Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Sex Book- U p d a t e

    I had almost forgotten that I promised everyone a review on how the “Super Sex book” was working or not working for the sportsman and I .

    Then I was reminded by the very cool chick over at Jersey Girl Gets Real . That I had made a freakin promise to spill all the good shit about the book and then I failed to produce.

     So sorry, I have been b a d. I have been just a little pre-occupied lately. You know with all the kickass sex I'm having. Ha ha ha

    So this is me letting you know, that this THE BOOK! It is most definately worthy of purchasing. It is the bomb baby!

    That is if you’re into learning new things, on how to better your sexual experiences.

    If you’re into that kinda thing, I highly recommend you get your ass moving and run out right now to buy it!

    And to prove to you that I'm not fucking joking around about just how awesome it really is, I have listed here the freakin toc so you can get just a little sneaky peak.

    For all you guys out there, please keep an open mind. If the sportsman can be open to this anyone can.

    No joke there.
    I am dead serious. There is a lot to be learned from this book.
    But both parties have to be open to learning some new shit.

    I have to say the biggest surprise for me was that I caught the sportsman reading the book on his own. I guess he really wanted to learn some new shit on how to better please me. What do you think?

    So here is what I personally have learned from the “Super Sex book”.

    I found myself reading more about how to pleasure women than about men.

     No, I am not a lesbian (not that I haven't thought about it) and It's not that I think I know all about pleasuring men, but I realized that I didn't know a l l there was to making myself feel good. My main goal was to improve on my own orgasms. Oh, and to help the sportsman improve, in "some" areas as well.

    Let me remind you that they make "toys" for a reason. The big one is for those times when there isn’t a man around to help you out with what you need. Wink Wink

    Like at work, or on your long car drive home.
    R I G  H T?
    Doesn't everyone do this?

    Did I already mention what a great stress reliever it is to have an orgasm?

    As you know (if not you do now) women have to focus when they are having sex. While men are all about the visual aspect.
    Hot sexy body and they are good to go!

    When you’re having a shitty day or you have kids running around the house or dogs barking, It’s really freakin hard to concentrate on what your end goal is.
    That is to have an orgasm. or maybe two or three.

    That is one of the biggest reasons why men don’t get laid more often. It’s cause women have too much fucking shit running thru their heads. That takes her mind or focus off the pleasure she can ultimately get from having an orgasm.

    I can’t express to you enough what a stress reliever it is to just have an orgasm. So why aren’t more people doing it?

    Anyways back to the sportsman and I.

    The sportsman has really surprised me. He not only read the book on his own, but has come up with some really amazing techniques. Who knew?

    I have to admit that I was a little resistant at first, cause I didn’t really think this book was gonna be the shit that saved our sex life. I sooooo didn’t want to get my hopes up and to just be let down yet again.

    I can tell you that I was so wrong. Not only are we having better sex and awesome intimate moments but it has also help our relationship out in ways I can’t even describe.

    Now, I can’t say that this book is going to work freakin miracles for everyone, especially if you don’t go into it with an open mind.

    However, it sure can be lots freakin fun trying, NO?
    If it's not fun, then you are doing it all wrong.

    Good luck. And keep me posted on if helps you out.

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