Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • stueym
    08-15 10:35 PM
    God bless everyone still in this situation. My son turns 21 in October and we too were faced with this threat. Thankfully we got our I-485 submitted in June and he even received a letter from USCIS directly to him confirming he is now locked in under CSPA protections (which we already knew, but was very nice anyway).

    Our attorney had pointed to the potential in the DREAM Act proposals that keep resurfacing . Although primarily drafted to assist illegal children brough here by their parents, the provisions would also apply to children brought here in H4 who aged out. All the other conditions would have to apply, but we had intended to convert our son this fall to F1 and then hope that Dream Act would pass sometime in the next 2 years to save him before he turned 25.

    Another angle for those of you trying to seek protection to explore with legislators as there is very broad support for DREAM but it keeps getting caught up in comprehensive reform agenda.

    Good luck to all of you still trapped in this dilema, I share your pain and sympathize with the stress this places on you and more improtantly on your kids.

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  • sobers
    06-07 01:40 PM
    House GOP threatens to �blue-slip� bill (The Hill)

    By Jonathan Allen

    Lawmakers are shrouding themselves in a thin slip of blue paper as deep divisions on immigration policy are again being laid bare.

    House Republicans have threatened to deliver a �blue slip� rejection of the Senate immigration bill, and Senate Democrats are blocking efforts to circumvent that maneuver.

    The result is a procedural paralysis that has prevented the two chambers from even naming conference negotiators, a clear sign of the difficulties facing proponents of an immigration overhaul.

    The Senate-written immigration bill contains tax provisions, violating the Constitution�s requirement that all revenue measures originate in the House. Any House member could object to the Senate bill on that basis, forcing debate and a vote on whether to reject the measure outright.

    Ways and Means Chairman Bill Thomas (R-Calif.) is considered the most likely to raise such an objection, but any number of House conservatives would be happy to kill the Senate bill. To avoid that fate, Senate Republican leaders want to bring up a separate House-passed tax bill, gut it and replace its provisions with the Senate immigration bill. But Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has objected to that maneuver.

    Reid said he is concerned that using a House-passed tax vehicle could invite the introduction of unrelated tax cuts into House-Senate conference negotiations. If President Bush wants progress on the bill, he should tell House Republicans, �Don�t raise the blue-slip issue,� Reid said.

    But Republicans say the problem is Reid, not the blue slip.

    �Unfortunately, the minority leader over there, Harry Reid, continues to stand in the way,� House Majority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) said yesterday. �I think he ought to quit playing politics.�

    As lawmakers engaged a new round of finger-pointing yesterday, one thing remained clear: The immigration bill is stuck.

    Conservative Republicans are dead-set against the Senate bill, which would beef up border security, establish a temporary-worker program and allow many of the 11 million to 12 million illegal immigrants in the country now to become citizens eventually.

    The House version focuses solely on border security, and many House Republicans say the Senate bill would grant amnesty to millions of immigrants who broke the law to get here.

    But proponents of the Senate bill say the blue-slip threat is merely a distraction, one of a number of tools the bill�s critics could use to thwart its progress if they chose to do so. If the will exists to strike a deal, they say, procedural roadblocks will not be a problem.

    �Some technical blue slip is not going to stop any resolution that we come to,� Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), a chief proponent of the Senate bill, said yesterday. �Let�s not get caught up in the minutiae and the weeds.�

    McCain was among the leaders of a bipartisan core of senators who struck a deal on the immigration bill and then shepherded it through the Senate last month. Sixty-two senators, most of them Democrats, voted for the final bill.

    The legislation drew harsh criticism from Senate conservatives, many of whom voted against it. Even if Reid were to allow GOP leaders to move forward, there is no guarantee that Republican senators would not use procedural weapons to stop action.

    Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) tried to kill the bill on its first trip through the Senate.

    Sessions sent a �Dear Colleague� letter yesterday in which he urged colleagues to study the details of the immigration bill, particularly the number of legal immigrants it would allow into the country in future years.

    �It remains deeply flawed,� he wrote.

    Republicans hinted yesterday that they have other options for getting around the blue-slip problem.

    �There�s always a Plan B,� said Eric Ueland, chief of staff to Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.).

    In 2000, House and Senate leaders circumvented a similar problem by appointing �shadow� conferees to a bankruptcy bill and attaching their work product to the conference report on a separate bill, according to Walter J. Oleszek�s Congressional Procedures and the Policy Process.

    But alternatives and timelines were in short supply yesterday.

    �Things can break loose at any time,� Ueland said.

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  • vasa
    09-20 11:10 AM
    i owe that to kanika... she is the one who was commited and i was doing my part watching kids and making sure that they do have some fun...
    this is what they have learnt:

    white house

    and some more funny names.

    and when we went to Hyatt the third time on monday, my daughters says... i dont want to go to mommy's office. :)
    cheers vasa

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  • doknek
    05-01 01:28 PM
    Please check my signature...I am stuck in Atlanta. For more than few months, Atlanta has not been touching the Audit cases at all. Just makes me angry:mad:

    This is my first time here. I want very much to get the Audit issue resolved (if we could)


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  • snathan
    05-22 12:24 PM
    Can IV and Mr. Gotcher help us in preparing draft of the letter. We can send flowers and letter to the person that IV and Mr. Gotcher recommends. As I said before this group is willing to collect additional funds for lobbying for this purpose.

    Till Ron is still working on the draft. I will update if its ready.

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  • belmontboy
    09-25 06:21 PM
    you cannot take one guy's response and generalize.

    Majority of EB2 members understand the problems faced by EB3. They are willing to work together. However it must be something better than the status quo.

    The strategies and solution presented must benefit vast majority of people rather than one specific group.

    I am totally against any effort that undermines one group and favor's other.

    Visa recapture is the only permanent solution to our problems.


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  • neelu
    12-13 04:20 PM
    Great, thanx nycgal. Sent emails to three people myself.
    Will post responses here!

    One of the people I invited, said that she would join today. :)

    Everyone please add ONE member, just ONE member, by December 31st!

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  • naheedmk
    05-17 01:14 PM
    Could someone please give me the advice on following concerns.

    I have filed my I 485 2.5 years back and got into retrogression, got married about a year back and my wife is in US on H4 as I am maintaining my H1B visa. My questions are

    1) Is it possible to file derivative I 485 for my wife myself withoug going thru attorney as I dont have any attorney currently.

    2)If my I 485 is approved before I file my spouse I 485, is it Okay to file I 485 for the spouse as normal case ?

    Thank you for your valuable suggestions.



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  • sravani
    05-16 01:10 PM
    Thanks sravani,

    So will the doctor still give me a report even if I don't complete all medical exams?

    Also on a side note, Do you know how long does it take to get the report once the tests are done?


    Yup. The doctor will give you a report with a note in a sealed envelope and you can submit that document when you apply for your 485.

    For me, the physician took 3 days for the report. It depends on the physician I guess, but usually it will not take more than a week to get the report.

    Good luck to you!

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  • StarSun
    03-30 05:27 PM
    Thanks for the parking info. You might want to post details about driving and metro details.

    post # 3


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  • spicy_guy
    07-16 05:18 PM
    Will do mine!

    All EB3i, please come forward....

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  • StuckInTheMuck
    07-22 02:37 PM
    E-filed @TSC (me+spouse): 05/05
    FP (both): 06/10
    Soft LUD (both): 06/29
    "Card Production Ordered" (me): 07/16
    Soft LUD (me): 07/18

    Update: "Card Production Ordered" (spouse): 07/24
    Soft LUD (both): 07/25, 07/27


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  • desi3933
    02-23 10:08 PM
    Do you mind to share what are all the funds or shares you are owning in your 401K

    Index based funds. Based on index direction, Enter/Exit rules are used.

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  • Lasantha
    04-07 01:27 PM
    Finally there's an approval today on . At least USCIS is still breathing. That's good to know!!!! :D


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  • indian111
    08-18 12:17 PM
    whats ur e-file date pappuseth
    and whats ur PD.Any infopass appt done and how did u open the expedite SR.
    Please provide info.

    I got the CPO email just now.. i'm not sure if it's because of the SR that my wife opened on Friday evening or it just happened without that.. but anyways it's a relief now.. i also see a lot of people getting cpo emails today.. btw, just curious, does the cpo stage come before "approved" status or after it?

    now hope that i receive the card in time.. will post about its validity and start date once i receive it. (i'll be current for the month of September as my pd is july 06)

    good luck to others who are waiting and hope that they get cpos soon

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  • gkattalu
    08-04 01:34 PM

    My 485 petition is with NSC. I opened an SR last month and got a rather uninformative response today. It does not tell me if my petition has been pre-approved or has even cleared the background check.

    The status of this service request is: Your file is currently with the adjudications department, waiting on the availability of an officer to be assigned your pending case. Please allow at least another 90 days to hear something further on your application.


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  • RandyK
    03-18 05:16 PM
    Last month Ron G predicted the April visa bulletin and he did have a very good logical reason for it, he did go into details about it on his forum. He was NOT told by Oppenheimer what the bulletin was going to look like.

    Ron only wrote to Oppenheimer to clarify the April Bulletin�s wording after it came out about visa number flow from EB1 to EB2 Retrogressed countries.

    I have to say Ron is pretty impressive, I learned a ton by visiting his forum, he knows a lot about the inner workings of USCIS.

    For example I was under the impression that USCIS followed strict procedures when it came to PDs and that processing dates schedules were correct all the time. Now I have a totally different opinion.

    it does contradict with what they said in April VB, but Ron said that his source is Oppenheimer. so I would go with what he said. remember, it was Oppenheimer who told him back in Feb or early Mar that India EB2 will have a cutoff date in April.

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  • akelkar
    09-04 01:00 AM
    got the card production ordered email at 8.15 pm PST - Sept 3rd 2009
    PD 26th May 2004

    Thanks for all the support and my best wishes to all of you.

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  • shantak
    08-16 07:08 PM
    I have e-filed on May 22
    FP done on 06/17
    LUD on 07/22
    No updates later .

    I have an infopass appt on Aug 19 as I pass my 90 days .Can you please tell us your Infopass experince ? Hopefully this would help me and others in similar situation.

    Hey indian111, see my previous posts for the infopass exp. Just to give you a gist, it was a useless appointment. They did not offer me any kind of help. After reading through different forums, I have noticed that there were quite a few CPO emails yesterday for people filed within the same time frame. So I think the infopass appointment did not in any way impact the decision. This is just my assumption.
    But I would definitely have the infopass done and then go to the local congressman or senator office to get things resolved.
    That was my original plan too. I never expected miracles to happen with the infopass appointment. That would have just given me an additional proof on my part to show that I was diligent in getting the issue resolved
    Let me know if you need more details and I will be happy to provide them.

    andy garcia
    04-16 03:02 PM
    I just found Feb 08 Stats ( ry08.pdf) and in Feb 08 there were 787,516 I-485 cases pending. So this might be good news that the backlog is reducing?

    Your numbers do not take into account the applications received in US consulates which are not part of the USCIS backlog.

    08-05 11:24 AM
    Same here, Iam Dec 2005 and still waiting ..........

    I agree - I am December 2005 too - next week I will complete 10 years.

    Opened SR yesterday, sent a communication to Senator today, Infopass is on 11th. Let's see what works.

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