Friday, April 8, 2011


    Let me just start off, there is  n o t h i n g wrong with being fit.

    It's not all about being "self absorbed". Or having a big ego.

    So anyone who thinks that people who chose to go to the gym or watch what they eat are only into themselfs,
    YOU are wrong!

    Being fit means alot of things. Good things.

    For me it is a way to be in control.

    It also sets a good example for kids.
    Eating healthy and being fit can also be a huge stress reliever.

    I mean if your not getting laid on a regular basis its a nice backup.

    I mean we do have a serious problem in the U.S. with obessity. Especially in kids.

    When the soccerboy was in grade school, the kids were required to walk blank amount of miles during the recess time. No kid was allowed to just sit around. Of course there were incentives for the kids that walk more miles.
    Great program.

    So see there is nothing wrong with being fit.
    and shame on those of you who look down on people like me.
    For wanting to be healthy. and better myself.

    Especially if you don't even know me.

    One should never judge unless they know all the facts.
    I'm just sayin.
    Maybe one should look more at themself and their own flaws.
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