Sunday, November 22, 2009


    Frosen Lunches- The dieter’s choice.

    There are a million of them to chose from (yes, I like the word Million, it means “a lot”.)

    Everyone is eating them.

    Men and Women. When I go to heat up my lunch(at wk), and I’m standing in line, I normally check out what ppl are eating(cause I’m interested nosy like that), and I have noticed that there are just as many men that are eating the Lean Cuisine, Kashi, Weight Watchers, and Healthy Choice, lunches.

    What, no more “Hungry Man” lunches? When did this freakin happen? I know that my husband personally doesn’t eat fatty crap for lunch. He eats like a bird & goes to the gym, and not just because Thanksgiving is coming up. I know it, shut the front door!!!! Can you believe it.

    However, he never takes any of the “healthy frozen lunches” either, he always makes his own stuff(he is self sufficient like that). I’m sure he also questions really gives a shit about the healthiness coming from these pre boxed frozen lunches.

    Now come on, are all these ppl eating these lunches for the possible out come of losing weight or cause its convenient? I’m thinking that it’s more about convenience! For real, we are talking about men here. If it looks like a turd, and it smells like a turd, then it’s a freakin turd!

    These frozen lunches that are all supposed to be Oh, so healthy for you. I’m not so sure. Here’s what I think. The ones that taste like cardboard crap are the ones that are probably the healthiest for you. The ones that taste Oh, so yummy, are the ones that are less than healthy for you. That’s my professional opinion.

    So what do you think, does it count if you eat a healthy one and then a not so healthy one? Does that cross out any fat that you would have consumed with the unhealthy one? How about if you eat the good tasting one and work out at the gym all week?

    Seriously, people wanna know! Ok, so what the heck. I want to know!

    I personally do eat them (frozen meals). I am however very selective. I have stomach issues (well really I have many issues) so I try to watch what I buy. I am not one to count calories or check out the fat content. I check out that little nutrition label for other reasons. Which is, to look for the one with the lowest salt. Which makes my lunch selections even more limited and seriously not as tasty.

    All this is just all my opinion.
     I’m not a paid critic, for real ppl.
    So by all means don’t listen to anything I say.

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