Wednesday, December 15, 2010

From under the Kittycats TREE

    Kittycats tree
    So, I spoke recently about how the sportsman and I always have sex under the tree on Christmas eve.  Come on, I said It was a tradition of ours. There is no shame in being romantic during the holidays. 
    There is just something about those twinkely lights that gets me everytime.
    As of lately we have been spending alot of time on the floor under the tree.
    Just hanging out, talking, and watching the sparkly tree lights.

    Ok, so yes there has also been some kickass sex.  And the “Rockstar” has made a few more apperances.  
     (Insert BIG grin here)
    I’m not sure why this year is any different, but this holiday has been super different all together.
    I’m not sure if it’s the kids are older, they both have jobs and are gone alot, and my tattoo girl has moved out?  We have more free time alone, to spend with each other. (When I am not out at the bars. LOL. Ok, not so funny right now. )
    Something has been altered in our universe.
    Could be that since we are trying to mend our relationship that things feel a little different?  It is quite peculiar, our relationship as of late.
    Could if be that we are both trying harder, in different ways to work on US as a couple?
    I just feel like the romance, enchantment, fantasy, facination, desire is all back for US right now.
    Maybe cause I finally let go of “him”?
    Now that my focal point is back on the sportsman things are S W E E T.
    Whatever the explanation, I just know the weight has been lifted off of my heart. And I totally cherish our time alone together. For the first time in a very long time.
    So it makes me feel like everything is sorta magical right now.  I may joke about being on “house arrest”, but in all honesty, I am sooooo elated to be spending extra time alone with my sportsman.
    Shame on all of you who doubted it couldn't happen.
    And thank you to all of you who cheered us on.
      Sometimes you just have to believe.
    You know.

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