Monday, November 22, 2010

For Women Only

    I like to think I know alot about MEN.
    But I really do not.

    I bought this book over a year ago. I bought it with the intent to better understand my sportsman.
    And well men in general.
    It truly was an eye opener. It is for real when they say that men and women think differently. 
     It is soooo true.
    Reading this book helped me see the sportsman in a new light.
    I had no idea the effect of things (I had said or done), had on the sportsman.
    Understanding men is a big part of having a successful relationship.
    I can say that I changed my ways for awhile.

     I really tried hard.  To watch the things I said to the sportsman.
    I wanted things to be better between us.
    Then "life" happened and I got busy and forgot all that I had read.
    I bring this book up now, cause I found it again when I was cleaning last weekend.  Seems funny. Of all times for this book to resurface.
    Is it a sign?
    That I need to read it again?
    Anyways I thought I would share the book with you, since it did have a big impact on me when I originally read it.
    You should totally check it out.  There are also books just for men and then there are ones for teens and even discussion books.
    I read a lot of the other ones while sitting in the book store, that way I could make a better decision on which one was right for me at the time.
    If you do pick one up, I would love to hear what you think. 
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