Monday, November 16, 2009

What Makes You Laugh?

    Here’s to the word “Shenanigans” (from the movie Super Troopers) which has given my kids and I many great laughs!

    My family in general love going to the movies, but my kids and I are super BIG into watching movies. We are constantly joking around and repeating lines from all of our favorite movies. Sometimes TV shows as well.

    I’ll never forget the movie Mrs. Doubtfire. Come on everyone has seen it. This movie came out when my son was in grade school. There is this part in the movie where Robin Williams says “papapapapapa Piss off Lou”. My son found this particular line absolutely hilarious. Of course at that age telling someone to piss off seems so funny to a young kid, it was of course not an appropriate/allowed saying in our house. However, since it was a line in the movie, my son was allowed to repeat the “piss off” part of the line at home only. Which you know he repeated it every chance he could, with a follow-up of “ but, mom it was in the movie”. As if that made it all ok. LMAO

    Maybe I can laugh at it now, since they are almost grown up.

    I have to say that there are a lot of kids shows/movies out there like Sponge Bob that have a lot of adult humor in them, that go way over most kids heads (and some adults to (LOL). Now that my kids are older they finally get some the adult humor in the shows we have been watching for years.

    Over the years there have been many many movies that we have watched and laughed together. Some of them with the most hilarious lines ever.  Of course not everyone gets "funny".  Like the movie "Step Brothers" with Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly.  I personally think it is the freaking funniest movie, but for people who don't have a humerous bone in their body.  Well......... they just don't get it.

    In almost every conversation, someone at my house is repeating one of those funny lines, from one of the million bazillion shows we have seen together that made us all laugh. What a great feeling to laugh out loud. There is nothing better than sharing a funny moment with the ones you love. You know, the kind of ”funny” that makes you laugh so hard that you cry. (of course we have those laugh till you cry moments around my family all the time, that have nothing to do with watching a movie. I guess we are just "special" wink wink)

    I’m happy that we have those funny “inside jokes” moments. It's one of the things that makes us so close.

    I’ll leave you now with a quote from a TV show, that I hate but my kids like.

    Family Guy- The episode where Stewie realizes he loves his mom soooo much and wants to spend all his time with her and so he keeps saying over and over ” Mom, Mom, Mom, mommy, mommy, mommy, momma, momma, momma” all the time.

    Now if that isn’t freakin annoying I don’t know what is, but my kids seem to think this is Oh, so funny to repeat to me over and over around our house.  Thanks so much “Stewie”!

    So what movie moment makes you laugh out loud?

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