Wednesday, September 8, 2010

B0dy FaT- What does it say about you?

    So recently, I got the bright idea to have my body fat checked. Yeah, probably not the best freakin idea I've had.

     Anyways, one of the mornings when the sportsman and I were at the gym, I asked one of the gym trainers if he could check my body fat . (I sorta felt sorry for this guy, since I had him check it after I was done with my work out and I was all sweaty and gross) ha ha

    Let me just say that I have never had my body fat checked before. It would have been useful to know what I was before I started all this extra exercising and shit. You know something to compare to. but who knew that the exercising would get so out of control?

    I can honestly say that I was really freakin disappointed at what my “fat” number was. I felt like I had truly been bustin my ass and after all I had lost 14lbs. That should count for something. No? Doesnt mean a freakin thing.

    Just so you know, unless you are training for a freakin marathon or you’re a paid athlete you probably won’t be happy with what your FAT results are.

    So after I got my results, which by the way I had to pay the sportsman $5 because of a bet we made before I got my FAT checked.

    Sooooo my fat No. is 25%.
    T W E N T Y  F I V E percent!

    Here is the break down:
    Essential Fat 10-12%
    Athletes 14-20%
    Fitness 21-24%
    Acceptable 25-31%
    Obese 32% plus

    Yes that is ME, listed right there under acceptable. That is just freakin WRONG!
    I'm not even under Fitness.
    Seriously, WTF!
    Has all my hard work been for nothing?

    So if you thought I was freakin obsessed before, I am way over the fucking top now!

    I am on a mission, to lower my body FAT. Yesterday I searched all over the net, to try and find all the ways to lower my body fat. Did you know that there is a lot of shit out there, on the internet.
    So many damn things to aid you in your, I mean MY mission.

    So my advice to you is
    don’t have your body fat checked,
    unless you are prepared to hear
    what your No. is .

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