Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What does a GOOD mom look like?

    The day started out like any other day.
    Up early, gym, and work.
    The only difference was the soccerboy was on spring break.
    The sportsman was off work watching basketball.
    I was at w o r k.
    The day was going good,
    I got to talk to "him".
    Which is always nice.
    I even got a little somethin somethin.
    and let me just say that was also n i c e.
    I think its awesome to get a special somethin and not even have to ask for it.

    Anyways ONE phone call later, can ruin any happy moment.
    The soccerboys dad. my EX.
    wanted to t a l k.


    Things going on with the soccerboy.

    Which would be no biggie, except when it
    comes to the ex I tend to get a bit defensive. For reasons I wont go into.

    but I will say piece of work.

    The ex likes to play the "good" parent and give soccerboy everything he wants. While I lay down the law. I do all the disciplining. AKA means I am a bitch.
    Which makes me not liked as much.
    What the fuck!
    I would like to add that I am a firm believer that parents are not put here to be their kids BFF.
    We are here to make sure they are prepared for when they are out in the real world on their own.
    The soccerboy and I used to be very close. Then.......................
    he turned 16 and got a sports car.
    It was hard at first to let go. But isn't that what happens eventually?
    They grow up and move out.
    Well my convo with the ex didn't go well.

     It got heated. Voices were raised.

    He called me cause the soccerboy had complained to him about multiple things but mainly that I was too hard on him.
    My expectations were too high he says.
    Between, soccer, school, and fitness. Soccerboy felt that I wasnt cutting him any slack. (In his defense he has played soccer competitive all year around since he was 4 years old. Thats a pretty long time to not have any down time)

    I reminded the ex, that unless he stops giving the soccerboy everything now, he will never be able to function in society on his own.
    and hes not living at my house till hes 30.
    End of convo.

    Next thing you know soccerboy is pissed at me.
    Cause of course the ex called him and told him no more money.
    Now I am the bitch again.
     What the hell.
    You would think I would get used to it by now.
    So I text the soccerboy. I try to have a conversation with him. But he continues to just be pissy.
    I ask the soccerboy if he would like to come eat lunch with me. I can skip my 2nd gym time if he wants to come out.
    Nope hes not interested. We text back and forth a couple more times (more like 35) and the soccerboy says STOP texting me.
    I'm out trying to find a job.
    Which I dont understand why him getting a job is so upsetting to him. Does he think that he won't ever have to get a job? Why is there so much resistance? Obviously something I will have to get to the bottom of.
    SO I ask the soccerboy if he wants me to take off work to take him to the movies.
    No reply.
    SO I call the sportsman and say, "ask the soccerboy if he wants to go to the movies just him and I".
    I get the reply, "Whatever thats fine". Wow don't get all fucking excited.

    That your mom is gonna take you to a movie, that you wanted to see and pay for everything.

    So the kickass mom that I am, I take off work. Rush home. and take the soccerboy to see that Rated R movie Hall Pass. Yes, I said rated R.
    That doesn't make me a bad mother.
     Lets be real people.
    The video games out there are much worse than a rated R movie that shows a little tit.
    We had a great time. It was nice.

    So, now lets see how long it is before soccerboy is pissed at me again for something else.
    It sucks only being the "cool" mom every once in awhile.
    then again its better than never.
    What would you have done?

     Given in
     or put your foot down.
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