Saturday, December 25, 2010

The suggestion BOX

    Add your freakin suggestions HERE
    I believe in my opinion that everyplace should have a suggestion box.
    It is vital if you want to better things in this world.  Getting multiple opinions on things only helps to improve something. Right? Just say I'm right. ok
    I am not different from anyone else, I always have a suggestion.
    It's just I don’t have a problem offering up my suggestion/opinion.
     I'm also always open for suggestions from others. Seriously.
    I am being serious when I say that doing things day after day the same ole way for ev er, doesnt make sense. Change is good!
    My place of work even has one. A suggestion box.

    In which,  I routinely submit suggestions.  People who know me, know it's no big surprise I always have suggestions on how to “better” things.
    Some of the things I have submitted (at wk)are;
    -A sauna in the gym;
    -In house daycare;
    I’m one of "those", that goes BIG with things.
    If you don’t  ever suggest it,  well hell then there is never a possiblity of getting it. Right?
    I have seriously considered putting one up in my own home.
    I am after all, a free speech kind of mom. 
     I am all for my kids having input on ways to better things that go on in our family. 
    Of course we would still vote on them. The sportsman and I would still have final say.
    I think it is important to hear what people have to say.
    Besides I think sometimes people are more open to share their feelings/opinions if they can write it down and drop it into a box anonymously.
    What are you thoughts on this?
    A box in my home for opinions.

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