Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How much do you spend on your dog

    How much do
    think is
    too much
     to spend on a pet?

    I'm not just talking about toys, food, college logo collars &leashes, and sweaters. What I am talking about are vet bills or ER bills. It is a given, if you have a pet that you will be spending money at your local ventenary clinic. How much really depends on multiple things. Like if you have a baby dog/cat, you will have all the "first" time shots, and then there are the sickly/old pets.......Which can be very expensive.

    What I'm really trying to get a handle on, is the expense that goes along with an animal that has "issues".  I have two of those! When first chosing these pets, I would have never guessed that I would spend so much money on a DOG.  The good news is, the cost for the medication we have to spend on both dogs is minimal.

    So the reason for my question, "How much is too much"  is to try and get a handle on if I am spending too much. If you ask my husband he would say "hell yes, we are spending too much"! Of course only if we were talking about my dog.  If we were talking about his dog, it would be a different storey.

     I won't even bother asking ppl/friends who are non-pet owners, because they just don't get it.

    It is pretty sad that I have our dogs ER vet on speed dial, but not the kids doctor. It is equally sad that in the last year we have been to the ER vet 4 times.  I don't know about the ER vet in your area, but mine is automatically $75 to just walk thru the freakin door and things like shots, are some how OMG triple the cost.(I mean serisously, what am I really paying for? )

    Heres a tip for you, if you end up having to put a pet to sleep, don't pay the vet to cremate them, just ask to take the pet home.  That will save you tons of money.  Seriously, after your pet is dead who wants to shell out another $100 for them to take care of the remains???? NOT FREAKIN ME!!!!!

    Which brings up a whole other topic.  When your pet dies, what are you supposed to do with their body?  I hear that your not suppose to bury them in your yard? Is that true? Cause I currently have several in my yard.

    1 dog
    1 cat
    1 gerbel
    1 ferrett

    This has been over an 8 year period, I don't want anyone to think that we frequently have animals dying off at my house.  That would just be creepy.

    So how else do you have a funeral for your pet if you don't bury them in your yard?  I mean, really I love my dogs alot, but I am not going to pay to have a grave for them at some freakin pet cemetary.

     what are you willing to spend
    on your pet
    in a
     life or death situation?
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