Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Waffel much?

    Now let me add this disclaimer, I am not a big fan of relationship commitments.

    I however am true to my word. When I give you my word on something.
    You can count on me!

    I just don’t deal well with the waffeling of others .

    Call it what you like, willy nilly, wavering, flip flop, beat around the bush, put off, sidestep, or flounder.

    They all mean the same fucking thing. Non-committal.

    I really really h a t e that.

    With me things are cut and dry/ Black or white.

    I'm not saying this is right but this is how I view things.
    This is ME.
    So when I make plans with someone to do something ,
    I want to know the when and where.
    Not a ho -hum reply.
    I am all about being clear on information.  It’s either a yes or a no.

    Even though I give a maybe here and again. If you have read me for very long you know that me saying “maybe” is really my nice way of saying NO.

    I also don’t think being non-committal in a relationship is the same thing. In my opinion if you have said up front your not into committing to any one person. Then you have given a definate answer. There is no waffeling there.

    I have a friend that waffels all the time. It drives me crazy. But I still love her anyways.

    Do you know anyone who is a waffler?

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