Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Going to the Movies

    I don't know about you, but my family goes to the movies alot.  We really enjoy seeing a movie in the theatre when it first comes out.  We have even been known to go early and stand in line for hours before, so that we could get a good seat. On a regular basis, I  make my husband go with me about 30 min prior to the show starting. I know that sounds just a little crazy. But you do what ya gotta do.

    Let me remind you that we are not the only ones who show up early to stand in that line, so there are some other "crazies" out there just like us.

    However, recently we have had to scale it back a little.  The recent movie and concession stand price increase is ridiculus. Also before they used to let you bring in your own snacks or drinks.  Now they have a sign up prohibiting you to bring anything in.

    What I have to say to that, is what they can't see in my purse won't hurt them.  If you get what I mean.

    It's not so much that there was a price increase, cause I get it, with the economy issues.  What I however don't get is 3 different prices in one day. What the heck!

    So if you only want to pay $5 you have to go to the freakin movies at 10am on a sat or sun, after that noon-5:00pm its $7.50 and after 5:00pm its freakin $10People, this is per person. So if you go on a friday night, to lets say a 7:00 show with a family of four you are looking at spending $40, just on tickets alone.  That doesn't even count if you get something from the concession stand.

    That is just insane.  Its no wonder "other" places are getting more activity with movie goers. 

    It may be the path
    we take here in the near future.
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