Tuesday, September 14, 2010

When Sports Heros Go B A D- or get busted

    Now that it's football season again, it has reminded me of all the different sports players out there that little kids look up to.
    What the hell is up with them (Prof. sports players)having such a freakin hard ass time staying out of fucking trouble?

    Like charges for , Oh, I don't know, beating a woman, fighting/drunkiness, drugs, or carrying a concealed weapon? And then get away with it, without doing any jail time.
    What do you think happens to those poor little kids when their hero or role model gets busted for something? and then set free.
    What happened to setting a good example?

    I'm not saying the average Joe doesn't do the same shit, but HELLO, the average Joe isn't getting paid a healthy salary to be in the lime light now is he. Hell no!

    So the soccerboy used to love the Falcons, especially Michael Vick. The soccerboy has all kinds of shit signed by Michael Vick. He has a football, helmet, jersey, wall clock and poster all Michael Vick/Falcons shit.

    Then one day in the news it was released that he (Mr. Vick) was involved in dog fighting.

    Which initially did not upset the soccerboy. Know why?
    He was giving the jackass the benefit of the doubt, that he was not involved. Even though prior to this Vick had been in the media on other related issues about his shitty attitude and such.

    Did you know Vick played college ball at Virginia Tech?  I often wonder how these kids that turn prof. palyers as adults end up being so jacked up? Is it the fame that comes too fast? The butt loads of money? When do they loose their way and become someone else or do these things just bring out the real them.

    At what point do they think that they are above the law?

    So when the truth finally came out about Mr. Vick being invloved and ultimately getting busted, the soccerboy was very upset. I mean come on what kid thinks it’s cool to have dogs fight for money?

    I can tell you, None! That is just freakin wrong.

    Even though Michael Vick has signed with the Philadelphia Eagles and was reinstated in Week 3 of the 2009 season, the soccerboy no longer thinks of him as one of the “good guys”.

    Now we have all this signed shit just sitting in a closet. What the hell are we supposed to do with it?

    Has it been long enough that it would be worth something again? Or should we just keep it and chalk it up as a loss?Source URL: http://anacostiaque.blogspot.com/2010/09/when-sports-heros-go-b-d-or-get-busted.html
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