Monday, August 30, 2010

Superstitious much?

    Not too l o n g ago
    (to be freakin exact- 2 w e e k s ago) was Friday the 13th. Now I didn’t mention anything about it on the actual flippin day, becasuse I am a super duper freak about superstitious shit.

    You know the main ones, that bother most superstitious people.

    -Friday the 13th; BAD, BAD, BAD
    -Black cats crossing your path; I will drive on the freakin curb to avoid them walking in front of my car.
    -Opening an umbrella in the house; Never gonna happen
    -Walking under a ladder; I don’t even own a freakin ladder.
    -Breaking a mirror; This one can be a problem, I like to look in the mirror. You know to get ready. So I am extra careful with mirrors.
    -Spilling salt; not a problem, I never use the stuff.
    -Bad things travel in threes (3); can't seem to be avoided.

    So I didn’t want to jinx myself that day so I didn’t mention it. I was already worried that something bad would happen.

    However this last week, I finally got my “BAD”.

    To start off with, my daughters car shot craps, that cost for that was over $400. Then two days later my sportsmans car had issues, that cost $180. Then after HONDA screwed, me and I do mean literally.

    All I can say was there was a disagreement, and not having them do the work on my freakin car, (that they should of done for fucking FREE)they stuck a screw in my fucking tire.

    Of course I can’t prove this 100% , but that is how it went down. So because of this and the fact that my tires after only 40,000 miles are freakin bald(Dunlaps people dont buy them) I had to spend another $400 on new damn tires.

    Yes, people all this shit in just two short weeks. WTF? I am not made of money!!!!!!! Ok, the sportsman is not made of money. You know how he feels about unecessary spending.

    This shit put him thru the fucking roof.

    So it’s offical. That is my THREE freakin things. No more bad shit please. The sportsmans wallet can’t afford it.

    So is there anyone else out there that is as superstitious as ME?

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