Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Clearly- Focused

    Hey there
    I know I've been away, for awhile.
    but if it makes you feel any better I haven't been doing anything really exciting.
    Mostly I've been sleeping.
    Pathetic I know.
    I have been soooooo busy that what little time I have, it is spent sleeping.
    even then I still feel freakin tired.

    So here is a quick update on shit that has been going on.
    Hopefully I can get back on track and post more frequently. Cause you know I got shit to say.

    So heres the fast recap.
    Soccerboy- had a mustang (8 months). Sold his mustang(in 2 weeks). Bought a new beautiful black( newer 03) mustang. Had new mustang a WEEK, before some dumbass teenage girl who wasnt paying any fucking attention, nailed him and three other cars.

    Let me just say he is ok, but it tore the hell out of the car. Injured 2 kids that were in the back seat. Back windshield shattered, cutting both kids. One kid hit his forehead and had 19 stitches (ouch). Bad- Bad deal.
    Car is still sitting at body shop.
    Soccerboy not freakin happy.

    Went to baseball game with a new couple. Had a good time. Our team won. Was kinda chilly. Over all a good time.

    Same day went out with another couple (from our gym) had a good time. I think I talked too much. Definately drank too much.
    totally embarrased the sportsman. I tend to share TOO much. (insert sad face)
    Oh well, thats just who I am. I think they had a good time. Maybe we will do it again.
    M a y b e? Maybe not. Ill keep you posted.

    Still planning on a trip in June, just not sure where now. As the sportsman said, he doesn't care where we go as long as he is alone with me and we can just sit and rest. Ahhh how sweet is that.

    Tattoo girl got a new tattoo and is currently hiding it from her grandma.

    Tattoo girl will also be 21 soon, have a nice lunch planned with her and the ex, (his request). We won't even go there.

    Also going out to dinner. I asked her if she wanted to go to a bar with me, and she said maybe. and then  chose a local lesbian bar. Not sure on that one.

    Also tatoo girl "rescued" another damn dog. AS if a dog and a cat wasn't enough.

    Now she has two dogs and a cat. (not to mention the one she left behind at my house)
    New dog was supposed to be another chihuahua but is really a weiner dog.
    He is also well on his way to being more fucking annoying than the last one.
    Have recently had a "play date" at our house with all four dogs. Joy.

    Spent 2 HOURS at church on Easter sunday, yes I am totally devoted. Then had a lovely dinner at my mothers house with all my Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins. Managed to survive another year. It was a really awesome .

    Got busted by the sportsman again for phone calls and texts from "people".

    Not a good convo.

    Has seriously made me consider becoming a recluse.
    No matter what I do I never devote enough time to him.
    Our sex life has not changed. On a positive note it hasn't gotten any worse.

    See happy thoughts.

    I have not "hooked" up with anyone in a long time.
    That should make some of you happy. I'm being good.
    Other than texting people.
    Ok and watching some videos,
    and maybe some naughty photos.
    but other than that I'm being super good.

    Bought a new string bikini that totally looks good this year, have only had ONE fucking day to lay out, since the sun doesn't seem to want to hang out in my state.
     What the fuck?

    New workout is coming along great. Haven't lost any weight but am totally ripped. Have photos but they are nudes.
     So sorry can't share them HERE.

    The working out is mostly what has wiped my energy out. Reality is, it is something I truly love to do. So I'm not planning on slowing down any time soon.

    and the sportsman totally backs my decision.

    My chihuahua got sick again. almost had to make a visit to the ER vet, which everyone knows is damn expensive. Luckily it was a cheap fix. Whew!

    I will end it on
     I did post a pic a week before last on OHNT. I know I said I wasn't going to anymore
    I just can't help it . Its kinda addictive.

    So I'll see ya when I see ya.
    I promise not to make
     it sooooo long next time.
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