Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • ohguy
    04-22 11:01 AM
    I have e-filed my EAD application on 3/27. Received receipts on 4/2 from NSC. But I still haven't got the Biometrics appointment. Did any one who e-filed got Biometrics appointment?

    Last time I e-filed I got the Biometrics appointment letter in 10 days after filing. Are they sending them out now or using the previous ones?

    Don't know what is going on after the new filing location changes. I saw a LUD on 4/13 after I sent my supporting documents.

    Thank you.

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  • anshal
    01-02 09:01 AM
    Hi Anshal,

    Please check this CSPA clause ( fb0) ( fb0)

    "(5) Visa Availability Date Regression . If a visa availability date regresses, and an alien has already filed a Form I-485 based on an approved Form I-130 or Form I-140, USCIS should retain the Form I-485 and note the visa availability date at the time the Form I-485 was filed. Once the visa number again becomes available for that preference category, determine whether the beneficiary is a “child” using the visa availability date marked on the Form I-485. If, however, an alien has not filed a Form I-485 prior to the visa availability date regressing, and then files a Form I-485 when the visa availability date again becomes current, the alien’s “age” should be determined using the subsequent visa availability date."

    Speak to your attorney and post his/her views please.

    My lawyer is confused on this so I asked Greg Siskind on his blog during July Fiasco his reply "I think you're going to be in good shape on your son".
    Should I get another opinion? does USCIS send letter saying your child age is locked? we have received the EAD and AP.
    Thanks for your reply.

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  • chanukya
    02-01 10:32 PM
    They retracted number of times in the past.

    Good intentions, but have to re-check what they post before posting.

    Cannot believe a Law firm would do such mistakes....but it's a fact.

    But I really pray, they are right this time (Though our in-depth analysis says otherwise)

    i also doubt this. Has this website posted wrong information before?

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  • Saralayar
    04-07 08:50 PM
    A similar concern was raised during the CIS Ombudsman teleconference held on August 16, 2007. But nothing conclusive came out of it. Refer

    "Other questions included the concern that time spent waiting for the adjudication of one's green card application is not being counted against the standard five-year physical presence requirement to qualify for U.S. citizenship."

    Very good reference. I think we need to include this in our agenda for the phase 2 campaign.


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  • nozerd
    05-14 06:50 PM
    For filing I 485 I know you need to submit birth certificate and marriage certificate. Do both of these have to be originals or copies are fine ?


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  • dhesha
    08-04 12:50 PM
    I went through the same frustration in 2008 when many 2006 got approved even when my date was current.
    Looks like the same thing is going to happen again -- most of the approvals are from 2006 and I am still stuck forever..what the *&%^ing going on....


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  • Meenal
    09-20 12:12 PM
    It was great to meet your wife and I admire her will power - It is not an easy thing to do a 2 mile walk on a sunny/hot day when you are pregnant!!

    It was a great pleasure to meet you. The only reason I still have my bags is -You. You are really organized!


    Thanks. I missed you. I think I should have seen you but can't remember. Since morning at least 10 people who i have talked to from Tri-State area asked me if I know where is chanduv23? they just wanted to see the great motivator like you. Please point me to the picture where I can find you. Your posts on the IV forum have been an inspiration for lot of folks. It takes people like you to form a group of wonderful hardworking folks.

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  • blackfisher
    05-08 06:08 PM
    I am a new member and am also waiting for Atlanta to process my PERM app.

    Original Application - 09/12/07
    Audit/all sent in by 12/13/07
    Category - EB3
    Country - Canada

    No word since.


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  • veda
    05-21 09:25 AM
    I E-Filed my 2nd EAD Renewal on 04/30/2010 and when answering the current immigration status in E Filing application as there is no appropriate option I left Blank and submitted. This is my second E-Filing , when I was first filed renewal this question is not there.

    After a week I sent my photos along copy of 485 Receipt, copy of I 140 approval receipt, previous copies of EAD & copy of Driving License with a covering letter saying that I left the �current immigration status� filed is blank on the online form and I mentioned my current immigration in the covering letter as � Pending I-485 based authorized stay�.

    Yesterday I got the email from USCIS �On May 20, 2010, we ordered production of your new card. Please allow 30 days for your card to be mailed to you. If we need something from you we will contact you. If you move before you receive the card, call customer service at 1-800-375-5283.�

    ( First time I got one year, when renewal lost time I got two years, this 2nd Renewal).

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  • pappu
    02-02 02:33 PM
    It will come from your mouth that our reforms have been passed. This is all what we hope and """ We are not forcing you get it done"" as few of the members think.

    You will be Yamdooth or the you will be the God of Savoir (according to Hindu religion.:D :D
    If we have to get it done it has to be this year, else it will be a very long wait and we all don't have any more patience.
    It is a crucial time for us to be each other's saviour Gods by making this organization strong. We have to do it ourselves since this problem affects each one us.

    We get enough hatemails from antiimmigrants and we are not scared of them!. Today I came across a mail from an IV member talking nonsense about us. We can be our worst enemies and Lord of Death for the community if we don't stay united in times of need.

    We can all be Godsent saviours for each other if we all can pull this effort off. Lets continue to strengthen IV.


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  • rabs
    09-25 06:35 PM
    I agreed with you.

    Use spill over visa to give GC based on PD not on country specific. It will solve the backlog in 2 uears. Right now EB2 I and C getting spill over from EB1 as well from EB2 ROW.

    This is not fair for EB3.

    I fully agree. I mentioned the same a month back. But got only reds :mad:

    ---------------My Old Post ---------------------------------------------------------

    Well said....I some times wonder, they should allocate the spill over based on priority date instead of just category.

    Already because of the categorization (country based limit) we have such a big queue...Why further categorize each country as EB1/2/3..etc.? ....As you aptly mentioned most of EB2 & EB3 guys do the same job...but the employer decides whether it is EB2 or EB3, even though many have masters degree and more than 5 years experience.


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  • apnair2002
    06-14 05:13 PM

    By Jill Serjeant

    LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - U.S. Catholic bishops on Wednesday urged the U.S. Congress to resolve differences on immigration reform and seize a "historic moment" to give all of the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants a path to citizenship.

    Meeting in Los Angeles for their bi-annual conference, the bishops said an enforcement-only approach to immigration had failed and that stronger border fences and a piecemeal approach would do nothing to deter those seeking to find work in the United States.

    "Over the past 12 years, our government has spent $25 billion on enforcement of our border. During the same period, the number of undocumented in the nation has nearly doubled," said Bishop Gerald Barnes of San Bernardino, who heads the U.S. Catholic Bishops committee on immigration.

    "We urge congressional leaders and the President to seize this historic moment and enact a just and humane immigration measure," Barnes told a news conference.

    "Either fix it, or five years from now there will be 20 million illegal immigrants here," said Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony, whose vow to disobey any laws that would criminalize illegal immigrants and those who help them has made him a leading voice in the national debate.

    Lawmakers are struggling to reconcile a bill in the House of Representatives that focuses strictly on border enforcement with a Senate bill that would also create a temporary work program denounced by many conservatives as equivalent to an amnesty for illegal immigrants.

    The bishops said all undocumented workers currently in the United States should be given a "viable and workable earned path to citizenship," not just those who have been here longest.

    They also backed a temporary worker program and reforms that would reduce family immigration backlogs. Continued...


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  • abhisam
    04-12 12:51 PM
    I live in Los Angeles and sent my paper-based application to Nebraska. it reached on 2nd April but no reciept or check cashed yet.

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  • kumar1
    01-26 12:26 AM
    immuser - I agree, although I rent a 2 bed 2 bath 1000 sq feet apartment. It is nowhere close to a 4 bedroom home. Nevertheless, I sleep very well at night knowing the fact that I have zero debt on my head in this economy. For some people it is very important! There are people out there, with 100K debt and they have no worries.

    When you lose all your battles, home is a place where you come back and think, at least I have a roof on my head. In this country, home has become a place, when after losing all your battles, you come back and think, what do I do with this elephant?

    I do not need an elephant like this!

    "One can have a good quality of life in a small apartment...."

    Not true - a small apt is a small apt no matter what. Yes, you can live with peace of mind in a small apt, and yes you can live happily in a small apt. This does not equate to quality of life. The "quality of life" in a 4 bedroom house with back yard is greater than that in a small 650 sq ft single bedroom apt ( if you put the same person who was happy in the small apt into the 4 bedroom house - even if his happiness level remains the same, his quality of life just went up)


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  • bowbow
    08-04 02:16 PM
    after a long time waiting I-485 got approved on 8/3/10 from NSC.
    good luck to everyone :)

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  • jonty_11
    07-11 05:40 PM
    The letter was drafted on the 9th - so a response is due today. He may take his time to respond to Congress Woman letter by saying there are more pressing matter's on hand that, he has to deal with, including the word "gut feeling"
    Pressing matters - like feeding his dog the new puppy chow!!! dastards@@@@


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  • user1205
    04-11 02:45 PM
    I didn't think that EB3 ROW will be "Current" in June. What I meant was that Illusion's PD will be current because he is only 3 months away from May cut off dates.

    By the way ... CONGRATULATIONS for your GC !!!!!

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  • Abhinaym
    01-10 01:25 PM
    I might be wrong, but I read somewhere that these numbers would go to those working in math or science related fields AND who had graduated with a related degree in the last 5 years.

    Again, I'm not 100% on it, just wanted to check if anyone else heard the same.

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  • needhelp!
    09-19 09:13 AM
    sw33t, texanmom, thescadman, nagaraj, mundru, macaca, paskal, pdakwala, ashish, pappu, drona, franklin, paskal, janils, ARC
    Kanika, Meenal, Sumita, Vandana, Vijay, Akhil, Ashish, Sapna, Preeti, Atmaja, Sonali, Sujata, Dhiren, Sejal, Prasad, Arun, Venky, Gopal, Jane, Kaushal oh my GOD I am surely forgetting a ton of others (and I can't match them with thier IV handles).. California's huge contingent was so great!!
    abhijitp, chanduv, Aman and logiclife, well they have already been household figures around my place, and it was great to see them in action.

    Please PM me and remind me if I met you, I really really WANT to remember. Overwhelmed by the warmth and cameraderie of the whole group.

    Jaime, Libra, 485_se_dukhi, digital2k are there any pictures where I can spot you?

    02-01 07:33 PM
    i odn't think it passed. what was included in the amendment is s1121 and not s113 that has our provisions. please clarify.

    you seem to be correct ....

    i just looked at the amendments in detail and this provision was in SA 180 (page 1113)

    On the other hand SA 187 (page 1121) seems to have passed.

    I am a bit unsure though of what happened to SA 180. Did it get amended by some other amendment. It does not appear to have been tabled.

    I apologize to everyone but I had stated right in the beginning that I may be totally wrong.

    09-24 03:41 PM
    Lets start a Rally or sending letters...Lets do something so that our pain..plight gets highlighted...It's really frustrating inspite of such backlogs people just keep quiet and don't do anything about it....I just can't imagine waiting another 5 yrs to get my GC....Lets get started with a Rally

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