Thursday, November 5, 2009


    What does “that” word mean to you?

    To me, it's all around b a d!
    Why do you think people freakin do “IT”?
    Care to take a guess?

    There are all kinds of reasons ppl cheat and honestly cheating is right up there with lying, because you are lying at some point if you cheat. That is a fact, not a personal opinion.

    Did you know that the majority of Americans think that "anything goes", as long as you are practicing safe sex.  This is the kind of world we are raising our kids in.

    Top excuses/reasons for cheating.
    -unsatisfied sexually;
    -emotionally unsatisfied;
    -the challenge or the thrill;
    -mid life crisis;
    -sexual addiction;
    Anyone who uses these excuses are just trying to justify their reason for cheating.

    Top Warning Signs- that a friendship is heading towards an affair
    -sharing “too much” with the opposite sex that isn’t your significant other
    -Looking forward to seeing/spending time with someone of the opposite sex, other than your significant other
    -Hiding a friendship from your significant other
    See a pattern here?

    The reason I would like to focus on this is to understand.
    I personally know, men and women who have cheated on their spouses/significant others. You would like to think that if someone is so important, and you went as far as to marry them, why would you risk it all? Seriously, it is a BIG freakin risk. You can lose a lot if you get caught. Yet, people do it everyday.

    We as a society have such short term memories. That we do the dirty deed and then a short time later we have forgotten about it, therefore we shouldn’t be held accountable for our actions.
     There is a growing number of websites out there, which are dedicated to cheating/affairs/open marriages, which can be all exciting for awhile until you get caught. The power of temptation lies in the pleasure that it provides.  Well heck who doesn’t like pleasure. Right.

    Would surprise you to know how many members join these sites or even how many of these members live in your area. Something I personally do not want to know.

    However, I do know these facts, because I have ppl I know that do visit and participate in those kinds of websites. That is their choice.

    Then there is the recent popular social networking that has gotten way out of control. Yes, I do realize that just because you are on the internet doesn’t make you a cheater or sexually immoral, but it is a form of temptation. If you are one of those ppl who can’t handle/control yourself, then why the hell would you visit those sights to begin with?

    Let me just say that not everyone cheats. But there are a million out there who do.

    I know that no one is perfect.  I, of all people have definitely not been perfect. But this isn’t really about being perfect it’s about sinning. Everyone has a choice; its just one of those choices is against Gods will. So what ever happened to those moral standards we should be living by?

    I’m not judging anyone,
    I just want ppl to think
    about what they will be sacrificing
    if they do

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