Sunday, April 10, 2011

The HERE and NOW

    Just a quick Hello to everyone.

    Recently I have had several changes in my life.

    Due to these "changes" I have had less time to write and read blogs.

    If it makes you feel any better, I barely have time to text, email my closest friends, and keep up with FB news.

    Some of you already know whats up, since I'm also FB friends with you(Ps thank you to all of you who have been supportive of me as of late)

    This post is mostly for those of you who don't know me as well.
    So you know that I haven't really had much of a choice lately.

    There are so many blogs I want to read. I just haven't had as many "awake" hours to do so.

    Bed time has been super freakin early (730pm) due to earlier than normal days (420am). Then you add my two work outs a day and thats not even counting working a full time job. Whew! Makes me tired just writing about it.

    These long days have left me exhausted. As usual I'm guilty of loading my days with too many freaking things. Thats cause I am a "go getter".

    I'm very d r i v e n when I want something.

    I feel bad enough that I cant fit everything into the day that I want to. Its just n o t possible. Not without seriously effecting my health.

    N0 one can ever say that I don't live my life to the very fucking fullest of EVERY fucking day.

    So where was I ?

    Yes I wanted to let everyone know,

    Just a little slower than normal on commenting and replying to shit.
    I'm hoping this will be a short lived thing.
    and in no time I will be back on track.

    SO hang in there with me .

    I guess its your choice.

    So in the mean time just know that I am still HERE
    thinking about YOU.
    All of you.
    I'll See ya when I see ya.
    And that contact has been limited. and only a handful of people get to hear from me everyday.(that being said, I have no time for "drama" in my life right now. So anyone with "drama" needs walk away n o w. You know who you are.)Source URL:
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