Thursday, November 19, 2009

Injury by Maglight Flashlight

    Ok, here is how I almost broke my ankle. Alright, yes I can be some what of a dramatic person at times. But this is for REAL! 
     Anyways, it all started Friday night, well technically it was 4am, so I suppose that makes it saturday at this point. 

     Let me start off with, my husband and I do not sleep in the same rooms.  He has been banned to the spare room, until he goes to an ear/nose/throat doctor because he snores like a damn freight train.  My husband is also like most men out there, which he refuses to go to a doctor any time soon. 

    So I wake up alone at 4am, because I am a "mom" and a very light sleeper.  I think I hear a creak in the floor, as if there was someone walking around.  So I sat up in bed, of course my heart feels like it is going to burst out of my flippin chest.  It also felt like hours that I sat there completely silent.  Waiting to see if I could hear any other "sounds" like there was an intruder.  Finally, I decide that I need to go check, as random thoughts go thru my head (in all the horror flicks ppl always go check out the noise, and get killed. What the hell am I thinking?) So I lean over the bed and grab the maglight that I have on the side(btw, everyone in my family has one on the side of their bed.  Does this seem strange? I dont' think so.) So I get out of bed and go down the hall.  I do the traditional, room to room check of the house.  I find nothing!  So as I am going back to bed, down the hall, and as I am climbing over the damn baby gate(which is for my dogs, NOT for a freakin baby) I am lifting my leg over and somehow manage to hit myself in the ankle with the end of the flash light. OMG! it was all I could do not to cry.  Of course then I got angry.  I finally laid back down in bed, after I sat in bed for another 45 minutes waiting and listening. Of course nothing happened, and I finally fell asleep. 

    So I tell my husband that morning after he woke up what happened.  He asks me "why was I walking thru the house in the dark" , assuming that I had just the flash light on.  I told him I had all the freakin lights on, the "flash light" was for protection.  He says "from who"? Yourself? ha ha ha, yes LMAO, he thought that was so hilarious. I said no, it was for in case there was an intruder. Again with the laughs.  I honestly did not find it all that funny!

    Maybe I should consider getting rid of the maglights in the house, because this is not the first injury in our house due to the "mag light".  The first time I accidentially hit my chiuhuahua in the head with one.  Please ppl it really was an accident. That one landed us at the ER vet, which was #2 time for her. Glad to say that she ended up with just a really bad heahache. Whew! 

    Good news is my ankle is NOT broken,
    just bruised and I will be fine. 
    No sympthy cards will be necessary at this time.
     Thank you
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