Thursday, November 25, 2010

Kittycats on a short leash

    I can tell you after last weekend the sportsman may
    n e v e r let me out of the house again, much less ever go to a girls night out. Honestly, if he lets me out of his sight it will be a fucking miracle.
    It wasn’t so much that I was out till 2:40am, which I never stay out that late.
    I am normally in bed by 9pm most nights.
    It wasn’t so much that he really didn’t know where I was the whole time. (as it should be)
    The big thing that pissed the sportsman off was a particular bar I went to. He had told me up front not to go there and I went anways. It wasn’t my plan. I went with a group of girls. I was not driving my own car. So I can't really be to blame.
    Ultimately I could have called it a night when the girls left the one bar to go to the bar I wasn’t allowed at. But I was having fun.
    I thought what the hell. How bad can it be.
    I mean really. Arent all bars pretty much a meat market?
    Besides, does the sportsman not remember who he is married to. If I don’t want you to fuck with me, then you WON’T fuck with me. 
    Plain and simple.
    Of course if I do, you will know it.
    wink wink.
    The fact is, I hardly ever go out with the girls. So I should take advantage and live it up while I can. Right?
    Did I mention that I only had to pay for 2 drinks the entire night.  Of course I only drank a total of 2 margaritas and 3 beers.
    That’s always nice , cause alcohol in bars is freakin expensive.
    So as of now, I am not allowed to go out anymore, truth is I can fucking go out anytime I want. Only if I want my marriage to end.
    So I am good for the moment. At staying home near the sportsman, where he can keep a close eye on me.
    Till next time girls.
    Cause you know there will be a next time.
    That is a freakin guarantee.
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