Tuesday, November 23, 2010

In the bedroom with KittyCat

    The sportsman rocked it .
    B I G time. In the bedroom. 
    Can I get an amen!

    I can’t really give you full details, cause that would just be w r o n g.
    Now wouldn’t it. wink ,wink.

    So to say that I’m a little giddy with joy is an understatement.

    I have been waiting for ev e r  for this to happen.
    If you don’t believe me you can ask the Jersey Girl.
    She knows how monumental this was.

    Not 1, Not, 2 but 3
    So recently, for the first time the sportsman took charge. Not in a rough way, but in a rough gentle way. Yes, there is such a way.

    Even thinking back (right now)to that moment in order accurately share my experience with you, I get a little tingly inside. 
    Yes, it was that g o o d.
    It's official, the sportsman is a RockStar in the bedroom.
    Ok , well this one time. (hoping for more in the future)

    Did I say that there were THREE O’s involved? No?
    Well there was. That hasn’t happened in a very long time.
    No one has been that amazing. In a very long time.

    Did I mention that it last 45 minutes? NO?
    Well, Ummmmmm it DID!!!!!

    Can you say holy cow! No holy shit batman!

    So back to that moring. The sportsman was amazing.
    Now I don’t want you to think that cause I am making such a BIG deal about this that the sportsman prev. sucked. 
    He most definitely did not.

    We just have had some small issues in the bedroom as of late.
    Ok for the last year. But who is keeping track.
    It has made me really really sad though.

    So maybe this will help you in understanding my excitement.

    We were laying in bed, the light partially coming thru the windows.
    There was no talking, just his fingers touching me all over.

    He told me, it was “his” day.
    Not sure what that ment, I just went along with it.
    Honestly in the back of my mind I was already mentally preparing myself for disappointment.
    Yes, I know not the best attitude to have, but shit its all I got.

    Let me just say the sportsman headed “downtown”, where he did some of the most incredible things that you only dream about.

    I can’t remember the last time I have felt soooo alive, to have someone’s tongue touch my inner thigh.
    Electric volts were sent all thru my body.

    I completely forgot about the disappointment previously on my mind.
    WTF, at this point I couldn’t remember my own name.
    If you know what I mean.

    AS we moved all over the bed and all around the room, my body ended up in every position you can imagine. It’s a good thing I work out, and my body is very flexable.

    When it was all over, I laid there on my stomach, as the sportsman continued to kiss my body. All the way down my back, across my ass, down my thigh, stopping at my toes.
    Can I just say WOW!

    It took me awhile to catch my breath, so I layed there for a bit.

    It almost felt like a dream, it was so unreal.
    Who was that man in MY bed?
    Was that really the sportsman?
    Cause I sooo need
    that guy
    to come back
     and visit me

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