Sunday, June 19, 2011

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  • jani07
    03-16 01:04 PM
    that's the best way to tackle such persons

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  • gcphul
    04-09 12:05 AM
    I got 9thh year visa Stamped in chennai in jan with no issus it was smooth.I returned to JFK in Mid Feb. IO just asked one question abt my job role.Thats it i am done.But for my wife he took finger prints. Database showing someone else name and Pic. He asked to go the seperate room. IO was re checking again in computer my wife name and pic showing passport and pic came on the computer. I asked IO that something officer he just said Finger prints mis-mathing and he said its not big deal, wait few more minutes I let u go. After few minutes 2 IO's discussed something which I couldnt hear, they said to u can go. I was scared little bit. It was smooth.

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  • DesiGuy
    09-11 11:12 AM
    hadn't the "subcommittee" already approved the bill and then it was presented to the "full committee".

    maybe once the subcommittee approves, the bill is ready to go to the house for voting?

    getting confusing, guru's please clarify.

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  • hemal555
    01-23 11:43 AM
    Hi Varsha,

    Is there any schedule for the ongoing conf call?
    Also, please let me know if there are any guidelines about what we need to talk when calling senators.



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  • Positive
    11-12 05:00 PM
    Please do not start another big argument over this. IV stands for all of us who are stuck in this mess- regardless of nationality or category. We can blame USICS or fellow country men or whoever we please for the situation we are in. The reality is that even in this mess, most of us are better of than many we know.

    If EB2 I / C folks think that quarterly spill over is not happening while the law says otherwise, they have the right to bring their point of view & IV should do something about it. Doing nothing is not a solution. The effects of spill over remains same on EB3 regardless how they do it - quarterly / half yearly / annually.

    Let us stay together and support IV

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  • makemygc
    07-01 09:57 PM
    Everyone is busy partying.

    Please contribute and then we might be able to appreciate your right on asking status of IV core. But do not forget IV is nothing but a shadow of ours. If you can't move, do you think your shadow will move. So do your part first and then ask what IV is doing.


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  • go_gc_way
    01-13 10:37 PM

    perm2gc, very good efforts .... I am hopeful, with members like you , we will inch towards our goal "GC".

    At the same time, I hope other members take time and help IV action items.

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  • walking_dude
    11-03 11:16 AM
    We need more IV members to send FOIA request. Just 100-200 is insufficient. We need at least 1000 FOIA requests in queue to make our case.

    If you haven't, send ASAP. If you have get your friends, relatives, coworkers, neighbors etc to send the requests as well. Anyone can send it, it's not limited to 485 applicants.


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  • nomi
    12-13 09:54 AM
    I am sure the IV core would have thought about this option of contacting USCIS and let them know the problems because of retrogression.

    But I like the idea of collecting 10$ for the fax and creating awareness. Lets move.

    so let find out who is dead of department of homeland Security and get addresses , phone number and fax. USCIS is branch of DHS. That`s where we need to contact them and ask them what we THEY can do for us and what are our legal options

    please someone work with core team to get that fax letter ready. I can do that if core team allow me


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  • indio0617
    11-22 10:40 AM
    Ok. Here is a question I have.

    I know one can get 3 years extensions once 140 is approved even with previous employer. The question is -

    Assume EB2 140 is approved for previous employer has PD June 2004, and then one changes the job. By the time his 6 years of H1B gets over, June 2004 becomes current. Now the person cannot file 485 since 140 was approved for old employe whom he has left an year back. Will the person still get 3 years of extension on H1B?

    I was thinking, u get 3 years extension due to retrogession.. so with the fact that PD is current, how will you still get 3 years of extension?


    Yes. You are correct. 3 year extension after I-140 approvals can be granted only if you are unable to file for I-485. Things will be complicated in the scenario you outlined which would require some prior planning.

    It is all a big mess, forcing us to stay in this perpetually uncertain state, putting our lives on hold. Of course we all have a choice : factor out the GC from our career / life equation and move on without all the complexities. I guess we will see more and more people taking that route now given the gloomy scene on retrogession.


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  • ashishgour
    09-10 02:39 PM
    can some one pls post the link for live telecast


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  • sanju
    09-11 12:05 PM
    wow..they resume discussions on sept 18th?

    There is a slight correction, they will resume 4 hours break time on sept 18th.


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  • drona
    07-09 03:14 PM
    Way to go Gabriela!

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  • grinch
    03-14 07:30 AM
    If ya'll do like a character model contest next time, I think I will be in. But we will need like a 4 week due Good job all.

    Sounds good 3d, I'll actually look toward a battle like that.

    It'll be my first character project, but I'll be looking foward to it.


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  • nojoke
    09-18 11:12 AM
    Economy is falling, people are losing jobs, fuel prices are rising, depressing is coming, housing market is going down. Look at the brighter side, if you invest in constructing industry building apartments you can make money now.

    Jokes apart, what were the people smarter than me and you doing to prevent all this from happening?. Weren;t they smart enough then?.

    Those smart people are not in charge. The people in charge were saying everything is fine and go do shopping

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  • Jaime
    09-10 04:13 PM
    thx for catching that.. i m sending it now to my school

    Great! Let's all do the same!!!


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  • DSLStart
    09-10 02:33 PM
    curretnly debating on HR6020 about illegal immigrants.

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  • crazyghoda
    01-30 03:52 PM
    Whew! Thanks for the clarification (and the knowledge... I can help someone else out now)

    So now I just need to wait and see what exactly is asked in the RFE. Cant they send the damned thing by Fedex and bill me for it. Waiting for regular mail is painful. Here goes another weekend (sigh)

    No you are not. Like I said out of status UNTIL date of I-485 application is most important.

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  • pd_recapturing
    12-10 03:49 PM
    Do some population control in India and China, that would automatically fix the issue of retrogression. We are simply too many and we have clogged the system real bad. every 6th person on the face of this earth is Indian.
    you hit the nail ... this is the biggest reason ...We are just too many and everyone wants to come to US

    02-01 11:33 AM
    That's fine ..To show that we are in status form the last non-immigrant visa entry to 485 filing stage should we have our monthly stubs or will W2 be sufficient? I'm afraid I've some misplaced. Again thank you very much for your responses.

    >> Thank you very much for the response. I sent you a PM.
    I don't respond to Private Messages. If you have questions for me and would like to get my opinion on it, please post in forums here.

    Not a legal advice.
    US Citizen of Indian Origin

    02-21 11:39 AM
    if u can keep thd same PD whenu change from eB3 to should do it immediately!
    Does anyone want to make a guess of when EB3 India 2002 will become current ? I am thinking of changing the case to EB2.. Should I change my case or should I wait for EB3 to be current ?

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