Thursday, November 12, 2009

Holiday Lawn "ART"

    Christmas is one of my sons favorite holidays, well really any holiday that he can put loads and loads of crap all over our lawn.  We just recently got thru taking down all of the Halloween decorations. Now its time to put more crap out!

    I made the mistake years ago telling my son that we would buy 1 new thing each year to add to the "holiday" decorations.  As you can guess, now we have way too much crap.  I have to say that at least our house does not,  look like Christmas Vacations, Griswald house yet. But we are getting close. 

    So what is the limit of lawn decorations, before its considered "trashy"?  My family is truly the type of family that goes way overboard. It takes us an entire day, just to get all the decorations put up, and that doesn't include the Christmas tree. I'm surprised that our house has never caught fire with all the lights we have.

     So how do you tell your children, no more stuff?  Especially since they get so involved in the holiday spirit. I know soon the kids will be grown up and they probably won't  care anymore. So I should just let this issue lie for now and let them enjoy all those things that will some day be wonderful memories for them. 
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