Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • akred
    04-14 12:56 AM
    Old thread on the same subject.

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  • CSPAmom
    08-14 08:53 AM
    If we read "USA-PATRIOT Act Series No. 6 - Revised Interpretation of Age-Out Provision" (2002) only, we can assume that CSPA and Patriot Act 45-days can be combined when calculating the child's CSPA age. However, CSPA ALDAC NO. 3 (issued in May 2003) "4. Ref C advised that if an alien benefits from both the 45-day provision of the Patriot Act and the age-out protection in the CSPA, posts should accord the alien whichever benefit is most advantageous to the alien. In most, if not all, cases, that would be the CSPA." indicated only one Act can be applied, even though it's not the "most advantageous" to the child.

    I'm wondering if there have been any successful cases where CSPA and the Patriot Act were combined to ensure that the child remains under 21?

    Need your advices. Thanks!

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  • abhisam
    06-01 03:24 PM
    recieved EAD card with 2 years validity from TSC. My current EAD expires on 07/31. The new EAD starts from 08/01.

    Just recieved a notification from USCIS that my EAD card production has been ordered. that was pretty fast!

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  • arunmohan
    09-25 04:39 PM
    Agreed. Changing the spillover rule is the easiest in this bad economy.

    How about we propose to USCIS/DOS to give spillover based on PD and not based on Category. This way EB3-I and EB2-I will move forward steadily without any fuss. I know initially it will help most of EB3-I but once EB3-I catches up with EB2-I then both can move forward together.

    Just a thought. I am sure EB2-I will give me lots of reds but I don't care.

    Well, we have to do something. Everybody got ideas but who is working on them? I am ready to send as many letters if needed but I need some help composing that letter bcoz I am not good at writing. Can somebody come forward for that?

    I agreed with you.

    Use spill over visa to give GC based on PD not on country specific. It will solve the backlog in 2 uears. Right now EB2 I and C getting spill over from EB1 as well from EB2 ROW.

    This is not fair for EB3.


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  • angelfire76
    04-08 06:38 PM
    If you think any fraud is going on or there is a law being misused you must complain to USCIS and Ombudsman. Unless it is reported nobody in a position of power will know about it and nothing will be done to stop it.

    Can you please let us know the procedure? I'm very much interested in filing a formal complaint with the CIS and Ombudsman. I'm not against genuine candidates getting their GC through MNC executive category, but would like to stop this malpractice.

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  • chanduv23
    09-20 12:49 PM



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  • JazzByTheBay
    07-11 11:59 PM
    I had a somewhat similar epiphany little while ago and started a new thread... and got laughed at.... but the more you think about it the more this sequence of events comes across as a plausible and logical explanation of what may have happened.

    It would be interesting to watch if and how the agencies respond to Congresswoman Lofgren's letter and if any new and more interesting details about this whole mess reveal themselves.

    Where's an investigative reporter when you need one.... is Bob Woodward listening? :)

    BTW, loved the Post's coverage - perhaps the best amongst all I've read so far.


    So is it possible that the following was USCIS' plan all along in a bid to (1) force applicants to pay the higher fees and (2) reduce the number of applications they would receive. So let's try and see where USCIS or DOS acually broke the law. BTW, the following is pure speculation on my part.

    1. DOS makes all categories current in the visa bulletin dated June 12.
    2. This screws up USCIS's plans. So they have to force the DOS to issue a revision before July 1st.
    3. USCIS frantically starts requesting visa numbers. Even for 485s with pending FBI checks.
    4. Come July 2nd, USCIS still hasn't used up all the 60,000 or so numbers, but still informs DOS that all visa numbers have been exhausted.
    5. DOS publishes a revised visa bulletin dated July 02 where everthing becomes unavailable.
    6. USCIS acts on DOS revised visa bulletin and decides to reject all I-485s filed on July 02 and beyond.
    7. July 05 onwards, USCIS starts returning the numbers to DOS. This could be for applications that have pending FBI checks.
    8. DOS now decides to use some caution before issuing August bulletin. They will probably not make all categories current, but will probably shift them by a few months based on June bulletin.
    9. USCIS now gets all new applications with higher fees and a reduced number of applications.

    Please add to this sequence of events if you think I missed anything.

    IMHO, USCIS broke the law in #4. And DOS broke the law in #5 if it was aware that visa numbers were still being issued as of July 02.


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  • gckp
    05-01 03:08 PM
    Center: Atlanta
    PERM Filed: Oct 2007
    PERM Audit Replied: Dec 2007
    category : EB2
    Field of work : IT


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  • roseball
    11-14 12:16 AM
    I got my passport back in exactly 30 days. Mailed end of Sep. and got back in end of Sep. Applied in Houston by mail

    Yes, one of my friends received in exactly 30 days too......I am hoping same is the case with me....

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  • vjkypally
    09-03 03:14 PM
    Now thats many approvals today!!!


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  • pagalForGC
    07-14 03:08 PM
    I agree totally!! I understand the need for IV not to lobby for just one community EB2 or
    EB3...but the fact is that all we see is movement in EB2 and no to very little movement in EB3....the most retrogessed and most in need community is EB3...

    For new people like us, how do we get motivated for donation and all these things when we see rest of the people who are doign this still waiting for months to see some light at the end of the tunnel??
    I think what would help is an action plan by IV stating what they would be doing in weeks or months to come....
    may be do a campaign like a flower campaign or something to really get the attention if not this beginning of next year, when we think that CIR may be moving....
    I think we are lacking an action plan here....and may be thats what we need for new people to get motivated towards....

    Well Pappu, the fact of the matter is nothing has been done specifically to help EB3-I/C/ROW. IV may be EB agnostic but EB3-I seems to have been stuck forever to the point of despair.

    I and other EB3s have donated to most of the IV causes and campaigns. We have written to our Senators, reps, sponsors and co-sponsors of bills but nothing has helped.

    If IV renews its focus to help EB3-I/C/ROW then you can expect more contributiuons from EB3s.

    I do not want a lesson on EB3/EB2/EB1...there is no end to opinions on this forum. What I and other EB3-I/C/ROW want are results. Contributions, meeting the lawmakers, writing to politicians etc will kick in fourth gear if there is a reasonable advancement of dates for EB3-I/C/ROW.

    BTW, your and other IV leaders' efforts are very much appreciated. All that I am saying is that IV should be focused on EB3-I/C/ROW (through tagging recapture to a bill or something) now that EB2 is getting help from USCIS spillover.

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  • waitingGC
    02-02 08:52 AM
    Make me feel that I am fooled again.


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  • adGurkha
    09-14 03:19 PM
    Here are the list of Vaccinations that I was told to get. I had most of them already, some as a child and some when I came to school here.

    Influenza Type B
    Tetanus and Diphtheria Toxoids
    Hepatitis B

    Most of these can be done in couple of days but the Hepatitis B takes about six months. There are 3 shots which needs to be spread out to six months. If you need this one, then this is the time to do it.

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  • niuniuxin2006
    05-02 11:18 AM
    I am got audited at Atlanta. and I know many Chinese like me were stuck there too.

    Please open a new thread at to get more Atlanta victims here!!!

    and I would like to put this url on some Chinese immigration forum to get more data. But before that, could you please let me know what the next step so that I could get more People in.

    That is exactly my point that Perm Audit is not focused on Nationality, Field or EB category. If most people are from India, China, Philippines then automatically most audit cases are going to be from these countries.

    Are you also being audited?


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  • mdmd10
    09-03 11:53 AM
    I got it !!!!

    no CPO email.... just the below...funny part is, it was approved yesterday and when I checked the status this morning there was no change.

    well I will take it :)

    the weired part is no email even though I have "Y" in the settings.. I just happened to check the status online and have the below message for spouse and I



    Current Status: Notice mailed welcoming the new permanent resident.

    Congratulations sdrlbr! I'm very happy for you.

    My PD, RD and ND is very similar to yours. In fact all of them off by a day or two. Only my case is at NSC.

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  • spatial
    01-19 02:39 PM
    Don’t blame non-contributing members too much. They are also frustrated with the retrogression and wish for a relief. $20/mon is not a big deal for most high skilled professionals. But what if someone didn’t get the message? What if someone doesn’t have a paypal account? There should be some other ways for people to pledge the money and make sure it will be used wisely. I guess the right strategy is how to reach more people with the correct information. Honestly speaking, I don’t know how many of 8400 really got this message.

    If there are 200 online users and IV already got 128 contributing members, the percentage looks pretty amazing to me. There will be more, of course, when they get to know this and come to the website, read and understand that they have a chance and also a responsibility to help themselves by doing this.


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  • pkv
    08-29 06:21 PM
    which world you live in????
    H1B was not started to help people from all over world, It was started to help US corporates to fight talent crunch..

    If someone is responsible for the current state of affairs in the H1B area , It is Indian firms . The H1B1 was started in 'GOOD FAITH ' by United States to help people from "all over the world" to come in and work in the US , but large Indian IT houses have overexploited these loopholes so much that we are currently in this sorry state of affairs . In their greed for higher and higher profits(every Indian firm hits 30% profits every quarter ) they have spoiled a perfectly working program a few years ago to such a state that now getting an H1B has got less nothing to do with talent but has become like buying a supperlotto ticket .Below is a very good article from the "Economic Policy Institute " that highlights the fact that 2 well known Indian firms have single handedly lapped up 65% of H1B visas last year and have applied for just 69 green cards . Thats a GC application rate of 0.0004%. i Cannot help agree with the facts in this article. I totally agree that firms like these which abuse the system ought to be severely punished and blacklisted, so that geniunine US companies can get their required workers , when they need them . The link is as below.

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  • GCBy3000
    02-02 03:16 PM
    Big contribution. This should motivate others.

    I have sent my $20 through my bank. It should reach IV with memo gvby3000.

    Let us keep on doing what we can. One day we will win. NEVER GIVE UP and NEVER DISCOURAGE IV.

    Donated $500 today per my promise. Paypal ID #2863392354669581P

    Apologies for posting this update on the wrong thread couldn't find the right one.

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  • spatial
    01-19 04:01 PM
    Need your help in getting more Chinese members. Please spread the word.
    I'll do the best as I can to spread the message.

    10-21 05:49 PM
    Total EB applications filed is only 300K(jul-aug 2007) does not fit in the above logic...

    320K only applies to July VISA bulletin, It doesn't count June which is also significant.

    02-02 09:56 AM
    what does that mean?

    Can somebody update the TITLE and include a NOT in front of PASSED.

    Another Roller-coaster of emotions with me not part of it. I login today and see this thread with 10 pages with numerous postings. Got my spirits up for a minute and they all came crashing down.

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