Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • GC_Applicant
    02-26 01:20 AM
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    Is there a reason why you choose e-mini as opposed to etf's or stocks. BTW, I am not knowledgeable on e-mini. I couldn't even find the symbol in TdA. Looking at your chart, it seems you trade full time ??

    Can you explain what are the three average that you have on the chart and theire durations

    Today's chart for SP&500 Mini (3 minute chart)

    Disclaimer: Information/Educational use only and should not be onstructed as an offer to buy or sell any securities. Trading is very risky and is not for everyone.

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  • justice4all
    07-14 11:23 AM
    EB3 ROW is at Jun 2004. If there is to be any chance of spillover from EB3 ROW, EB3 ROW would be close to current, at least much farther than 2004.

    EB3 ROW is at Jun 2004. But as per latest USCIS inventory, EB3 ROW pending 485's are around 48,000. Visa numbers available every year for EB3 is approximately 42k. If you deduct the backlogged EB3 countries (4x3000) visa numbers, the total comes down to 30k for EB3 ROW. So EB3 ROW should become current or atleast Jul 07 in another 1.5 years. If this is not going to happen, it means they are diverting the EB3 numbers to some other categories.

    my 2 cents

    Note : If EB3 ROW has 30k visas per year and pending EB3 ROW 485's are only 50k.. why it is still hanging in 2004. God only knows !!

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  • sdrblr
    09-02 06:21 PM
    sounds like it.

    My PD is Mar-04, RD=14Aug07
    On USCIS status, it says.." On October 11, 2007, we received this I485..." .
    Processing time for TSC is Aug07.. Does this mean my case will not processed now?

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  • WeldonSprings
    06-02 01:32 PM
    Application efiled at NSC on April 14.

    Still no sign of the EAD

    NSC is slow compared to TSC and also they start the EAD on the day it is approved and not when the previous one expires.

    Somebody, needs to take this up with the Ombudsman due to difference in the processing policies and times for EAD renewals.

    Application received by NSC on April 8th.

    Still no sign of the EAD :mad:

    Beginning to get jittery now...


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  • tonyHK12
    09-29 09:59 AM
    ...and what's the point of this discussion here? The point is not lost on anyone here that such bill(s) are needed and passed.

    I think a lot of people here just like to discuss the hell out of this topic just make themselves feel better! :rolleyes:

    The point is to get a Bill created eventually and have a campaign. We have to start somewhere. Also I would like to have a centralized point for discussing and acting on, just reform for Legal immigrants, mostly employment based, but it can evolve into other eventually, student, family...

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  • santb1975
    04-16 01:36 PM
    We do not have a set date for ending registrations. We are planning on accepting registrations all year long for Team IV. However we recommend people signing up sooner than later. Here is why I say that. The DC and Houston events have a cap on the number of participants and the sooner we sign up the better are our chances of getting a spot to participate in the event. Remember you do not have to run the entire 10 miles or entire half marathon. you can walk, run a few miles, walk the rest etc. I am working towards running the entire 13.1 miles in Houston but I will be happy even if I run half and walk the other half.

    The second reason is fund raising. I have a fundraising goal of 5$00 this year ans starting out early will give me a higher probablity of meeting my goal or exceeding it. I am going to be writing letters to my friends/ family to contribute towards IV as early as next week. I will see if I can raise atleast 150 to 200$ by doing that. I am going to organize a summer BBQ and have a cover charge or put a donation box at the BBQ. I will see how much I can raise doing that. My third event will be around November. I was planning on partnering with some friends and baking some pie's, puff pastry's, Cookies, kebobs and selling them at a local farmers maket on a saturday. Hopefully I will raise more than $500 doing all these. This should be a fun filled year for me.

    Depending on how my training goes, I should know in 3 months if I am capable of doing the half marathon in 2009. When does the registration end?


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  • nb_des
    04-07 02:52 PM
    Guys, Please do not ridicule saralayar. he has raised a very valid point. We are so involved with the GC issue that we are not able to think beyond that. I do agree with the fact that IV is so preoccupoed with GC crisis that there is no point (or bandwidth) to raise citizenship issue. I have seen so many of my friends who came with me in US 8 years ago and are citizens by now but I am still struggling with GC with no hope in site. Sometime, I think, by the time, I will get GC (if I), they will become sr citizen :) it feels very bad but cant help it.
    I agree. We could try for some reduced wait time towards citizenship for people whose GC applications are backlogged or those facing years of retrogression. A good starting point would be to write to Ombudsman with this suggestion. Although this is not an administrative fix it would be good to highlight this furhtur at Ombudsman level.

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  • santb1975
    04-09 12:03 AM
    Thanks for your help and great support. If you can get a few people in Detriot area to participate in a walk or a run we will glad to co-ordinate an event for your team

    it is not hard to walk a 5k guys. Come join us. Together we can make Team IV successful

    anyone else from the detroit area? santhi i will email u sometime when i hear back - good to see u pumping up the crowd with needhelp/nola


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  • tonyHK12
    01-31 05:34 PM
    Will donate $100 for the event

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  • Michael chertoff
    05-04 01:39 PM
    Most of people are getting. Your case may have some issues. Or it may be in hand of person who is on week or vacation. Date current means no guarantee that you will get on day 1.

    If you don't get with in 30 days , you should contact USCIS or ask IV to help. Pappu already created thread if any one not getting approval and are long time donor should contact IV so they can dedicate resource.

    Thank you for your stupid and negative response. Mr. Pappu is helping only Donars.. I am not a Donar.



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  • ndbhatt
    11-13 05:42 PM
    two weeks for renewal of my wife's passport.
    This was at Indian Consulate, Houston.

    BTW, I added $20 to the fees for return overnite shipping. I didn't go there personally but sent it by overnite mail.

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  • eeezzz
    04-25 11:47 AM
    somebody got really lucky!!!
    PD 06/20/2005 Nebraska EB3 RD 07/10/2007

    I really doubt that case is real. But that does cheer people up, if the bubble is not busted.


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  • doknek
    05-02 01:13 PM
    If you do so, local people will treat you the same way they treat illegal. after all the agitation and rally it created a negative sentiment for the illegal. So not a good idea. If we do somthing it should give result, not to create stir among public

    You may be right...I am an amateur at this...:o

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  • samrat_bhargava_vihari
    05-15 05:24 AM
    I am little confused. As your wife is already in legal status (h4) till 09/2007, why do you want another extension when you switch job? As far as I know (I had similar situation in 2003), you can transfer your H1 to new employer and before her H4 expires, apply for extension with your new H1B (it may not be required even as she has already applied for H1). Once, I did exactly same when I switched job and I didn't had any legal problem with my wife/daughters' H4 extension.

    Still I suggest you consult an attorney.

    Best of luck.
    Yes this is true. I changed employees. but i didn't apply for my wife H4. because it is still valid. I was thinking to apply for her extention 4-6 months before it expires.

    to be confident just spent 100-200$ for counselling with immigration lawyer and he will give you the same advise.


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  • shubhn
    12-19 11:13 AM
    I received my renewed passport yesterday from CGI, Houston.
    Filed: Nov 12th 2007
    Received: Dec 18th 2007
    It took them around 20-23 working days to approve my application.
    As others have noted here, customer service is non existent. But they do seem to be doing the job well enough.
    Just make sure you file well in advance and sit tight.

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  • Totoro
    03-20 11:35 AM
    What was in "our" favor in the last stimulus bill? Which bill are you talking about?

    They were going to deny immigrants the stimulus rebate in the 2009 bill, but we got them to drop the restriction just before the bill was signed into law. There is a discussion about it in the forum.


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  • 53885
    05-15 01:21 PM
    Maintaining H1 is recommended not only for reapplying i485 but also to maintain status. Without valid H1, if I-485 is denied one is "out of status" and does not have time to appeal the 485 denial.

    Please check with your immigration attroney as they know it better but here are few things i heard:


    after 6 mths of I-485 filing, shifting jobs would be easy with EAD. costly because of yearly renewal but worth based on your situation. i prefer renewing this EAD+AP, even in H1 so that you can shift jobs when you got the oppurtunity because EAD takes 3-4 mths approval time and you can travel using AP like H1 when you dont have H1 stamping. Even if you have H1stamping but if you use EAD/AP while entering US then you are no longer in H1 unless you go out and come back with H1.

    Cons: Fees is increased by 60-80% this yr for EAD+AP, so costly. Also if for any reason anyone's I-485 is denied then the period he/she used EAD will be out-of-status so applying I-485 again wont be easy with "out-of-status" but still possible, check with your attroney.

    Note: But couple of my friends changed jobs using EAD+AP and got GC without any issue. so it depends case to case and your application and how USCIS process it.


    no need to renew EAD+AP but i feel it is always better to have both H1 & EAD/AP unless you want to save money. H1 gives oppurtunityto reapply I-485 even if denied. I think Job shifting is possible with H1 transfer, but check with attroney. Also you need to do H1 renewal and to travel abroad you need H1 stamping while entering US again.

    hope this gives an idea.

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  • gomirage
    06-20 06:12 PM
    Now that CIR is officially dead for this year, what alternative is there ?

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  • anujcb
    05-15 02:09 PM
    Is there any way we can initiate the FBI namecheck/background check right away, so that by the time we apply the 485 this is already moving ahead and hopefully will not be a blocker.... i am just thinking out loud about ways we can streamline this process....anyone? ideas?

    10-05 04:59 PM
    For that one of these two should happen. Eb3 should move forward and Eb2 should retrogress.

    Or EB2 stays and EB3 alone moves forward.

    Or EB3 stays and EB2 has to retrogress so much (to 2001)!

    I guess chance for 1st and 2nd option are high. And, this would answer Ramba's question how EB3 for India would get approval for PD 2003. There are very few 2001 PDs left (per me). Relatively more 2002 and most of 2001 and 2002 are pending due to name check else they would have got their GC during July and USCIS would not have returned VISA numbers back to DOS nor some numbers would have finally got wasted (FY2007).

    So next PD would be 2003 (and there are very few 2003 filings that were filed before June 2007).

    why would EB2 retrogress to before 2003? It was at 2003 for a long time (8 months?). The only people still with PD of EB2 2002 are the ones just getting out of BEC, there cant be too many of them...

    12-18 05:23 PM
    you be right amitjoey :-)

    just did not want the funds to be ignored, people forget to contribute when nothing is happening.

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