the next day not so much.
    I wanna know, the things a guy feels he just can't come out and say to a girl that he is done with.
    These are some that I came up with.  That a guy would like to say but never does. 

    That’s why the "string along" happens.
    You know so they can keep that back door open,  for just in case later they might want "it" again.
    -Sorry babe I’m out cause you just weren’t that good;
    -It's not you, it’s me;
    -I need it more than once a day and you weren’t available;
    -The chase is over, sorry not interested anymore;
    What cha think? Sound realistic? I may be totally off base here.   AM I?

    The Part II is:
    What the hells up with the guy who won't commit?

    You know the one who dates the girl for over a year or more but yet :
    - won't move in with her;
    -won't tell his friends or work buddies hes dating her;
    -won't be seen out, but occasionally in public with her;
    -goes dutch when he takes her out to eat;
    -is more into himself than her.
    But yet he still expects the s e x.
    Can you please help me/us women understand?  Cause fuck, sometimes us women just wanna know what the hell is up without any bullshit or games.
    Just the plain hard facts.
    So can you help me/us ? Understand?
     I'm seriously
    not bashing men here
    For real.
    Its just sometimes
     you gotta
     throw it out there
    see what ya get

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