Monday, November 2, 2009

Is this a test?

    Is this just a test, cause if it is I certainly have failed.

    Why is it that when you feel absoulutely at your worst and you have asked your children to behave, they act "their" worst???

    I know being in demand is part of being a parent but come on, seriously is there never a moment alone?(evidently not, until they move away)
    I know that I am not the only parent that has been on the receiving end of this kind of behavior. I have even gone as far to take a poll (Really, just so that I can know that I’m NOT freakin crazy).

    Its not even just when your sick. Honestly, its really anytime that they don’t have 100% of your attention, the unacceptable behavior starts.

    Here is what the majority of the parents use for discipline in this situation.
    5% of the parents ignore them
    15% of the parents bribe their kids to go away
    70% of the parents make empty threats and then forget to follow thru
    50% of the parents say “wait until your father gets home”.
    60% of the parents beat their kids ass.
    30% of the parents try and use the “time out” chair (and I say try, cause 90% of the time it doesn’t freakin work).
    Wait, I think that is more than 100%. Oh well, you get my point.

    So which parent are you?
    I guess that really depends on what generation you are from. I know that from my generation, you got your ass beat if you didn’t behave. However, in disciplining my own children I have tried all things. Finding that not just ONE thing worked. In the end we resorted to measures that they don’t teach you in all those useless parenting books. You know like, time outs, bar of soap in your mouth, taking away things (like bedroom doors), spanking, and many others(too many too list) So mostly it was trial and error.

    I know this leads you to believe that my children were wild and unruly, (sometimes) but honestly they were pretty good kids, its just I wasn’t really the best or most qualified mom. So I struggled thru most of it. On top of that, the majority of my kids lives  (when It mattered most) I was single parent. Thats not an excuse, but made it definately a challange.

    Don’t worry I never did anything cruel or unusual to my children. But let me just say that duck tape works really well when your tired of hearing them talk back to you. (just kidding)
    But hey, my kids survived so I must have done something right. Ha!
    But back to the BIG question. So WHY do they act out when you need them to behave???
    I'm still not sure, but  I'm begining to think its got something to do with a control issue.


    Any thoughts?

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