Saturday, June 18, 2011

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  • tanu_75
    07-29 09:30 PM
    Never say never, I dont know what my kids will do, they will go where is best for them.

    And Best is not just GDP, Romania hast 4 times more GDP per capita compared to India, but I don't see my self going back there. Coruption, stupid mentality, etc. dis will not change with GDP growth, to change the mentality of the people you need a couple of generation to die until you get somwhere close to USA.:(

    I agree with you on that. But the US is not on the right track when it comes to skilled immigration and it may cause severe problems for it later. Already smart kids in India/China don't mind staying home with the life/salaries and work opportunities. Things are changing and the US better get its game up or innovation will slowly shift overseas.

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  • file485
    01-01 07:55 PM
    Thanks Harsh..

    you think it is safer to submit the last 2/3 paystubs while on H1 earlier along with the other documents we submit while filing for H1, or not even submit them.. I know the officer is at full liberty to ask whatever document he fancies at that moment and my stars at that time..

    Do you think they will ask for the W2's while on H1 period..?

    others too, pls share your thoughts.

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  • glus
    04-20 08:19 AM
    Guys, let's send more letters to the White House. Good, free initiative.

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  • dingudi
    11-30 11:18 AM

    Any update on your FP notices yet? am still waiting. Did any one of you file DHS 7001 for ombudsman inquiry?

    Thanks and good luck.

    I still have not received mine yet. I am pretty sure that our FP generation has some problem due to some glitch in their system.

    What is DHS 7001 ?


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  • imm_pro
    06-12 11:02 AM
    Nothing on CSPAN related to this yet..

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  • god_bless_you
    02-20 06:20 PM


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  • x1050us
    07-19 03:20 PM
    I am with you on that one :) No point taking a risk for a few dollars.
    As I already mentioned it is not about $$$. It is about getting an appointment at consulate. Anyways, I managed to prepone the appointment now. So everything should be smooth.

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  • GCaspirations
    10-02 12:57 PM
    I applied in NSC 485/EAD/AP on July 27th. The case was transfered to CSC. 485 Application was then transfered to TSC from CSC but EAD and AP are being processed in CSC.

    I am intrested in knowing if you have received FP notice.


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  • Kitiara
    02-03 05:24 AM

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  • qplearn
    12-12 01:02 PM
    im waiting for the groans and moans
    aren't you one of those who should be groaning too? Or are you one of those who already have the GC and don't need to groan?

    There is nothing to be shocked at if a large number of people groan at this. Can't believe your insensitivity. :(


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  • GCard_Dream
    04-13 11:27 AM
    Well .. there you go. When I predicted few weeks ago that there will be a big jump in the priority dates, some of us came up with big speeches about how that thread was a big waste of time and the thread should be closed. The thread in fact was closed without any explanation. It appears that there has been several occasions where moderators are just closing the threads without any explanation.

    Here is my suggestion.. don't close the thread just because you can. At least give some explanation as to why any thread was closed. I know there are threads that talk about personal issues faced by members and if that's not acceptable then all threads dealing with personal issues should be closed.

    What amazes me is that person closing the thread doesn't even want to mention his/her id. What a shame ..

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  • EkAurAaya
    10-11 05:17 PM
    Ya...Atleast, they should allow us to file EAD. In that case my spouse can work. She did not get H1b this year(because of lottery system). She has PHD in CSE and sitting at home.

    If she has a PHD in CSE she should look for a job get H1 and file Green Card in EB1 all off this can be done in 6 months! What's holding you back???? :)


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  • tinku01
    02-12 12:09 PM
    Sometimes in your life you make bad decisions. It happened unfortunately, because my PD is June 2004 EB2 and when dates became current last year, I thought it needs to move just 3 months to have my date current and as per DOS release there were only 3400 visas in EB2 for 2004.
    Unluckily I chose for CP instead of 485 and now lying in a dark well.

    Anyway please don't sympathize, I'll certainly come out of this situation very soon.

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  • spindoctor
    07-19 11:32 PM
    Start looking for another job. Get back to H1B and get your wife back on H4. there is nothing as important as personal life.

    If you need help in finding a new job mention your skills in this thread maybe someone can help you.

    Act fast

    Thanks friend. Let me chew over your advice too. Though I really hate to quit my current job. It's a nice job after all. Also, getting a quick H1 through some reputable American company will be difficult. And I don't really want to go back to desi bodyshoppers again. Also, too many job hops may jeopardize the entire GC process itself. But if this is what I gotta do, then this what I will do.


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  • rsayed
    04-14 11:34 AM
    I remember I read this somewhere (on one of the forum threads on IV) - that the only dates movement (if any) for EB-2 (India) will be only during Oct'07 (when the new financial year begins).

    Until then, I guess there is no point in checking these Visa Bulletins; Only difference is when one of the pro-immigrant Bills in the Senate or House get passed.

    For now, best strategy is to follow IV Core's directives - they have always been on top of things (going by the past one year or so), and seem to know more than most of us.

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  • gapala
    07-20 04:53 PM
    Thanks friend. I do hope your prayers work for me. But I still find it strange that if someone has a pending I-485 through consular processing route, then he/she can't get a visitor visa no matter what? What if it is a medical crisis? Family reunion issues? This sure sucks. I will check with some lawyer on this.

    And lastly what you detect as arrogance is my plain talking style. Did I make personal attack on anyone? no, right? Life is like a game of chess. Make the move which makes the best sense at any stage. What is the point in thinking about past moves?

    I do respect your views and To me, life is little more "serious business and it deserves due respect than entertainment aspect of a game" :) I hope you would respect other's views on life too.


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  • coopheal
    04-17 02:20 PM
    Do you guys think EB3 India will move forward?
    It does say that similar expansion could happen for other chargeability areas.


    Recent discussions have indicated that both the Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) and the Department of Labor still have a significant amount of cases in their backlog reduction efforts. As a result, the anticipated increase in demand has not yet materialized and may not for some time. Therefore, in an effort to maximize number use under the annual numerical limit, the Worldwide and Philippines Employment Third preference cut-off dates have been advanced by one year.

    Unless there is a significant increase in Employment demand, it will be necessary to continue this rate of movement during the upcoming months. Such movement could be expanded to include other chargeability areas and preference categories.

    One consequence of rapid cut-off date advancement is the inevitable increase in demand for numbers as adjustment of status cases are brought to conclusion at CIS Offices. Such increased demand could have dramatic impact on the cut-off dates. Readers will be provided as much advance notice as possible should this occur.

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  • kondur_007
    06-10 04:22 PM
    Also Mr O said out look for Eb2 india is grim and could have delay for decades .. where Eb3 india can be set to Oct 2001 in oct 2009. His whole prediction is based on current demand from USCIS.

    Lets says he USCIS has 50k Eb2 india and 70k Eb3 india in back room. Now they both have 3k visas in a given year . if USCIS process ( Pre adjucted ) 40k Eb2 india cases and 4k Eb3 india and bring to DOS , DOS may think there are 10 time more cases in Eb2 india so it can take decades while Eb3 india has only 1k extra so it can be in a year. but reality is different.

    hope that makes some thing clear to members..

    Agree with that as well...that may impact PD determination (and it MAY), but the fact is:

    EB2 and EB3 India people with PD after 2005 (just an arbitary year) will not get GC unless there is spill will be 20 yrs without spill over....

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  • desi485
    01-04 03:12 PM
    Maybe he can come under asylum or refugee status; after all he also probably has two mother-in-laws there and that should qualify. One is bad enough, but TWO?

    Its hard to maintain such a situation (, he will have to make a call and decide on a winner (

    two mother in laws???

    He might have 4. (extending logic that his father in laws also had two wives) :)

    06-02 11:11 AM
    Do not think anything wrong in voting. Atleast so many IV members are again active due to this voting. No harm...

    05-17 01:15 AM
    Whoa, now be careful what you say there tiger. Outsourcing has nothing to do with the H-1B program, if everyone followed the law. Then people wouldn't be in America, underpaid or on the bench. American companies outsourcing to India etc. is happening. Everyoe is entitled to an opinion on whether that is right or not. But BREAKING THE LAW BY ENTERING THE COUNTRY ON AN H-1B ON FALSE PREMISES is simply illegal, and has nothing to do with the issue of outsourcing. Two different things.

    I am not saying all American companies are saints. The ones breaking the law should be punished accordingly. But facts are that Indian companies are among the biggest abusers of H-1Bs. Nothing wrong with Indian companies in general. But the ones breaking the law should be brought to justice, it's as simple as that.

    If you are so sure about the law breakers and how people and companies are breaking immigration laws and you can always document and lodge compliaints to appropriate authorities. Dont always assume your perception is reality. There is something called due process when it comes to criminal prosecution in this country.

    Outsourcing does not necessarily happen to India or some other country . Outsourcing can happen between companies in USA too. Even the essential services such as physical security , janitorial jobs are outsourced too.

    The so called H1b reform does not protect people who are already in USA and whose green card petitions are pending for years. It tries put laws in place which says H1b employees can not perform services on behalf their companies for their clients.

    One of the main complaints by people like you and guild of programmers is that these big consulting companies are using H1B program to gain knowledge in america and outsource later to India.


    No one here is opposing prosecuting the law breakers. You are the one who opined in other postings if enough number of people break law they should be legalized and given amnesty.

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