Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • anjs
    10-12 10:40 AM
    Please feel free to send me a PM, whoever is in my situation. You are right we can have more effect if we work together. Certainly not got much done on my own during the past couple of years. Just keep getting standard letters from senators and congressman.

    Sure, I will.

    Any one in this forum in the same situation please come forward.


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  • Michael chertoff
    05-03 04:27 PM
    i got an approval email for me and my wife last night.
    PD: June 29, 2006
    Texas Service Center

    Congratulations my friend, enjoy your freedom. Pray for us too.


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  • doknek
    05-05 12:35 PM
    Just got back from and saw few cases (non-audit) approved within 60 days and we have been sitting on our ass for few months with our audited cases. GOSH:mad:

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  • forever_waiting
    01-12 06:22 PM
    Yes. you are indeed having a discussion - a discussion with yourself because little of what you are saying is making any sense to anyone on this forum.
    Yelling out a lie a hundred times doesnt make it the truth.
    If you read IV's provisions, the one on tops is removal of per-country limits. Basically, it would remove all EB3 backlogs and WAS a part of the legislation introducted by rep lofgren in 2007/2008. for political reasons, it never passed in the house. Of course, you would blame IV for lobbying in such a way that the bills did not pass.
    its very easy to criticise. Why dont you start an organization that would (in your opinion) do more for EB3? I am sure you will get the support of the thousands you claim do not believe in IV? If you succeed in doing that, there is no reason to have this "discussion".
    you are a typical arm-chair critic who probably has done and will never do anything even one cents worth for the EB backlog cause.

    Yes and you are showing your maturity by talking about what i write as a long essay and garbage. Why are EB2 guys scared to have a dicsussion. Is it because you donot have any talking points and are talking vaguly yourselves

    BTW the reason i write so detailed is because i believe i am respecting you by replying in detail to your points. I was under the impression that we were having a discussion, but sadly i am having a disucssion and you are ranting and raving.


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  • leoindiano
    09-01 07:11 PM
    Congrats Friends,

    did you all see any LUDs on your approved I-140's?

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  • sbeyyala
    02-01 07:55 PM
    SA 187. Mr. KERRY (for himself, Ms. Snowe, Mr. Sununu, Ms. Landrieu, and Mr. Lieberman) submitted an amendment intended to be proposed to amendment SA 112 submitted by Mr. Sununu to the amendment SA 100 proposed by Mr. Reid (for Mr. Baucus) to the bill H.R. 2, to amend the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 to provide for an increase in the Federal minimum wage; as follows:

    In lieu of the matter proposed to be inserted, insert the following:


    (a) In General.--Section 29 of the Small Business Act (15 U.S.C. 656) is amended by adding at the end the following:

    ``(m) Continued Funding for Centers.--

    ``(1) IN GENERAL.--A nonprofit organization described in paragraph (2) shall be eligible to receive, subject to paragraph (3), a 3-year grant under this subsection.

    ``(2) APPLICABILITY.--A nonprofit organization described in this paragraph is a nonprofit organization that has received funding under subsection (b) or (l).


    ``(A) CRITERIA.--Subject to subparagraph (B), the Administrator shall develop and publish criteria for the consideration and approval of applications by nonprofit organizations under this subsection.

    ``(B) CONTENTS.--Except as otherwise provided in this subsection, the conditions for participation in the grant program under this subsection shall be the same as the conditions for participation in the program under subsection (l), as in effect on the date of enactment of this Act.

    ``(C) NOTIFICATION.--Not later than 60 days after the date of the deadline to submit applications for each fiscal year, the Administrator shall approve or deny any application under this subsection and notify the applicant for each such application.

    ``(4) AWARD OF GRANTS.--

    ``(A) IN GENERAL.--Subject to the availability of appropriations, the Administrator shall make a grant for the Federal share of the cost of activities described in the application to each applicant approved under this subsection.

    ``(B) AMOUNT.--A grant under this subsection shall be for not more than $150,000, for each year of that grant.

    ``(C) FEDERAL SHARE.--The Federal share under this subsection shall be not more than 50 percent.

    ``(D) PRIORITY.--In allocating funds made available for grants under this section, the Administrator shall give applications under this subsection or subsection (l) priority over first-time applications under subsection (b).

    ``(5) RENEWAL.--

    ``(A) IN GENERAL.--The Administrator may renew a grant under this subsection for additional 3-year periods, if the nonprofit organization submits an application for such renewal at such time, in such manner, and accompanied by such information as the Administrator may establish.

    ``(B) UNLIMITED RENEWALS.--There shall be no limitation on the number of times a grant may be renewed under subparagraph (A).

    ``(n) Privacy Requirements.--

    ``(1) IN GENERAL.--A women's business center may not disclose the name, address, or telephone number of any individual or small business concern receiving assistance under this section without the consent of such individual or small business concern, unless--

    ``(A) the Administrator is ordered to make such a disclosure by a court in any civil or criminal enforcement action initiated by a Federal or State agency; or

    ``(B) the Administrator considers such a disclosure to be necessary for the purpose of conducting a financial audit of a women's business center, but a disclosure under this subparagraph shall be limited to the information necessary for such audit.

    ``(2) ADMINISTRATION USE OF INFORMATION.--This subsection shall not--

    ``(A) restrict Administration access to program activity data; or

    ``(B) prevent the Administration from using client information (other than the information described in subparagraph (A)) to conduct client surveys.

    ``(3) REGULATIONS.--The Administrator shall issue regulations to establish standards for requiring disclosures during a financial audit under paragraph (1)(B).''.

    (b) Repeal.--Section 29(l) of the Small Business Act (15 U.S.C. 656(l)) is repealed effective October 1 of the first full fiscal year after the date of enactment of this Act.

    (c) Transitional Rule.--Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a grant or cooperative agreement that was awarded under subsection (l) of section 29 of the Small Business Act (15 U.S.C. 656), on or before the day before the date described in subsection (b) of this section, shall remain in full force and effect under the terms, and for the duration, of such grant or agreement.


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  • saileshdude
    04-08 06:23 PM
    If you think any fraud is going on or there is a law being misused you must complain to USCIS and Ombudsman. Unless it is reported nobody in a position of power will know about it and nothing will be done to stop it.

    And this should be done sooner than later. If we keep quiet about this like everyone did for labor substitution, we are the only ones who are going to suffer. I came here in 1998 and did my MS and have been working like dog all these years. Have faced layoffs, exploiting by DCC, had to refile my GC and now these fake EB1 guys come along and get GC in 6 months.

    Trust me, I will be reporting the company that I have heard of the case to ombudsman and USCIS. And I think everyone who has heard of this should verify and then report it also.

    Lets start this campaign also because in the long run, it will benefit both EB2 and EB3.

    And genuine EB1 guys dont have to worry about this because if they really do have extra-ordinary capabilities they should not have hard time proving it (so called Multinational executives)

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  • Ramba
    05-16 12:26 PM
    Trying to bump this up to get attention of experinced folks

    your lawyer is right. When you file 485, your employer should give a employment offer letter that states that you have a job offer as per the terms and conditions of labor certification. That includes the geographical location of the job offer.


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  • somma
    11-14 02:39 PM
    Looks like the requirements has recently changed at SFO.

    Four colored Passport size (3.5cm x 3.5cm) photographs showing frontal view of full face against a light background including one photograph to be pasted on the space provided on the first page of the application form;

    More information @

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  • a_matha
    08-03 02:39 PM
    After 5years:)


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  • amitjoey
    01-14 11:22 AM
    Anything can be done to push recapture bill?

    A lot can be achieved, if all members honestly contact and meet and talk with the staff of the lawmakers in their town.

    The problem with the EB Community/ IV members is that we think that going and talking with our lawmakers is not going to help. Or, we are under the impression that all politicians generally know everything about us and are just unwilling to do anything about it for political reasons.

    The truth is that 90% of lawmakers and their staff have no clue that there are thousands backlogged and stuck in this process for a decade.

    It is our job to educate, bring our issues to light and keep pressure on them to bring/cosponsor or vote for a meaningful bill that will allievate our problems.

    When I visited my local congresswoman's office the first time in 2007- The staff was actually shocked to hear that I have done all the right paperwork and being employed and stuck for 5 years.

    Over the years, I have met them many times and educated them about the issues and build a relationship. And yet, many times the staff wonders if there are really thousands of people like me affected, how is it that there is just me that is visiting them and talking about it.

    Remember there are 435 house representatives and 100 senators. Each one of you are within driving distance (40 minutes) to a office of a rep.

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  • Lasantha
    03-31 02:37 PM
    Not neccessarily. If you look at the approved 485s from TSC, you will see that large number of them have RDs in June 2007. But according to the published TSC processing times, they have been lagging in April something for the last two months. So I don't really think these "published" processing times really reflect the current work being done at a service center at least when ones PD is current.

    so now we have to have PD current processing time for that service center is current and also be lucky so an IO will pick up our application to be processed. (it is actually little depressing)


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  • lazycis
    04-11 09:03 AM
    I have received approval on April 04 and today I have received GCs for all my family but not for one of my daughters. I checked USCIS and I just realized her application is still pending. She just turned 14 on March and she only did FP 2. Do you think she has to do again FP or they just left her behind......

    Same story here. They will send RFE for biometrics for her. Expect it within a month, if you do not get it in a month, take Infopass/call and ask for biometrics appointment. My daughter's I-485 was approved next day after FP.

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  • waitsolong
    01-11 04:07 PM
    I read all your posts. I am sure you are just an anti-immigration guy. why do you pretend being Chinese and pretend being EB1? just try to devide our EB community? Shame on you! You even don't have courage to show us who you really are.

    America is country of Immigrants. Diversity visa allows everyone come. Prevents USA become small India, Mexico or China. Think from people who wrote USA law mind. We too narrow and think about only MY Greencard.


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  • Michael chertoff
    05-04 01:39 PM
    Most of people are getting. Your case may have some issues. Or it may be in hand of person who is on week or vacation. Date current means no guarantee that you will get on day 1.

    If you don't get with in 30 days , you should contact USCIS or ask IV to help. Pappu already created thread if any one not getting approval and are long time donor should contact IV so they can dedicate resource.

    Thank you for your stupid and negative response. Mr. Pappu is helping only Donars.. I am not a Donar.


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  • eb3_nepa
    01-22 09:30 PM
    Got the PERM labor by 13 months. Applied on Dec 2005 got it now. Mine is EB2

    I know EB2 is much slower than EB3 from what I have heard. Hence i was wondering how many ppl on EB3 have done their PERM recently?


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  • sparky_jones
    05-26 08:32 AM
    Just read in another thread that USCIS started producing EAD cards with a slightly different format from May 11. Could this explain why folks who have received the Card Production Ordered emails in May haven't yet received the card, since the switch over to the new card might've delayed the production and dispatch?

    In my case, CPO on 5/14 (TSC) card yet

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  • nlssubbu
    08-30 12:10 PM
    So what, people in other lands can learn these laws and still do some work of

    a lot of companies are already getting their patent filing work done by attorneys and paralegals abroad. Wont be too long before your I-485 filing is also prepared from outside the US :)

    My question is what will the attorneys and para legals do in the US, if they don't find sufficient cases to sustain their operation? What they studied here is not portable for other countries like software.


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  • pappusheth
    08-17 10:34 PM
    my wife filed on may 29th, soft lud on june 6th and fp done on june 21st. no updates/luds after the one on june 6th.
    my wife called them last friday and opened a SR.. we'll see if that helps.. i think we will go ahead and schedule infopass as well..
    dunno what's going on..

    11-13 07:30 PM
    I have submitted my wife's passport for renewal by express mail during 1st week of October. I have not heard anything from them and not able to contact them by phone.
    It is reassuring that it is not me alone..

    05-03 02:56 PM
    So on 4/23 they sent it back to TSC, and today, May 3, I got an update saying that it is now transferred to a USCIS office.
    Any ideas why?

    my EAD app was delivered to tx on 3/29, and I got a text on 4/6 saying it was accepted and routed to VSC. A few days later, I got the notice in the mail.

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