Tuesday, February 22, 2011


    I've been having this one particular dream lately.  Alot.
    Sometimes that AC DC song is playing, "Hell ain't a bad place to be". 
    Maybe that is a sign that I shouldn't be thinking of such things.
    and then sometimes that song by Shinedown is playing,
     " If you only knew".

    But no matter what the music, it's always the same dream.
    I don't even know if I can write/share it  h e r e.
    These things that are in my dreams, well they are kinda embarrassing to say out loud.

    Even if I write it all down, it won't ever be the same as actually being there in the dream.
    It feels so real. Or is it , I want it sooooo bad it seems real.
    It starts out the same every time.

    I'm laying naked face down, resting my eyes. I'm on a bed, the sun is coming through the window warming my naked body.
    I can smell him before I see him.
    He has a distinctive smell, one that is hard to explain.
    The smell alone makes my nipples hard even though I am laying under the warm sun.
    I want him badly.

    but yet,I just lay there waiting for him to come to ME.
    cause I know he will.
    His hand gently touches my foot. He then runs his finger down my calf, and up my thigh.
    Then his fingers stop between my thighs. He is just toying with me. He knows how bad I want him.
    At this point I have goosebumps all over.
    I'm not cold just seriously fucking turned on, but yet kinda nervous.
    My crotch is really moist at this point.
    I wish he would just fuck me. and fuck me hard.
    he doesn't.
    He takes his time. He likes to tease me.
    His fingers continue explore my wetness. and I can't help but let out a small moan.
    I want him so freakin b a d.
    At this point my breathing has become a little faster with anticipation of what he will do next.
    As he leans in to kiss down my back, I can feel his rock hard cock graze my ass.
    To feel him sooooo close, is almost more than I can take.
    He enters me, I feel his hard full cock slid past my lips.
    Ohhhhhh, it feels sooooo fucking good.This alone, almost makes me cum.

    The waiting for him has turned me on so much I could explode at any moment.
    I breath in deep and my nose is filled with his smell.
    It's a cross between his cologne, sweat, and his cum. and it freakin turns me on.
    I then feel his body pull away. I almost panic for a moment, thinking that its over. Only to have him come back harder as he shoves his cock deeper and deeper inside my dripping wet vagina.
    I think to myself.
    I'm  a l m o s t  there baby,
    I'm so close to cumming.
    please don't stop.
    and then
    I wake to find my hands between my legs, I'm wet and my nipples are hard.
    I'm naked and alone.
    I realize its just a fantasy. Its not real.
    The dream leaves me sad and sexually frustrated wanting more.
    More of what? Something that is not real.
    Something that I can only get in my dreams.
    What does this mean?
    Does he really want me? or is it only my imagination?
    I hate to wake up from this dream. If I could just get to the part where I actually cum, well then I would be ohhhhh so happy.
    Pathetic I know. One would think that I would want the "real" thing.

    I do, I do want the real thing.
    If only he would just give it to me.
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