Monday, April 11, 2011

Lines- Fine and Blurry- and all the rest

    I wanted to talk about an important subject today.

    That I think someone has been stressed or confused about.

    LOVE- Caring- Friendship

    I wanted to clarify some things.
    this will not be LOVE 101, 

     just my personal view or feelings on the subject.

    I very rarely use the word LOVE. I only use it when I truly mean it.
    I care about alot of people but I am one tough chick to crack when it comes to love and giving my heart away.

    With that said, I have many friends that I care about.

    I care about their well being.
    I care about their happiness.
    I care.

    But sometimes I think because I am such a caring person and a very open person people get confused with what our friendship really is.

    When it's only a friendship.
    Sometimes a friendship is just a friendship.
    sometimes its something more.

    Sometimes a friendship can develope into something more.
    That is also how the sportsman and I met, we were friends first.

    I also have a blog friend that I care very deeply about.
    He knows how I feel.
    He feels the same way about me.
    We have become very close over the last several months.
    He means alot to me.
    The b i g bottom line is, we live in different states, we are both married, we both have kid(s).

    We will more than likely never meet in person. and that is ok.

    Our friendship has changed over the last several months, but the simple fact still remains the same.

    We live separte lives. We come together everyday and comfort each other in times of need, we laugh with each other, and give each other advice.

    I love it all.
    and I am accepting that is all we will ever be.
    I dont require more than that. (now if it were possible to meet, I would totally jump at the chance, but I dont think about it ever. Its not a ever consumming thought.)

    I am not jealous of his wife, or the fact that he corresponds with other bloggers.

    None of that matters to me. Cause he gives me what I need everyday. We talk, we email, we send photos, he sends me videos, and if I could ever freakin figure out the damn cam thing we could see each other.

    We have formed this special bond. There is no guessing between us in where we stand or how we feel about each other.

    There is No stress or worry.

    Its a super good feeling to have. To be secure.

    I have told him before that once it gets where its a
    chore or things aren't happy go lucky, well then we walk away.

    I'm all for simple. I'm a realist after all. and the reality is he serves a purpose in my life, as I do his.

    This relationship does not effect my marriage.
    I'm happy as I can be right now with the sportsman.
    heres a b i g one, you can love more than one person.

    I know jump back.
    I know, No way.
    But yes it is freakin possible.

    My point behind all this is, people come into our lives for different reasons/purposes.

    Whatever that purpose is, accept it, be happy about it and live your life with no regrets.

    Till next time.
    I'll see ya when I see ya.
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