Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Screwed, and not in a GOOD way

    So not too long ago we had a storm come thru our area that jacked up our house.
    The roof and siding to be specific.
    So we did what all home owners due. We turned in a freakin claim.
    To get our shit fixed.
    Our roof was due to be replaced anyways, so it all worked out great.  Or did it?
    We decieded to go with a company that our insurance “guy” trusted (a good friend of his).
     Which turned out to be a fucking nightmare.
    Why do the good guys always get screwed?
    I have never…………………………….
    Had to put up with the bullshit that went on with the lead guy from this company.
    WTF! Seriously dude. 
    Get your shit straight!
    IF you sign an god damn contract with me, you can’t come back and say oh yeah I need another $800 fucking dollars. That shit does not fly with me.
    I have to say that normally I take charge of shit. Cause bascially I am a bitch.
     I get shit done. I am a no nonesense kinda gal.
    However this time I let the good ole sportsman take the lead.
    It’s good for his ego once in awhile to be in charge.
    I learned that from my book.   : )
    Honestly I think the sportsman did everything he could with this guy. I wouldn’t have done anything different. Sometimes you just have a company that wants to fucking screw you.
    So in the end, this company after a month of waiting around and false promises and a singed contract, they backed out. WTF?
    So we had to go find a new contractor.  With the upcoming winter weather time is limited to get this shit done.
    So far everything is going well with the new company and I havent had to kick anyones ass yet.
    I honestly don’t need anymore stress added to my freakin life!
    I will be following this up with “Mean Streak”, cause this kittycat can be a real bitch.
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