Monday, April 18, 2011

This is not a pity party

    Just cause
     your told your attractive/hot doesn’t mean you feel it.
    Just cause
    someone says you have sex appeal, doesn’t always mean you feel sexy.

    Besides how does one know they have sex appeal?
    Compliments are nice, but they don’t necessarily make you feel it.
    People assume that just because your not a total dawg that you are confident and aware of your appearance.
    Well that is totally not true.
    Being aware, comes from confidence and self-esteem.
    One can’t assume that everyone has this.
    I am not good at taking compliments. I've never been.
    I see myself as a wall flower.  Nothing special.
    Not to get compliments but cause that is truly how I see myself.
    I work constantly on my appearance.  Cause I want to look good, but just never really feel like I do.
    So, you should totally cut those kinda people some slack. 
    You have no idea what inner demons they are battling.
    Just sayin
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