Sunday, August 15, 2010

Talking out my Ass- Moment

    Recently the sportsman and I had a sit down, where we really talked, not the kinda stuff we talked about when we were in Omaha(rip your heart out sad kinda shit), but on a different level. More of a up beat kinda of convo.

     Finally, after 9 years of marriage the man is interested in knowing more “informational” kinda crap about me. When previously he never asked or said anything about
    a n y t h I n g. I am sure I have mentioned before he is a very passive kinda person. (nothing wrong with that)

    Now he wants to know ALL. I have to say that it’s a little more than strange for me.

    So one of the many things he has been asking about is my blog, and do I bash him on here.

    Hmmmmm, well that is a hard one to answer. I asked the sportsman if he really wanted me to answer that truthfully. Since I am the queen of brutal. I wanted to make sure he knew that he might not like my answer.

    The sportsman also has asked me some strange questions like, if a guy said or did something inappropriate would I tell him.

    That’s also a hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, moment. So I asked him what kind of innapropriate are we talking about?

    Are we talking dick photos? Are we talking porno videos? Are we talking sexual propositions?

    Cause most things don’t bother me that would bother the average person. So what one might think is unacceptable, might not offend me.

    And to be honest I get that kinda shit weekly.

    I am a pretty laid back type of person, about almost all things. It takes a lot for me to get all worked up over something. (However, God help you if that happens)

    So as all this “stuff” is coming out, I see the wheels turning in the sportsmans head. The scary part is I really don’t know what he is thinking about all this new found information I have just shared with him.

    Should I be concerned? Or happy that he finally really wants to live in the REAL world with me.

    So I thought about a lot of the other blogs I read, where they have their spouses “Guest Post” sometimes. Now let me remind you that the sportsman has NEVER read my blog.

    So I asked the sportsman if he wanted to guest post. He wasn’t sure what to say about that. I even told him ” IF” I let him write something, that he could write about whatever he wanted.

    Sooooooo here we are. Should I let the sportsman write something for my blog? Maybe?

    If I let the sportsman write something does this mean I have to let him read my blog?

    Am I ready for the sportsman to read my blog? I have put down a lot of pretty deep shit here.

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Let me think. Well the conclusion I have come too on this is

    HELL NO!

    Maybe later, but I feel as if things are still a little too freakin raw right now. I think allowing the sportsman to read my shit will just make matters worse.

    However, I am not completely closed to the idea, just maybe further down the line in the future.

    What do you think? Honest opinions here.

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