Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Upcoming Concert GODSMACK

    Music is my life blood.
    It means alot to me.
    It is a part of me.

    Sometimes I've been know to do a "Band of the week" or a "Concert Review" here.

    Not like some other bloggers who dedicate a whole blog to music,
    Like a great guy over at "Interjection" or Christiejolu over at "Music in my head".
    Both really freakin awesome blogs.
    You should totally check them out.

    I am always open to checking out new music, well all except Country music. I really do not like Country Music.

    The sportsman and I go to lots of concerts during the year. It is one thing that we do w e l l  together.

    We even travel to go see a certain bands in concert.

    Where am I going with all this? Well, Godsmack is coming back again and the sportsman and I bought tickets to see them again.

     This time however my good friend from HS is going with us.

    Also this concert will be in doors this time. I can't wait to hear them. We have floor tickets.

    So I am looking forward to a kickass concert. Unfortunately the last time I tried to take photos inside this particular venue it was too dark. SO I'm not sure I will have any really good pics. But I will try.
    So be looking out for my "Concert Review".

    Again I am always looking for new music so if anyone out there knows of any bands that you think I might like please tell me.

    Till next time.
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