Saturday, November 14, 2009

Whose with me for BLACK FRIDAY!

    Black Friday

    What does that day really mean?

    Does it stand for; you’re up at the ass crack of dawn in the dark, waiting in a line with about a million other crazy ppl? I know that not everyone in the world participates in this craziness.

    I however am a BIG supporter of ass crack early, with strangers. Come on ppl seriously, who doesn’t love to shop?????

    The real key to standing outside in line for hours before the doors open are, Hot Hands, Coffee, Long underwear, and have your significant other stand in line for you while you sit in the car. LMAO

    I can also see the other side of this, the side of those ppl who have to flippin work on Black Friday. If it was me, I would say “the hell to the no”. (One of my friend’s favorite lines, so I thought I would borrow it from her  for today's blog.) Cause there is no way you would get me to work behind one of those cash registers on Black Friday, just putting up with peoples crap, (cause honestly, not everyone is pleasant at 5am) and then you add standing on your feet for hours. Does NOT sound like any freakin fun to me!

    I always find it just a little exciting. You know the rush of ppl when the doors finally open(at 5AM). You just never know what might happen. I personally am not one of those ppl who push and shove and get all crazy about getting to some particular item that is only on sale for like what 3 hours. But I do like to watch those ppl. I would love to take my camera in with me sometime; I bet I would get some great action shots.

    So here’s to all you Black Friday workers,

    Hang in there
     be happy
     that it only comes around
    one time a year.
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