Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • santb1975
    04-09 03:36 PM
    I am going to be working on putting a So.Cal walking/ running event together. Thanks to everyone who reached out to me to set something up in So.Cal. This is Great

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  • go2roomshare
    07-11 05:41 PM
    Its great that someone is actively looking into this, but will the whole 'security' issue backfire if USCIS decides it would rather waste the visa numbers than getting into this kind of mess in the future by processing everything swiftly?

    Just a thought

    I agree, i am afried that this is going to back fire and would let USCIS waste visa numbers and we all can continue our wait ever after. Nice job

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  • susie
    05-08 02:28 AM
    There is hope for many children who were denied CSPA and will need to file a motion to reopen case, here is full text.

    I am seeking advice on this new memo in relation to my sons law suit

    I dare say son children will still not be protected under these revised guidlines and ask you all sign and support

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  • Honda
    04-08 07:10 PM
    It's really very disappointed especially eb3 becomes "U"


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  • Edison99
    09-01 01:49 PM
    Congrats NolaIndian32 and enjoy the freedom!

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  • khans02
    06-06 06:56 PM
    When my lawyer applied for my H1B extension she forgot to apply for my wife's H4 extension (Form I 539). Now after about year and half when we are preparing to file for our 485 status adjustment we she found out that she forgot to apply for that. So she is now filing the Form I 539 with an explaination. So that means my wife has been out of status for almost more than a year now unknowingly. How much of a chance does she have to have her form I 539 approved now? Any response would be very much appreciated.

    Thank You


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  • viper673
    07-21 06:02 PM
    Filing date: July 3rd 2008
    Receipt Date: July 14th 2008
    FP Date: 8/1/08
    A bunch of soft LUD's, the last of which was Saturday 7/19/08 and not sure why, but oh well.

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  • aristotle
    07-19 02:18 AM
    May be a dumb question.. no offence intended. Isn't there an option to convert to PERM while retaining the original PD? Nobody wants to risk it for the fear of losing PD if PERM is denied?

    BTW, my BEC labor got approved two weeks after I left the job. But I didn't lose too much in terms of PD with PERM.

    My labor certification (Traditional EB-3) is stuck in BEC since last 5 years. It is completely beyond my understanding why it took so long for BEC to process my case. Now everyone is rejoicing USCIS's decision to accept all green card applications, but I am paralyzed with the fear of facing another huge backlog on I-485 applications. One government agency sits on our applications for years and another government agency throws us further back in the line to cover up its blunders and guess what who pays the price: WE RULE-ABIDING, LINE-WAITING FOLKS.

    Even if I get my labor approval before September, I will be among the last persons to get labor certification in spite of being the one with the earliest priority date. Nothing would give me greater pleasure than suing DOL BEC at this time. We may not sue DOL on their inability to clear the backlogs, but we can definitely sue them in their utter disregard to FIFO procedures (mind that some people with priority dates in 2004, 2005 have already got their labor certifications, but some with priority dates in 2001, 2002 are still stuck). When I read on their web site that they have tried to maintain FIFO, it makes me feel like puking.

    I am also disappointed with IV's attitude towards the backlog victims. I do not remember anything concrete done by IV to address the grievances of backlog victims. Now that they have won the battle with USCIS, will they have time to look at us?
    :mad: :mad:


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  • sanju_dba
    07-13 05:01 PM
    EB3 ROW is at Jun 2004. If there is to be any chance of spillover from EB3 ROW, EB3 ROW would be close to current, at least much farther than 2004.
    What a blindfold on me!

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  • AirWaterandGC
    05-01 07:09 PM
    Is this true ? I thought one can .... as long as the person's H1 is not thru his/her owned company.

    As per my understanding you cannot own a company while on H1.


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  • santb1975
    04-07 01:57 PM
    We really do

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  • authrd
    09-19 08:20 PM
    I am a new member on IV. Haven't contributed, haven't send flowers or thank you cards, haven't volunteered for anything. In fact, I had not even heard of IV up until a month or so back.

    However, as I read about the IV efforts in response to the July fiasco, I realised there are a lot of people out here on IV who are doing a tremendous amount of work, work that affects me as an individual positively.

    At the last minute, I decided to drive down from NJ. My wife has never ever been on any immigration forum. But she was all for it. We thought it would be too late to get on the NJ bus and drove down.


    For the first time in my life, I have stood up for anything. I am from India and I hate to say it but for far too long, most Indians I know have been shy/meek/lazy about standing up for what we believe in.

    Hats off to all the IV volunteers, people who came in and worked over the weekend, people especially who flew into DC, people who came with their kids!!!

    PS: Disappointed in my fellow East Coast ppl for no turning up in more numbers


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  • appas123
    08-04 05:00 PM
    I raised a SR yesterday and here is the email i go today

    "The status of this service request is:

    Based on your request we researched the status of this case. We are actively processing this case. However, we have to perform additional review on this case and this has caused a longer processing time. If you do not receive a decision or other notice of action from us within 6 months of this letter, please contact customer service at the number provided "

    Has anybody received something similar? Seems canned and asking to wait for another 6 months holy cow?What is the next step Info Pass?
    What is your service center? I raised a service request yesterday with NSC and I will be going to an InfoPass tommorrow at the CLeveland office.

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  • amitjoey
    03-22 03:31 PM
    Total Members: 9,722
    Welcome to our newest member, "tselvan"


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  • ghost
    01-11 11:41 AM
    Yes agreed. But, now we have a bill, what can we do to give momentum to it ?

    Please get in touch with IV Coordinator in email for a better dialogue and focused discussions are vague!

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  • WillIBLucky
    02-02 10:06 AM
    Yes after Logiclife gave an update I was not anymore excited about it and did not want to loose sleep over it. Thats because I trust IV. But its always good to clear the facts. Anyways, we should keep working for our goal and hope for some improvement in retrogression.
    Just kidding with you ..... Jaane de

    We all trust them... What I meant was if IV core said then why we increase our anxiety. I have seen many a times that the office people do not know what is going on. They are like the biased media, and utter only those words that they have been given.

    Who voted, where attached... current status is far from there reach


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  • gc_kaavaali
    07-30 11:24 AM
    Even i got it from MSC.

    The above are my case updates. I just wanted to check one more thing. When i got my FP request the center on it was MSC. Has the same happened with anyone else.

    The last LUD i had on my e-filed EAD was 6/5.

    GO IV GO

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  • sbabunle
    01-17 03:23 PM
    Signed up for $20 each month

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  • tamil12
    07-14 03:35 PM
    Like it or not In legal language you become more so called bright in EB2. If you apply in EB1 you upgrade your so called brightness. It does not matter in reality who you are. But as far as law goes for EB1, EB2 and EB3 etc it prioritizes based on qualifications needed for performing the job function. Our employers and lawyers decide on those requirements. Have you questioned those requirements?

    Maybe if we had questioned those requirements laid down by employer and lawyers, more people would be in EB2.

    Don't say EB2 guys are brightest....I have seen many of my friends sitting on bench till now more than a year in body shopping company's getting greencards now........

    10-05 06:17 PM
    Big movement usually comes in June (last quarter of the fiscal year) because DOS is not good in statistics (they are hiring US citizens...just kidding, no offense meant) and only that time it realizes that there are more visas to give. And then suddenly some big VB movements (i think DOS should hire us instead as statistician....i can make accurate

    But I believe for FY2008, big movement will come on April (DOS doesn't like a repeat of the July VB fiasco).
    i agree with junRN....i think this time around the movement will be accurate because all the 485 cases have been filed (excluding BEC ppl) no labor substitution will occur, hence they will know how many visas are in hand and how many can be allotted. Although I think the movement will start from Dec as they suggested...but it will be conservative..and then get agrressive (if reqd) by april.

    05-12 02:22 PM
    Got greened, I received my cards. The status still shows"Decision".

    In this happy moment i have donated some amount to IV, I have been following IV regularly.

    Thanks alot all the gurus. Good luck to everyone.

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